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CubeCraft Games


Hello CubeCrafters,

Today we’ve released an awesome mini BlockWars update, to improve your gaming experience! A large part of this update centres around quality of life improvements, but we’ve done a few notable changes too!

Team Balancer

We heard you! The community did not like the team balancer inside BlockWars, so we've removed it. It has now been replaced by a brand new balancer! If the teams become unbalanced, the team with the least amount of players will be given a resistance potion. This is all based on how big of an unbalance there is. This also means that you will no longer be randomly switching teams in the middle of the game. Yay!


We’ve added 5 new achievements to BlockWars!

That hhhurrrt - Shoot a villager with an arrow.
Speeding bullet - Reach a speed IV boost.
Core player - Deal all the damage to the enemy core to win the game.
Powerful - Collect 5 powerups in a single game.
Destroyer - Deal 1000 damage to enemies’ cores.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 13.31.26.png


We’ve got 3 new maps, plus lots of map changes to existing maps to make gameplay even better!

This list of puns isn't going to end well.

CubeCraft "Games" :eek:

So mushroom for mushrooms

Tree Alley (Edit)
Don't leave your team.

  • ...
Hello CubeCrafters!

We've been listening to your feedback, and decided there was so much unexplored territory with Tower Defence - so we’ve taken some extremely ambitious steps in making every game you play more unique. This HUGE update includes epic new features such as tower upgrade trees, animations and so much more (Check out the change log!)

The Towers
Please note - Towers you have purchased prior to this update will be refunded as soon as you join the lobby. They are not gone forever, don't panic!

Tower Upgrade Trees
We’ve implemented tower upgrade paths, a lot like the well known game bloons. You can now choose the path your tower takes. You can use your game points to unlock the path you want - This can be purchased by using the shop in the game lobby.

Depending on which path you take, artillery towers can now plant landmines and mage towers can rain fireballs! We want you all to have as much fun as possible trying out all these amazing tower paths and finding your favourites. Unlock them all, experiment and rain destruction on your enemies!


New Animations
Whatever path you choose, this will change the animation of the tower. A lot of our old towers animations were just boring and needed some more pizazz - So we're proud to show off some of the crazy new effects...

Zeus Tower - Bolts bounce up to 5 times

Leach Tower - Death ray (Like come on it’s a...​
Hello Cubecrafters!

Hope you're all having an amazing summer, time for another map update!​

Speed EggWars - Lake (Team)
What a quacking new map!

EggWars - Jungle (Team)
Do not leaf your egg unprotected!

BlockWars - Snowy
Chill out on a cooool map

Layer Spleef - Space
Don't fall through the.. spaces

Lucky Islands - Stonehenge
Rock on!

Lucky Islands - Bonsai
Bon says hi
  • EggWars updates:
    • Added team map: Jungle (Team of 3)
    • Added speed map: Lake (Team of 2)
    • Toys (Team): On the speed map we fixed a few lego pieces
  • BlockWars updates:
    • Added map: Snowy
    • Cactus: We've increased number of smaller platforms, changed water to stained glass, changed the circle to fit the smaller island shapes better, moved middle 1 block higher
    • Greenzone: We've made the map a lot flatter, more colour has been added, made a separation at the end of the map by the flags to give a twist to gameplay, edited the central gap to go to the second layer
  • Arcade updates:
    • Added Layer Spleef map: Space
    • Added secrets to the lobby
  • Lucky Islands updates:
    • Added solo: Bonsai
    • Added team map: Stonehenge (Team of 4)
  • PvP updates:
    • Boom: Fixed a 2 deep hole players go stuck in and removed a part of the map...

Hello CubeCrafters!

I'd like to welcome you to the wonderful Minerware update! We have new games, new maps, new achievements and more! We've taken a bunch of the games and ideas suggested on the forums, and brought them to life! Let us know what you think of the update in the replies below.


We love Minerware so much, but felt that it needed some new games to freshen it up and to give you some more variety in your gameplay. May we proudly introduce the following 15 new games:
  • Balance Beam - Run from one platform to the other.
  • Bouncing Gladiators - Bounce up, stay up, and knock others off.
  • Boomstick - PVP with explosive arrows - What could go wrong?!
  • Buy Item - Get things out of the chest, and buy the item from the villager.
  • Cactus Slap - Slap everyone into the Cacti, but avoid getting pricked.
  • Chicken Shooter - Bow + Arrow + Chickens = Chicken Wings. Get them chicken wings.
  • Drop - Drop & parkour your way down to the floor - Don't die!
  • Egg Battle - Protect your egg, break the other teams.
  • Explosive Catch - Throw your TNT, avoid everyone else's TNT - Stay alive!
  • Feed Blob - Mr Blobbo needs feeding, gather nutrients and feed him the food.
  • Hot Drop - Drop from the cage and land on the slime.
  • Lightning Strike - Avoid the lightning, simple.
  • Musical Chairs - Run around, sit on the chair when the music stops. (There is actual music)
  • Nerd Poling - Grab blocks, build up and get on...