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Hey CubeCrafters!

As you know, we're nearing the date of our network being fully updated to 1.12.2, which is happening on Tuesday 15th June 2021 (tomorrow)! There have been a few questions about specifics on when it will be happening, which we will address now.

What time will it be?

1.8 games will stop starting from 3:45pm BST, and players will be kicked at 4pm BST.

Will there be an event?

Unfortunately not - our developer team is currently hard at work, each on their individual projects, and each on strict deadlines. We are unable to have an event as a result.

Will there be a 1.8 gamemode on our 1.12 network?

This is following a suggestion that was made on the forums, you can read this here.

We have decided not to pursue this at this moment- as mentioned in our initial announcement message, our updates have been stagnated due to considerations for 1.8, and continually trying to implement ways to make it work on our network is not ideal.

We're going to be focusing a lot of our efforts on building our existing gamemodes to be the best and offer the greatest content-driven gaming experience out there!

Please read our original update post as this explains all of our decisions to why we're no longer supporting versions from 1.8-1.11.

If there are any other questions, please respond to the thread & we'll try to answer in as much detail as possible. Thank you for reading! 💙
I’ve always been a curious person and I’ve seen so many cool usernames here. So I’m wondering how did you found your username? Does it have a special meaning? 🦋

My story is pretty boring. As you can guess, I love sunsets. Every sunset has something magical. And the username “sunset” was already taken so I added an extra s and t. 🌅

Please, share your stories with me! 💜

Providing language support for millions of players around the globe and uniting hundreds of volunteers since 2018, our Translation Team is excited to now continue welcoming more ambitious individuals!

The Translation Team is a large translation and development volunteer program that provides an entertaining and educational space for volunteers to improve a handful of essential skills while making CubeCraft Games accessible beyond language barriers.

Allow us to take you on a quick trip through our team and showcase all the amazing qualities it holds... 🚂

🌍 Our Projects

The main goal of our Translation Team is to make the entire CubeCraft Games platform more accessible and enjoyable to our international player base.

We're currently responsible for translating over 115 individual projects, summing up to over 110,000 words, into a total of 22 languages...

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