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Bedrock Server Catchup

Hello CubeCrafters,

No one likes bugs, so I fixed a load.

Most of these bugs affected us across the network so now they have been utterly annihilated. You should notice that we are more stable and your game experience is even better.
Previously we've done updates like this totally silently, however, we now want to share with you what we are up to so I hope you enjoy the details!

Also, we hit 19,000 concurrent on Bedrock today (smashing our player record on that platform)! Whoop! Thank you, everyone, for playing <3

Fixed Bugs

ADDED: Block breaking animations are now visible
ADDED: Eating, block placements and block destruction sounds
ADDED: The ability to swap armour with armour you currently have equipped
FIXED: Hitting a player/villager with food it hand would consume it
FIXED: Right clicking a villager would open the menu but eat any food you are holding in the background
FIXED: Random network crash
FIXED: Fixed item durability not showing
FIXED: Fixed absorption hearts not showing
FIXED: Survival Games world border would lag like crazy
FIXED: Visual glitch when equipping armour, as it would equip, unequip, and then equip again
FIXED: Not being able to move ladders/chests around your inventory
FIXED: Not getting a navigation compass after winning a game of SkyWars
FIXED: Being able invite players to a party during a team game, and using the compass to join another game, and hence bypass the party/team size limit of that game
FIXED: Clicking on a gravestone in SkyWars would instantly eat food
FIXED: Friends list not opening if a friend was in game
FIXED: Clicking a log with bark on all 6 sides would cause some strange issues
FIXED: Dupe glitch with chests and gravestones
FIXED: Dupe glitch were 2 people could access the same gravestone and...
Huge Map Update - 7 NEW MAPS!

Hello CubeCrafters!

As some of you may have noticed, our player counts have been hitting very high, which is great! So we thought this would be the perfect time to release some amazing new maps for some of our most popular gamemodes! Some of them are even accepted map submissions. Read below to find out more!

Solo SkyWars - Mill
Team SkyWars - Mill.jpg

This map was funded by Mill Gates!

Solo SkyWars - Zen (Java & Bedrock)
Solo SkyWars - Zen.jpg

Aaaaand... relaaaaax! - Credit to: @RickDeKlomp

Solo SkyWars - Ping Pong (Java & Bedrock)
Solo SkyWars - Ping Pong.jpg

You won't be better than Forrest Gump...

Team Lucky Islands - Bzz
Team Lucky Islands - Bzz.jpg

Bzz bzz bzz? - Credit to: Faytje, @Andyyy and @Eli

Solo Lucky Islands - Camping
Solo Lucky Islands - Camping.jpg

Camping is not allowed... remember?! - Credit to: @SanCookie

FFA - Canals
FFA - Canals.jpg

And this isn't the dentist kind.

PvP Duels - Gladiator
PvP Duels - Gladiator.jpg

THIS IS SPARTA! - Credit to: @ShapelessArchery @Fisktratt @pigglet @Eli

Thanks for reading! We hope you'll have some epic moments playing these new maps, happy playing and stay safe! :p
Hi everyone,

Over the past few days, we have seen significantly increased numbers of players across our network. Over the weekend we consistently peaked at over 22,000 players across both our Bedrock and Java platforms.

We understand many of you are now out of school, isolating, or otherwise stuck at home. We have been working over the weekend and alongside our suppliers in order to increase capacity as quickly as we can to ensure that you all can continue to play during these unprecedented times.

For those who are interested we are:
  • Increasing the number of nodes in our database cluster to help handle the increased load from both the players and Skyblock
  • Increasing the number of frontends to support more concurrent connections across Bedrock and Java
  • Increasing the size of our game server pool. We have actually used up all the available stock from our provider so are working with them to replenish the stock or to switch the model of server we use.
As a temporary measure, we are increasing the party limits across all ranks by 2 on the Java network and by 1 on the Bedrock network.

Some more stats:
  • Our egressing bandwidth has doubled to 7Gbps - that’s 1,400 HD Netflix streams at once!
  • We can now support another 1,500 games running after getting a load more dedicated servers.
  • We've added a total of 4TB of RAM so far!

It really isn't our position to advise on anything related to Coronavirus and COVID-19 however the following organisations have provided resources for members of the public which we would like to draw your attention to:
Awesome Skyblock Update!

Hello Skyblock CubeCrafters!

It's time for another Skyblock update. Since Skyblock has been released, we've been sorting through a lot of Skyblock suggestions, and in this update, we've decided to add some! If you want to learn more about this epic update, read below!

Ability to move Villager shops

The Shop Villagers on every island can be very useful, but sometimes they get in the way. Which is why we've added the ability to move them! This was a community desired suggestion. If you click on your villager, you can dismantle it by clicking on the Villager Spawn Egg in the bottom left of the screen.

Locating the Dismantle Shop button.
There must always be at least one Villager in your world. As for the rest of them, well, that's up to you what you do with them! Fancy only having one Villager in the world? Go right ahead! Want them all in the same area? Knock yourself out! You can't place Villagers too close to other Villagers though, so you might need to do some careful planning. If you look at the image below, this shows you how far they can be from each other, and the barriers indicate where you can't place blocks.

Dismantling and placing a Shop Villager.

Reference to villager distances and where you can't place blocks.

Kicking players from profiles

Since the release of Skyblock, we've been listening to all of your suggestions. One of the biggest suggestions you've made is having the ability to kick a player from your profile. Well, now is your time to shine and kick all the players you want from your profile!

Kicking a player from...