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Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters,

Back in November, we released PvP to our Bedrock network, which included FFA & 1v1 Duels. But something was missing and we did promise that we're implement this to our Bedrock network in the near future. Well wait no longer, introducing 2v2 Duels for our Bedrock network, play with your friends and even more friends! Want to learn more about this update, read below!

⚔️ 2v2 Duels available now!

As mentioned, 2v2 duels is now available on our Bedrock network, for all to play! - We have the same maps, kits and gamemodes available, same as 1v1. Only difference, is that duel games will contain 4 players rather than 2. All you need to do, is visit the Duels NPC within the Beta Games lobby, and click 2v2, join either Normal or Overpowered. If you join the 2v2 queue as a singled player, then you'll need to wait for 3 other singled or 1 singled and 2 partied players to join the queue. As soon as they do, you'll be ready for a full out 2v2 duel game! 🎉

🐶 Pet Mobs 🐖

Hello! I'm Chloe and I'm a Game Designer for CubeCraft, I've been part of the community for many years now and became a designer back in July! I work on the technical side of the design team creating weird and wonderful behaviours - kinda like mod packs.

This was my first project which was pretty crazy to think about, I can't wait for the next upcoming releases we have! In this highlight I will break down the process for you all to see.

The Idea

We all love to tame dogs and cats... why not a creeper? why not an army of polar bears? This is where it could get much more interesting and completely change the normal vanilla behaviour in Minecraft. Hostile mobs could become powerful allies. I felt the biggest technical challenge would be animating a taming mechanic but as you'll see lower down I managed to make some interesting progress 😂

Production Process

Since this was more a behaviour focussed project...
Hey Bedrock CubeCrafters!

What better way to celebrate the upcoming festivities with a new gamemode for EggWars? 🤩 Introducing Mega EggWars!

The lobby NPC - that egg looks a bit heavy...

We're bringing our classic EggWars gamemode, and scaling it up! In this gamemode, you and your team of 10 fight against 3 other teams in an epic 10v10v10v10 EggWars battle!

🗺️ Game specific maps!

A game like this requires some awesome maps to play on! These maps are all available to play only on EggWars Mega! Let's take a look 👀

🍎 - Fruit

Slice through the other teams!

⏳ - Time

It's 'time' to win!

🏛️ -...
Hey Java CubeCrafters!

We've got a bit of a sus update for you all today... Among Slimes has received some awesome changes that we're super excited to be showing them off to you!

🪐 NEW MAP - Mars!


Yes, we know that is Saturn... close enough...
Lead by @Yamin with help from @Soulless_Unity, @Unstrafeless, @TheJeroen and @Priley, our design team has managed to make a completely new map made by us! We've decided to include features like a split TNT room, upper and lower levels in domes, and long corridors with windows looking into the outside! All based on Mars, can you spot anyone trying to sabotage the base? 🤔


Humble beginnings, this is where you...
Hey CubeCrafters!

Welcome to Week 2 of our 4 Weeks of Winter event! As always, we've got three awesome maps to be showing you for our Java & Bedrock network! Get hyped! 🎉

Keep an eye on our socials such as Twitter and Instagram for upcoming updates and giveaways! ✨

🌊 Java & Bedrock - Solo Lucky Islands - Vortex


Don't get carried by the tide!
⌛ Bedrock - Teams of 10 SkyWars - Mirage


Sunny days in sunny Mirage! ☀️
🍳 Java & Bedrock - Teams of 2 SkyWars - Breakfast

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Breakfast served by the best! 🥓

Halfway through now - hope you've enjoyed...

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