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Providing language support for millions of players around the globe and uniting hundreds of volunteers since 2018, our Translation Team is excited to now continue welcoming more ambitious individuals!

The Translation Team is a large translation and development volunteer program that provides an entertaining and educational space for volunteers to improve a handful of essential skills while making CubeCraft Games accessible beyond language barriers.

Allow us to take you on a quick trip through our team and showcase all the amazing qualities it holds... 🚂

🌍 Our Projects

The main goal of our Translation Team is to make the entire CubeCraft Games platform more accessible and enjoyable to our international player base.

We're currently responsible for translating over 115 individual projects, summing up to over 110,000 words, into a total of 22 languages...

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Hello again CubeCrafters!

In this edition of Behind the Cube, we're doing a post on the marvelous and magical Build Server!

🤔 Wait... A build server?

It can't be that hard - a build server is just creative mode right? It's only building a few maps!

You may think this, and you wouldn't be wrong!

But also no. So much no.

Yes, you can have a single server in a flat world with only creative mode, but it's not the easiest way, and it's not the most magical way. It's like trying to play Minecraft with the blindness potion effect on.

Some of you might like it, but it's not really that efficient, is it? If I tried to do that to our build team, they would chase me down!

The servers we use to build are split into two, Build Server and Marketplace. They're pretty similar, but Marketplace is designed for the Bedrock Store where we sell our maps, and I think I like our Build Server more because it has all the cool tools that Marketplace just doesn't need...
image (19).png

Hey CubeCrafters!

Today, we're going to be announcing the winners for our Selfie, Art, Build and Skin Competitions in this round-up thread! Thanks to everyone for participating - choosing these winners were extremely difficult, but a decision has been made!

🎨 Art Competition Winners!

1st Place

Art Competition #1.jpeg

Made by @Meiske, they've portrayed the Evil Bunny in an ominous way!
This isn't the first time we'll be seeing them in the thread... 😉 Congrats!
Check out their post...​
Hey Java and Bedrock CubeCrafters!

We are excited to announce we are introducing a new report command that will be available for all users!

Players can now use a new feature in Sentinel to report cheaters on the network which we call Sentinel reports. In the past, we have been hesitant to adding a report command which all players have access to with fears that staff would not be able to keep up with the increased amount of reports. By limiting the command to ranked players, it limits the amount of spam reports and prevents staff from being overwhelmed by the amount of reports.

This new command works differently from the current report command which we hope to combat the overwhelming number of reports.

🔨 How it works!

How the command works - Java

To overcome our fears described above, we've implemented a report system that works differently than how our...

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