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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the new forums!

This is the largest upgrade of our website we've done since we've started. Community is at the heart of what we do here at CubeCraft and it was about time that we did some major investment into the website.

Under the hood, we've upgraded our forum software and we've also worked with our fabulous friends at Audentio to bring a brand new and fresh look to the forums. We hope you love it as much as we do!

You'll also notice that we've tweaked our logo...
Hello CubeCrafters,

We've just rolled out a major performance update to our Bedrock Network which solves many of the client lag issues and slow rendering for skins. Upon joining games and lobbies, you will now notice that many of the NPCs and player's skins should render at a much faster speed. We've put a large effort into optimizing skins and render times as much as possible in this update, and also fixing the infamous "Steve bug", where every skin stops rendering and turns into a Steve.

This had...
Hello CubeCrafters,

This is just an update to a previous post where we explained that we wanted to start a Server Engine team to focus on our anti-cheat and our server platform.
This is the biggest growth of our development team that we have ever done, and we're super excited for you to get to know them. We'd like to thank all the candidates who got in touch and hope to hear from them all...

We are bringing an update to our most iconic game mode: EggWars!
Today we're incredibly excited to launch the Beta for this massive overhaul. The beta is available exclusively on Java in the team mode only. Statistics and the leaderboard will not carry over, Beta mode has it's own statistics & leaderboard! All of the content stated on this thread, is only in EggWars Beta, for now.

Suuurprise, CubeCrafters! Suurprise, CubeCraft Games Translation Team!

Today we are excited to welcome the new addition to our CubeCraft Games staff team!

What is a translator?

We are confident that every one of you has already heard of our wonderful translation team, aiming to achieve one great goal of the community: making CubeCraft more accessible to people all over the world.

Since its inception, the translation team has...

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