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Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

As the title states, it has been 1 whole year since our Bedrock network was first released. To celebrate this awesome achievement, we've released two brand NEW permanent maps to our Bedrock network. And we're also reviving our most popular past content from today until the 2nd May!

It's our 1st birthday!.jpg

Wow... doesn't time fly. Can you believe it? It's been one whole year since we released our Bedrock network. CubeCraft Bedrock edition has developed, improved and grown so much, but we couldn't have gotten to this point without you guys! Over the past year, we've managed to add 4 incredible gamemodes to our Bedrock network and introduce fantastic content to them all.

SkyWars, EggWars, Survival Games and MinerWare were all implemented, then with the introduction of new gamemodes for our games, such as Chaos SkyWars, Team EggWars, SkyWars and Survival Games! With new maps being released frequently to them all. Then EggWars received a huge update, improvements, Egg Skins and Shop Skins being added.

But it's not just about game content, we've managed to add so much seasonal content. With Summer, Halloween, Christmas and currently Easter, all bringing beautiful content to our network. Including our beachball, pumpkin, present and Easter egg hunts, to our Ender and Snowman Survival seasonal games! Our server has been flowing with content!

So 2018/2019 has been packed full of discoveries, enterainment, fun and explorations. We hope that all of our Bedrock CubeCrafters have had amazing time joining and playing on our network. Thank you all so much for being here with us, and we hope that you stick around for another year!

New skywars and eggwars maps!.jpg

We've added 2 awesome and party filled maps to our Bedrock network, and guess what? They're permanent! That's right, they aren't round a limited time, they will be round and fully available forever!

Solo SkyWars -...
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Hello CubeCrafters!

As most of you know, today was the official release of the Minecraft Java 1.14 update, also known as the Village & Pillage update. Well we're also here today to celebrate our compatibility with 1.14! That's right, you can now join our Java network using 1.14. So you can have fun in a survival world, exploring and discovering the new content, and if you ever get bored, you can join CubeCraft for some more fun!

From today, CubeCraft Games is now fully compatible with 1.8 and 1.9-1.14. So what are you waiting for?! Get on 1.14 and have some fun! When you join CubeCraft on 1.14, you will still be connecting to our 1.9+ network. The version is supported, not the content. There's always the possibilty in the future ;)

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy using 1.14. Comment below and let us know what you think!
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Hello CubeCrafters and Easter Egg lovers!

It's that time of year again, where we love to eat Easter Eggs and google pictures of cute bunnies. But Easter here at CubeCraft is not something to miss. We've added so much content for you to purchase, unlock and play. These includes an Easter lobby, Easter egg hunt, Easter Cubelets and Loot, an Easter Bundle, an Easter sale and even exclusive Easter challenges which are new to 2019! Read this entire thread to learn more about this Easter packed update!

Easter lobby and egg hunt.jpg

We couldn't have Easter without an Easter lobby! There's some many things to look at and explore in our 2019 Easter lobby. Eggs, chicks, bunnies, carrots and much more! This lobby also supports our lobby games, Relic Hunting, Lobby Fishing and Chest Chaser. Explore, have fun and enjoy our Easter lobby!

Java lobby.jpg
Java Easter lobby 2019.
What's Easter without an Easter Egg hunt! CubeCraft's famous Easter Egg hunt is back for 2019! We've hidden 25 Easter Eggs round our lobby, some are easy to find and some are hard, so good luck. Once you collect them all, you'll obtain a 2 free Easter Cubelet and bragging rights. Will you collect them all?

Lobby Easter Egg hunt 2019.

Easter challenges.jpg

It's time to introduce something brand new to seasonal content. With the addition of the Challenges update, we've added some Easter'y challenges exclusively for the Easter period. There's 2 new challenges, one is the play all of the SkyWars, EggWars and Lucky Islands Easter maps. And another is to win on all of them maps. If you complete them, you'll unlock some shiny Easter Cubelets. Take up our challenges, try and complete them both and...
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Hello CubeCrafters and fellow bunnies!

It's time for Easter to join our Bedrock Edition network. In this update we've added a lot of new content for you to try out and purchase. Such as an Easter Egg hunt, Easter lobby, Easter maps and even an Easter bundle! Read this thread to find out more about our Bedrock Easter update!

Easter lobby and egg hunt.jpg

We can't have an Easter update without an Easter lobby. Filled with eggs, bunnies, chicks and other Eastery things, you'll surely be in the Easter mood after exploring this new lobby.

PE lobby.jpg
Bedrock Easter lobby 2019.
Along with our Easter lobby, we've also added an amazing Easter Egg hunt! Explore our lobby, discover and find all 15 Easter Eggs. Once you collect them all, you'll unlock and win an incredible Confetti Win Effect.

Lobby Easter Egg hunt.

Easter bundle.jpg

As usual with our seasonal content, we have an exclusive and brand NEW bundle. Now available on our server store. It includes 3 cages, 2 cute buddies, 1 win effect, 3 trails and 4 Easter themed prefixes! But hurry, it's only available during the Easter period.

Easter -compressed.jpg
Easter Bundle - Available on our server store.

Easter maps.jpg

With every seasonal update, there's always amazing maps to release and show off. We've added 5 brand NEW maps to our Bedrock network, to join the rest of the gang. There's 2 Solo SkyWars, 1 Solo EggWars and 2 Team EggWars maps! So what are you waiting for? Will you be able to play them all and win on every map?

Rabbit - SkyWars (Solo)

I play this map a lot... it's a real rabbit.

Bunny - SkyWars (Solo)...