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CubeCraft Games

Valentines - Lobby Banner.png

Hello CubeCrafters!

Love is in the air, so if you are feeling all lovey dovey then we have a few Cupid approved additions to the server for you to lust after!


EggWars - Love (Team of 2)
What a lovely map

SkyWars - Valentines (Solo)
Love is in the air

Lobby Games
We have a bunch of new catches for you to find while Lobby Fishing. We've added 9 Valentines themed catches for you to collect!

If fishing isn't your ideal date, we have added 9 Valentines items for you to dig up while Relic Hunting

There is a new 'Holiday' tab for you to admire all your seasonal lobby journals.

If you've been waiting all year for the Valentines miniature pack, well now your item to grab it! The pack consists of 3 cute and loving characters: Cupid, Kissy and Teddy Bear. These miniatures are available on our Virtual Store. If you purchase a Valentines pack, you get to give a free pack to another player, a friend or special someone.


To celebrate Valentines on CubeCraft we're running a 30% OFF sale! Grab yourself a shining new rank, a rank upgrade, a game multiplier or a miniature pack. Available on our store now!​
Bingo Forum Banner - Update.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters!

Last week we released Bingo in our Beta Games lobby. We were flooded with suggestions and comments on what you wanted in Bingo. So here it is, 1 week later and we have added in a bunch of community suggested features!


One of the most requested features was teams, and now we have it! Team Bingo has 4 teams of 4 people and you can work together to win the game. Your other team members will be glowing for you in game making it easier for you find your team mates.

Team Armour Stand.jpg
Glowing Player.jpg


A new voting option has been added which will allow all players above an Iron rank to vote for the card type. You can vote for a line or a full house. A line only requires you or your team to collect 5 items in a row vertically horizontally or diagonally. A full house requires you to collect all 25 items on the bingo card.

Voting Menu.jpg


There has been an increase in the amount of experience you collect for winning from 50 to 70. The player who collects the first item in the game will now collect an additional 5 points. For full house games the player or team will be awarded 5 points each for being the first to collect a line.

First Item.jpg

First Line.jpg



Gravestones have now been introduced so you can retrieve your items after you have died. You will be told the coordinates of where you last died to track your grave with the use of the sidebar.

Player Grave.jpg
You Died Text.jpg

Once you find your gravestone you can either open it by right clicking on either your head or the soul sand underneath to collect only the items you want, or you can...​
Hello CubeCrafters!

It’s that time again where we have a new game for all of you to play, Bingo!! Which can be accessed in the newly named Beta Games Lobby.

Bingo is an 8 player competitive survival game that will test your knowledge and speed in survival Minecraft.

Player surviving in Bingo.

The objective in Bingo is to be the first person to collect 5 items in a line either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Once you have collected 5 items in a line, you have Bingo and win the game! Each player is given a map that will display the bingo card for that game.

The map with ticks.jpg
Bingo card players will have in their off hand.

Every item you collect will be crossed off your bingo card. You can reuse items more then once to obtain multiple items for your card.

Effects when player collects an item.

Bingo is all about your survival skill and is a PvE game. Bingo has vanilla survival gameplay with a full day/night cycle and mob spawns. The scoreboard has been created to aid players during the game. The scoreboard will show you the World Time, Game Time and your Y-level.

Scoreboard that all players will see in game.

You will be rewarded 25 points and 50 experience if you win. Each player will also be rewarded 3 points for each item you collect so it is always worth collecting some extra items!

Player mining for diamonds.

Player winning a game of Bingo.

We've modified world generation just for Bingo with smaller biomes to give players access to as many resources as possible....​

Hello CubeCrafters!

Last week we introduced our brand new lobby, and this week we're taking the new lobby to the next level! We're happy to show you our THREE amazing new lobby games to keep you entertained whilst you’re in the lobby.

Lobby Fishing
Have you been looking for a relaxing pastime? Do you need a new hobby in your life? Don’t fear, Lobby Fishing is here! Lobby Fishing is a relaxing game to kill time and have fun. All you need to do is collect your fishing gear from the armour stand, locate a spot of water within the lobby and start casting your fishing rod! As soon as your line looks like it has caught something, reel it in!

The armour stand where you collect your fishing gear - Go catch 'em all!

Here little fishy... I have a treat for you!

Relic Hunting
Ever wanted to be Indiana Jones? Do you enjoy hunting and adventuring? Well Relic Hunting is an adventurous hunting game! As soon as you collect your relic hunting gear from the armour stand, you must hold your shovel and a coloured level bar will appear above your experience bar. This is your Relic Tracker. The brighter the colour gets, the closer you are to finding the relic. The Tracker will change from Dark Red, to Red, to Yellow then to Green depending if you’re walking closer to the relic spot, almost like a game of hotter or colder. If your Tracker states “Relic Located” you’ve found it. Look around from a red 3x3 cross on the ground, when you spot it, dig dig dig!

The armour stand where you collect your spade.

You're getting warmer...

...now you're getting hot...

...X marks the spot! Now dig......​