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CubeCraft Games


Hello CubeCrafters!

Last week we introduced our brand new lobby, and this week we're taking the new lobby to the next level! We're happy to show you our THREE amazing new lobby games to keep you entertained whilst you’re in the lobby.

Lobby Fishing
Have you been looking for a relaxing pastime? Do you need a new hobby in your life? Don’t fear, Lobby Fishing is here! Lobby Fishing is a relaxing game to kill time and have fun. All you need to do is collect your fishing gear from the armour stand, locate a spot of water within the lobby and start casting your fishing rod! As soon as your line looks like it has caught something, reel it in!

The armour stand where you collect your fishing gear - Go catch 'em all!

Here little fishy... I have a treat for you!

Relic Hunting
Ever wanted to be Indiana Jones? Do you enjoy hunting and adventuring? Well Relic Hunting is an adventurous hunting game! As soon as you collect your relic hunting gear from the armour stand, you must hold your shovel and a coloured level bar will appear above your experience bar. This is your Relic Tracker. The brighter the colour gets, the closer you are to finding the relic. The Tracker will change from Dark Red, to Red, to Yellow then to Green depending if you’re walking closer to the relic spot, almost like a game of hotter or colder. If your Tracker states “Relic Located” you’ve found it. Look around from a red 3x3 cross on the ground, when you spot it, dig dig dig!

The armour stand where you collect your spade.

You're getting warmer...

...now you're getting hot...

...X marks the spot! Now dig......​

Hello CubeCrafters!

Today we’re happy to announce that as we remove our Christmas Lobby and Games, we have a BRAND NEW lobby for you that has been in the works for a little while! The build team have been hard at work, building and creating this colour filled explosion of architecture just for you!

Enjoy the trailer.

It's ex-city-ing!

There are dozens of new buildings to see, hidden locations and trees to explore, and much much more! Also make sure you keep your eyes peeled in the lobby next week, as we have some surprises to unveil...

Coming January 18th...

Thank you for reading, you can leaf now.

Hello CubeCrafters!

Welcome to our first update of 2018!

Today we're rolling out a nice and significant death messages update which affects most of our games. The main change this update brings is "Kill Assists" which were added some time ago to SkyWars. The feedback from these messages was vastly positive, and so we are bringing them to other games as well.

The "Assist" part of the update, however, is only being rolled out to team games for obvious reasons! We do not want people assisting each other in solo games.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 14.33.43.png
EggWars - Hovering over the assist gives detailed information.

This update will also give credit where credit is due, you will now be credited for the kill even if your pet kills a player. When this happens you can see a special death message saying killer's pet killed a player, but the killer will receive points and the statistics for the kill.

Lucky Islands - Pet getting a kill.

Some of the changes to specific games:
Survival Games - Blowing someone up will give you a kill now.
Player getting killed by another players TNT in Survival Games.png

Archer Assault - Demolition will now get a kill if someone steps on their mine and also for killing with TNT.
Player stepping on another players land mine in Archer Assault.png

Block Wars - Summoner will get kills now if a summoned mob kills a player
Player getting killed by a summoned players pet in BlockWars.png

Lucky Islands - Kills will be credited when blowing someone up with TNT Wand or Hot Potato.

Player getting killed by another players hot potato in Lucky Islands.png
Player getting killed by another player using the TNT wand in Lucky Islands.png

Go get those assists and as always, please leave us with feedback and your thoughts!

Today CubeCraft has turned 5 years old! It's been a massive year for us, we've put out a load of new games amongst other games, and we're working on a bunch of great things for next year, including games and Quality of Life things to improve the server for you!

However to Celebrate the birthday now, we have a few things to announce...

:cube: LIVESTREAM :cube:
Tonight we'll be doing a special community livestream here. The stream will be starting at 7PM GMT today (21/12/2017) and will last for 2 hours! If you want to come join us, play with staff and have a ton of fun, make sure to join us!

:cube: SALE & FREE* T-Shirt Continues :cube:

Our existing Christmas Sale continues with 30% off all digital items!

But remember that's not all - every purchase made on store.cubecraft.net will receive a FREE* T-shirt! You can buy a rank, an upgrade, miniatures or multipliers! It doesn't matter what you buy - After you complete your purchase, you'll get an email containing a unique promo code to use on merch.cubecraft.net that will reduce any t-shirt price to £0!

:cube: Double Points :cube:

To celebrate our 5th birthday we're activating DOUBLE POINTS network wide for 24 hours! Go grab some extra points whilst you can, after all it's only our Birthday once a year.

:cube: New Birthday Maps :cube:

We're taking the party up a notch as well, because our build team have put together 2 cracking celebratory maps!

Party - Like it's my birthday!
Solo SkyWars

Birthday - I'm lit!
Normal Team EggWars...​