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  1. Gonal

    Each time is harder

    For those who are new to the server or minecraft it is impossible to win in SkyWars, since the level of players is too high. In my opinion there should be a server for low levels.
  2. ArianCra

    New gamemode

    Hi, i would recommed adding a new minigame, for example, Speedbuilders or buildbattle
  3. XflameSwordX

    New Pro Leaderboard Please

    Hey Cubecraft, I love the Pro Board to show off your wins, but what about kills? HYPIXEL lets you see your kill stats compared to everyone elses. For example, lets say the Number 1 Killer has 1000 kills, and I have 200. I cant see my ranking compared to the top 10. Also why is there only a win...
  4. P


    Hey everyone! I'm a very active player with a dream: WINSTREAKS ON CUBECRAFT * Why I can give you a lot of reasons why this should be added! Here are the most common ones. - Players would play (even) more because they have something to play for (winstreak) I think, right now, players are...
  5. P

    Best graphics card for recording Minecraft

    Hey everyone! I am Berre, and after my exams I'm going to buy a new graphics card! I'm thinking off the GTX 1060 6GB But I was wondering, what graphics card is the best/really good to record/stream Minecraft (Minecraft only cause I have nolife) I'd like to record in 120 fps, I just want to know...
  6. FartiliciousMaleGuy

    Revitalizing Eggwars - Last time introducing the concept.

    Poll responses from last (deleted) thread on Eggwars from a while ago. Yes: 26 ==> (67%) Maybe: 4 ==> (10%) No: 9 ==> (23%) I don't know: 0 ==> (0%) (Completed updated version, originating from the...
  7. DragonLord

    Implemented Battlegrounds

    Battlegrounds Introduction Alrighty, another suggestion! This one, a little more interesting than my previous ones. Today I’ll be suggesting a pretty popular game at the moment to be added into CubeCraft but changed around a little bit. Battlegrounds is a large scale combat arena where 100...
  8. FartiliciousMaleGuy

    Giving it one last shot (looking for mainly moderators responses)

    Poll responses from last (deleted) thread on Eggwars from a while ago. Yes: 26 ==> (67%) Maybe: 4 ==> (10%) No: 9 ==> (23%) I don't know: 0 ==> (0%) (Completed updated version, originating from the 'Eggwars'...
  9. techguy123

    The Return Of Old Maps and New Map Ideas

    Hey Cubecrafters! I'd like to see some of the old Eggwars maps come back. -Vegetables -Minions -Area 51 All these maps had very unique gameplay compared to the other standard EggWars maps. For example, in Area51 you had to build *down* to the middle which was strange but nice in a way. It made...
  10. P

    Monthly leaderboards!

    Dear all, Thanks for spending a bit of your time with me today! I've been thinking about a new feature in Cubecraft: monthly leaderboards. Why? I myself would love to be on the leaderboard, but unfortunately I was to late! e.g It's impossible to pass Jefe_Maestro1 since has has over 16.000...
  11. FartiliciousMaleGuy

    HUGE New CrAzY maps?

    Anyone down for any huge maps like this in Eggwars? (i know, some of these are pretty crazy ;d but that's kinda the point) 20 vs 20 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 (20 teams of 2) 20 vs 20 vs 20 vs 20 vs 20 (5 teams of 20) (100...
  12. FartiliciousMaleGuy


    Poll responses from last (deleted) thread on eggwars (+ the responses from this thread): Yes: 26 (+12 ==> 38 (64%) No: 9 (+7 ==> 16 (26,2%) Maybe: 4 (+1 ==> 5 (8,4%) I don't know: 0 (+1 ==> 1...
  13. DreamFudge

    Builds Minecraft Creation: Retro Arcade

    Hope you all like this Retro Arcade build. Have a great day! :) ~ DreamFudge
  14. DreamFudge

    Builds Minecraft Map: EggWars - Snow

    New EggWars Map Snowy. I hope you all like it. :) ~ DreamFudge
  15. DreamFudge

    Builds Minecraft Creation: Dino

    This is a unique build inspired from Jurassic World. Enjoy :)
  16. DreamFudge

    Builds Minecraft Creation: Fishing with Whiskers

    Hope you all like this fisherman scene. Got told that I don't have enough details in my builds so here :) ~ DreamFudge
  17. DreamFudge

    Builds Minecraft Creation: Osaka Way

    Japanese styled scenery including a dark wall and a cherry blossom tree. :) Enjoy the build! ~ DreamFudge
  18. DreamFudge

    Builds Minecraft Creation: Road

    Cartoon build of a massive wall, road and car. Hope you like it. ~ DreamFudge
  19. DreamFudge

    Builds Minecraft Creation: The Crossover

    Colossal wooden bridge. Hope you all like it :) ~ DreamFudge
  20. DreamFudge

    Builds Minecraft Creation: GameBoy Love

    I've taken a break from building maps - changed to GameBoy creations instead. Enjoy ;) ~ DreamFudge
  21. C

    Isn't boring have the same lobby by years?

    Ok I think we need a new lobby, I feel its boring the old one, I looked up by the lobby and there's nothing interesting, and, all the lobbys of the games have been changed and the lobby of blockwars never been changed!
  22. ICanCannon

    PvP arena

    Hi i'm Warqior, some people will know me and some will know me from my other names such as iCanCannon or harmenSr. I play a lot of assasinations and Skywars i really like those games but i just want to talk about assasination right now. I suggest a pvp arena were you can go into with 2 players...
  23. FartiliciousMaleGuy

    Eggwars - New Gamemode Idea!

    Hello people of CubeCraft!, So listen up. I came up with a lil idea for a different Gamemode variation for Eggwars that i myself consider to be pretty neat and would definitely consider trying out / playing with. I'll try to explain it clearly (even though it really isn't that complicated...
  24. DreamFudge

    Map - Beach House

    Hi everyone DreamFudge here and welcome to the PVP map, Beach House Beautiful Simplicity This map is an area of sand surrounded by a wooden house. Smooth Pond I've kept the terrain very equal for quality PVP battles. An Escape Plan Perhaps? Small accessible area other then the sand...
  25. DreamFudge

    Ender Explanation

    Hey everyone, I'm sure everyone is having a great time what with all the hype of this new game mode. I'm sure it is simple like run away from the ender and get papers or something. However, there is no explanation to this game. In every other game mode lobby there is a detailed explanation why...
  26. DreamFudge

    Builds EggWars Map - Portals

    Welcome to the solo EggWars map - Portals! This is a small sized solo EggWars map created by DreamFudge. I have made many maps as some of you may know so I hope you all enjoy this one I put in a lot of time and effort. There are 3 parts in this map: 1) The Player Islands - There are 8 player...
  27. DreamFudge

    MinerWare Voting System

    I love the voting options in MinerWare. Normal or Hard. It's very simple and the majority of players seem to like it. However, the fact that only emerald ranks can vote is quite upsetting. I think gold or diamond ranks should also be able to vote. I have realized that there are around 2-3 ranks...
  28. DreamFudge

    Minigame Idea

    Hi everyone, Minigame : Complete the maze So there will be a spawned maze. Players will have to complete it in 15 seconds. There will be 5 different maze options so that players don't just memorize the paths. Maybe a gold block at the end that you need to click in order to verify your...
  29. DreamFudge

    Easter Eggs

    Hi everyone, In the Challenge Menu in the hotbar you can see that there are two sets of challenges: Achievements and Daily Challenges. I think there needs to be an additions set of challenges called Easter Eggs. These will be general challenges that don't have to be done in-game. They can be...
  30. _Jay___

    Special report-rank

    gone forever.
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