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Hello CubeCrafters,

This is just an update to a previous post where we explained that we wanted to start a Server Engine team to focus on our anti-cheat and our server platform.
This is the biggest growth of our development team that we have ever done, and we're super excited for you to get to know them. We'd like to thank all the candidates who got in touch and hope to hear from them all...

We are bringing an update to our most iconic game mode: EggWars!
Today we're incredibly excited to launch the Beta for this massive overhaul. The beta is available exclusively on Java in the team mode only. Statistics and the leaderboard will not carry over, Beta mode has it's own statistics & leaderboard! All of the content stated on this thread, is only in EggWars Beta, for now.

Suuurprise, CubeCrafters! Suurprise, CubeCraft Games Translation Team!

Today we are excited to welcome the new addition to our CubeCraft Games staff team!

What is a translator?

We are confident that every one of you has already heard of our wonderful translation team, aiming to achieve one great goal of the community: making CubeCraft more accessible to people all over the world.

Since its inception, the translation team has...
Hello Java & Bedrock CubeCrafters!

Today we're bringing you another awesome and exciting map update. We've added 6 NEW maps for both our Java & Bedrock network. Some of them are even community made! If you want to learn more about this update, read below!

Team SkyWars - Vikings (Teams of 2 - Java & Bedrock)
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How are them boats floating?!
Hello CubeCrafters!

Tomorrow, the 25th April, is our 2nd birthday on Bedrock! Wow... 2 years has zoomed past. In celebration of this event, we've made an exclusive Birthday Pack for everyone to claim for FREE! Just join our Bedrock network and in front of you will be a huge birthday pack, click on the cake and claim your free pack today! But hurry, it's only available for 1 week! Claim it...

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I have changed my mind after playing a few games of beta eggwars. It is an excellent game, perfectly balanced actually. Some issues with auto-bridges being a little too slow, but the current speed is fine.
Let's hope this replaces the current eggwars.
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Thaaaaanks for the follow <3
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