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  1. techguy123

    Bring back map Halloween for EggWars!

    The title is pretty self explanatory, but I'd like to see a return of the map Halloween for EggWars! You know, the one with the giant pumpkin in the middle of your base? I'd like to see this because it's pretty hard to find Halloween maps at the moment and if a 3rd map was added, maybe this...
  2. DreamFudge

    New Map - Circus

    Welcome to the team EggWars map - Circus! This is a large sized team EggWars map created by DreamFudge. I have made many maps as some of you may know however this is the first team map that I have created so I hope you like it. This is a massive map all islands are big with n interesting...
  3. PikaThiemeWasBezet

    Classic vs. New SkyWars

    English: Hey everyone, Recently cubecraft brought out a new skywars update. In my opinion it's maybe a little bit early to say, but I actually prefer to old one. So my idea was, to have them both :D Since cube removed the 'no kits' option, they can have instead the classic skywars! I actually...
  4. DreamFudge

    New Map - Halloween

    Welcome to the solo SkyWars map - Halloween! This is a medium sized solo SkyWars map created by DreamFudge. Halloween is a holiday themed map which makes the entire thing very exciting. It has a varied collection of islands and as usual has three parts: 1) The Player Islands - There are 12...
  5. DreamFudge

    New Map - Mage

    Welcome to the solo Skywars map - Mage! This is a medium sized solo Skywars map created by DreamFudge. Mage has a diverse collection of islands which makes the map very dream-like and strangely attractive. The map has three parts. 1) The Player Islands - There are 12 player islands in total...
  6. StuffWithJason

    New Kits on Survival Games

    Axeman kit- Starts with 2 steak, leather chestplate, wood axe, and 2 sticks. Costs 500 points Crazed Kit- Starts with a sharpness 1 wooden sword When in battle, has blindness but strength 2 Costs 650 points Hunter kit- Starts with 2...
  7. hub3rt

    Parkour Suggestions!

    Hello CubeCrafters! This is a quick thread to get your thoughts on Parkour, as we are looking to see what we can do about bringing it back. We've had a bunch of discussions and we're looking at some options _other_ than solo! With that in mind, I'd like to ask if you could complete the poll...
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