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  1. Reesle

    Mojang is Adding NEW Wolf Variants + Poll

    Hey everyone! Hope you’re doing well! It’s been a while since I last made a thread, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to finally make another! Earlier today, Mojang announced they’ll be adding 8 NEW WOLF VARIANTS to Minecraft as part of the upcoming 1.21 update! Here’s the video...
  2. Reesle

    *NEW ITEM* Wind Charge (+ poll)

    What do you think of this cool new item “Wind Charge” Mojang says they’re implementing in their upcoming 1.21 update? I think it’ll be a pretty cool cross of a blastball and a leap feather. Make for some interesting pvp too.
  3. Reesle

    Bedrock Neon Flag Skins Suggestion 🌟

    Introduction: Hey everyone! I know it’s been almost a month since my last suggestion, but life’s been a little crazy. This will be the first of many to come in 2024. Now, let’s get into the suggestion. Hope you like it! Suggestion: Today’s suggestion will be regarding the Neon Flag Skins. The...
  4. Reesle

    3 New Cosmetics (Poll)

    Out of the 3 newest cosmetics, which is your favorite? Mine is the “Ender” Lucky Block Skin.
  5. Reesle

    Bedrock Gamebox Chest Skin Suggestion 👾

    Introduction: Good afternoon! Today I will be making a suggestion regarding the Gamebox Chest Skin. It will be short and to the point. Suggestion: As some of you may know, about two weeks ago, Cubecraft released their newest cosmetic: the Gamebox Chest Skin. This cosmetic is really nice...
  6. Reesle

    Bedrock Update Skywars Profile Background ☁️

    Introduction Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having an amazing day/night. Today I will be making a simple suggestion regarding the Skywars Profile Background. Problem As some of you may know, once you reach VIP level 29 on Bedrock Edition you’ll receive a Skywars Hub Profile Background. The...
  7. Reesle

    Bedrock Eggwars 3v3 Duels

    Hello everybody! Hope you’re having a good day/night. So, I’m sure we all know that Eggwars Trios has been suggested countless times. My suggestion is instead of adding trios (4 teams of 3), Cubecraft should make a duels-style Eggwars Trios by doing 2 teams of 3. This way, it wouldn’t be as time...
  8. Reesle

    Bedrock New Skyblock Island 3rd Edition - Nether: The Bastion Remnant 🐽

    Hello! Today’s Skyblock suggestion is a little shorter than usual because I don’t have a ton of ideas. However, I think the ones I do have are good enough to be turned into an island. With that said, today I will be suggesting Cubecraft add a new Nether island : The Bastion Remnant. Bastion...
  9. Youseef Al-Rifai

    All Networks New event

    I have an idea for a new event that happens every week or month It is the return of an old map in the Eggwars or skywars This event makes players more excited and also helps content makers to create more videos :cube_arrow: :agree: I agree :cube_arrow: :unsure: I don't know...
  10. Youseef Al-Rifai

    All Networks New game in MinerWare

    Hello, I have an idea for a new game in MinerWare. The idea of a game, in short, is to have a developed stick, a knockback, and an ice arena. The game is called ''Stick Fight'' :cube_arrow::agree: I agree :cube_arrow::unsure: hesitant :cube_arrow::disagree: I do not agree
  11. T

    Bedrock Add Housing like Hypixel

    Housing would definetly boost the player Base and it will be very fun to play with friends and random people
  12. GewoonBrutus

    Bedrock Kill effects

    Hi dear CubeCrafters, We all know Kill effects in bedrock, buy survival games rank and boom you unlocked every kill effect possible. Why not adding more? Then you as desinger think we already looked into this we don't have any ideas what to add, let i say it doesn't has to be that hard look...
  13. NotNitrouss

    Video All the upcoming Cubecraft updates

  14. Blom

    All Networks MinerWare Boss game: Pass the Trophy

    🏆 Pass the Trophy Boss Game! Just a few boss games are left on the network. Some are a lot of fun in my opinion, such as TNT Bow Spleef, Lucky Block PvP and Elytra Vortex (Fly Through Hoops). However, there are also really boring ones (in my opinion again) such as Classic Spleef (because of...
  15. BurntCrown8876


    Hi there! I'm burntcrown24, known as on Bedrock as BurntCrown8876. I did have a previous account BurntCrown, except got locked out somehow when the new forum system was added on here! Anyhow, I think for some reason you're not here to hear my cry about my losses on the best forum... I'm a...
  16. Velocidad

    All Networks REVAMPS OF MAPS

    As a skywars player, one of the biggest problems that the mode has is the complete abandonment of updates during a long time, which makes the gameplay of veterans or more experienced players somewhat monotonous. Thinking about how to solve this problem ,one of the first ideas that occurs to all...
  17. PieCreeper

    All Networks New Game: Among Survival

    I have a new game idea. It is called Among Survival which is similar to Among Slimes except that instead of The Skeld, it takes place in a normal Minecraft world. There would be two teams: Players and Impostors. The players can win by either defeating the enderdragon or killing the impostor(s)...
  18. dino royal

    Coding game idea

    hi i wanna make a game like spleef but better i know what the community wants and fun og minecraft minigames were great and we wanna add them back
  19. DreamFudge

    All Networks New Gamemode??

    Hey CubeCrafters! Regarding gamemodes, I'm assuming that everyone has their one or two favorites that they rotate between. My personal favorites are SkyWars and EggWars. I was hoping that CubeCraft would think about implementing a new gamemode: Battle Royale. Why Battle Royale? There's a...
  20. DreamFudge

    Builds CubeCraft Themed Map!

    Welcome to the CubeCraft themed EggWars map! I was struggling trying to find the right theme for a map. Thinking about themes that were relatable and important to the CubeCraft community like "Gaming" and "Music". I even thought about "Sushi". I mean who doesn't like sushi? Anyway. I realized...
  21. Lycheesis

    All Networks ❖ Colony Control ❖ 𝖻𝖺𝗅𝖺𝗇𝖼𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗌𝗎𝗀𝗀𝖾𝗌𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇𝗌

    Hello, I would like to talk about the new game : Colony control. (first of all I want to apologize in advance for my broken English, I hope that my topic will remain understandable). This game is really excellent and innovative. However, there are still many imbalances, which is normal for a...
  22. Zebooky


    As a veteran player on this server, I NEED to tell this server, UPDATE LUCKY ISLANDS! One of the reason why lucky islands isn't the most popular game is because it NEVER GETS UPDATED! I never go on the forums but I really need to address this issue, that this game needs to be fixed. If you work...
  23. maflenoo

    All Networks Adding new games to Cubecraft

    Hello Cubecrafters :D I hope you are good and safe Today I have a new suggestion The suggestion is to add some new permanent games to cubecraft server. These games are Murder Mystery / UHC / Build Battle. First with Murder Mystery : # The Murder : - He is someone who has a sword in the...
  24. Quis

    Java New duel gamemode’s

    Hi everyone! I was thinking about duels and I think it is fun to add some different gamemode’s. I was thinking about: 1v1 skywars Sumo 1v1 eggwars 2v2 duels (I think this is already suggested) Fist fight (no weapons, no armor) 1v1 spleef/ splegg/ bow spleef I don’t know if this is possible...
  25. Semmetje11lolly

    Java NEW GAMEMODE (Brawl Craft)

    Hey CubeCrafters! Remember when Fortnite was a hype and CubeCraft made Battle Zone? Well, right now the game Brawl Stars is very populair and I think it would be very cool to have a Minecraft version called Brawl Craft! What is Brawl Stars? So, for those who don't know what Brawl Stars is, it...
  26. Nqouir

    Java EggWars Idea

    Hello Everyone. I Had an idea today About EggWars, I wanted to share with you guys, EggWars team is a really good/fun Game, But sometimes you find farmers that keep playing map of 10 and playing vs bad people, and get free wins, I would love to see CubeCraft adding Ranked mod, The more you win...
  27. Hoshi

    Java New Cosmetic Items

    I was kind of bored and wanted to do something practical. Currently, the cosmetics are cool and all, but all of it is only a limited amount. So, in my opinion, now would be a good time to add new cosmetics as there hasn't really been any news nor changes to it lately. I decided to come up with...
  28. RPoule

    Web Let users see more "New Posts"

    Hi, title explains it enough I think, I'll elaborate a bit more though. Wasn't able to find suggestions that suggest the same because the Search Engine won't search for "New" as it's used too commonly. Anyways, suggestion time everybody! (tune the crab rave) I'd like to be able to expand the...
  29. Stablish

    Java Tower Defense - Suggestion #2

    Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a great day :) I have made a suggestion for Tower Defense before and I think it's not enough. Here, I'll be explaining more things to be added and new ideas to the game, that is gonna make it a lot more fun than how it is at the moment. You can check my...
  30. FartiliciousMaleGuy

    All Networks The Ancient Eggwars Thread. A Polished Diamond

    Finalized Eggwars Gamemode variation (Eggwars Alliances) - Concept Thread...
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