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Should Battle Royale be added?

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Jun 1, 2017
Tel Aviv, Israel
Hey CubeCrafters! Regarding gamemodes, I'm assuming that everyone has their one or two favorites that they rotate between. My personal favorites are SkyWars and EggWars. I was hoping that CubeCraft would think about implementing a new gamemode: Battle Royale.

Why Battle Royale?

There's a reason why the biggest games today are Battle Royale based. It's action-packed, competitive, and extremely fun. The race to be the last man standing is challenging but holds a satisfying reward. I strongly recommend we try this. It could bring new players to our community and potentially become one of CubeCraft's more popular gamemodes.

The Vision

Imagine a beautifully designed and incredibly built map with landscapes and structures. Players start on a ship or other mode of transport above the map, each player equipped with an ender pearl. Once the pearl is thrown they start looting and gearing up for combat. Blocks can be broken and placed. However, they will be soft blocks (blocks that can be destroyed by projectiles) to prevent sky bases. The map's border will close in 100 blocks a time every 2 minutes. Until a final circle is formed. Each game should take around 10 minutes.

I'd appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. I really want to know what the community thinks of this idea. Thanks for your time!
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just luca

Feb 14, 2021
I like the idea, only suggestion is not using an ender pearl, since people would probably abuse the fact they have one, but I could imagine that being a gamemode people would play!
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Nov 23, 2016
Definitely a cool idea dude! However, I think this is hard to add because of the current playerbase as there might not be enough players online daily. On Bedrock this might work but Java will be hard.
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