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Hello CubeCrafters!

Halloween part 2 has arrived that it has brought so much content with it. So as, Halloween maps, an epic bundle and loot packs as well as a competition! Read below to find out more.

halloween maps.jpg

Let's start by adding back our amazing Halloween maps! We're adding a total of 11 maps! 4 EggWars, 4 SkyWars, a Lucky Islands, a MinerWare and a Duels! There's just some of the maps:

Nightmare - Team EggWars (Teams of 8)
EggWars - Nightmare.jpg
This is the opposite of a dream...

Haunted - Team EggWars (Teams of 2)
EggWars - Haunted.jpg
This map is creepy.

Scare - Team SkyWars (Teams of 4)
Team SkyWars - Scare.jpg

Cauldron - Solo SkyWars
EggWars - Cauldron.jpg
Potions everywhere!

Scare - Solo SkyWars
EggWars - Scare.jpg
Now that's a lot of islands...

Spider - Solo Lucky Islands
Solo Lucky Islands - Spider.jpg
Ew... spiders!

Halloween - MinerWare
MinerWare - Halloween.jpg
Happy Halloween!

Along with the maps, as usual we've added more new challenges that will last for the whole Halloween season! Introducing the Halloween map challenges! Added into the menu are 2 new sections of challenges, all linking to our newly added Halloween maps. You have the Explorer and Winner challenges. To complete the Explorer challenge, you need to play all of our 1.8/1.9 Halloween maps, such as SkyWars, EggWars, Lucky Islands and MinerWare. If you complete all of them, you'll get a Halloween Cubelet. To win the Winner...
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Hello CubeCrafters!
It's time to release part 2 of our Halloween update to our Bedrock Edition network. Introducing new maps and an epic Halloween Bundle. Read below to find everything out!

halloween maps.jpg

As expected, we've released some spooky maps for our Bedrock players to enjoy playing on during this creepy event. We've also added 2 BRAND NEW maps!

Scare - Team SkyWars (Teams of 4) - NEW
Team SkyWars - Scare.jpg

A four faced pumpkin?!

Haunted - Team EggWars (Teams of 2) - NEW
Team EggWars - Haunted.jpg

Experts have confirmed this map to be haunted...

Cauldron - Solo SkyWars
Solo SkyWars - Cauldron.jpg

A witches dream!

Chandelier - Solo SkyWars
Solo SkyWars - Chandlier.jpg

You dare swing from that...

Graveyard - Solo EggWars
Solo EggWars - Graveyard.jpg

Hopefully a zombie apocalypse doesn't occur...

halloween bundle.jpg

As usual with our seasonal content, we've released an amazing and spooky content bundle for you to purchase and enjoy. Filled with over 12 loot items, you'll be the spookiest player in the lobby. You'll get access to 2 Buddies, 1 SkyWars Gravestone, 3 Exclusive Cages, a Win Effect and so much more! But hurry, this bundle is only available during Halloween! View here:

Bedrock Halloween Bundle 2019

selfie competition.jpg

For Halloween 2019, we've decided to host a Bedrock Selfie Competition! You can have the chance to find some epic prizes, so want to enter? Click here:...​
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Hello spooky CubeCrafters!

October has arrived, which means time to get out the cobwebs, skeletons and fake severed hands! But this also means that Halloween has arrived at CubeCraft, for an entire month! What are you waiting for? Join our network today. Also if you join during the Halloween period, you'll get a free Halloween Cubelet! If you want to know what's in this update, read below.

There's currently a 50% OFF HALLOWEEN RANKS SALE on our Store. Visit

Lobby and Pumpkin hunt.jpg

Always with a seasonal update, we change our main lobby to fit the theme. So we've made the lobby dusty, rotten, and very "Pumpkin'y". Have fun exploring this monster of a lobby.

Java lobby.jpg
Halloween Java lobby 2019
How could we have a Halloween lobby without our famous lobby hunts?! So once again, we've hidden 25 Pumpkins round our huge lobby for you to find. And if you find all 25, you'll win a Halloween Cubelet and an exclusive Win Effect! Better get hunting...

Collecting a Pumpkin

Exclusive win effect - Reward from Pumpkin hunt.


It's back for 2019! Ender has made a revengeful return to CubeCraft to claim more souls. And it's even on our 1.8 network! As usual, 12 players will be dumped in the depths of Ender's Mansion and must find all pages in rooms to escape his evil! Pages can be located inside, outside, upstairs and downstairs and you have 20 minutes to find them all, so look everywhere! We've changed the locations of the pages, added new...
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Happy Halloween Bedrock CubeCrafters!

It's that spooky time of year again, where zombies come out from the ground and the ghosts start visiting! For the 2nd time, Halloween has joined our Bedrock Edition server. Want to know what's in the update? Read below to find everything out!

Lobby and Pumpkin hunt.jpg

As usual with a seasonal event, we've changed our main lobby to fit the theme. Decorated with cobwebs and pumpkins, you'll surely be in the Halloween spirit.

Bedrock lobby.jpg
Bedrock Halloween Lobby 2019

As a CubeCraft tradition with seasonal updates, our Halloween has a Pumpkin hunt! You need to collect a total of 15 Pumpkin styled Trick N Treat candy bucket. These are hidden all round the lobby, so good luck. But if you're good finding them and you collect all 15, you will win an exclusive Sweet Treats Win Effect!

Collecting a Pumpkin candy bucket.

Sweet Treats Win Effect


The Ender is back for 2019 on our Bedrock network! Ender on Bedrock is a lot different to Java, as 12 players will be dumped into a huge forest instead. The aim of the game is to avoid looking into the eyes of the Ender and collect 20 pages to escape and survive! If you look at the Ender you'll lose health until you're dead, but don't worry as collecting pages heals you.

Pages have been hidden all round the map, and can only be found in open and main areas. Players have 10 minutes to discover them all, before the Ender automatically wins. Players will also be given a torch to help them light their way to victory to...