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Nov 9, 2021
My Cat's Basket
Hi there! I'm burntcrown24, known as on Bedrock as BurntCrown8876. I did have a previous account BurntCrown, except got locked out somehow when the new forum system was added on here!

Anyhow, I think for some reason you're not here to hear my cry about my losses on the best forum...

I'm a person who loves my two cats, and also loves CubeCraft. One of my favourite gamemodes is the relatively new Lucky Islands, along with Egg Wars. I often play with my cousin and friends, and with my cats (Who are probably the best players in the Minecraft business!). I've played for quite a while, and remember a time before the separate game lobbies (Those were dark days, I tell you! 😁😬).

But I'll let you get on. Hopefully you'll see me around quite a bit - both on the forums and in CubeCraft Bedrock. See ya later!


Update: I now have Java as well! :)
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