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Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

With Beta Games getting released a couple of weeks ago, it introduced BlockWars to the Bedrock platform. We're happy to see you guys love the game. We released BlockWars with 3 maps, but overtime sometimes it gets repetitive, so now it's time to introduce to 2 BRAND NEW maps to our Bedrock BlockWars! One of the maps is from our Java network and the other is made by one of our community members, @Andyyy.

BlockWars - Tetromino
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Made by @Andyyy - Map Submission

BlockWars - Games
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We've also made some other changes and fixes...
⚔ PvP Update Suggestions ⚔

Hey CubeCrafters!

We are currently working on ideas for a PvP update - woohoo! 🎉 It's been a while since we've updated our PvP section, and we think it deserves some TLC!
We would love to see some ideas from you! From achievements to kits to quality of life suggestions, feel free to write them as a response to this thread!

What we're looking for 🤔

- Kits: new or changes to current kits
- Achievements
- Quality of life suggestions
- FFA kits
- Other PvP suggestions

If you've made a PvP suggestion in the past, feel free to send us the link to it as a response to the thread. If you have map change suggestions, respond to this thread: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/233114/

Thanks everyone! 😇
Changelog for EggWars Beta v1.0.3

  • Price of steak is 3 iron tokens on Normal mode.
  • When killed by a player & eliminated, players will drop 50% of the tokens from their inventory.
  • Theft ability has been upped to 70% of tokens from player's inventory, if the ability is activated.
  • Emerald shop has been moved into the regular villager shop at each island and removed from the centre.
  • New Emerald Generator production rate: Level 1: 15 seconds - Level 2: 10 seconds - Level 3: 6 seconds.
  • Eggmite price changes: Normal: 6 Emeralds - OP: 4 Emeralds - Hardcore: 8 Emeralds.
  • Strength, Slowness, and Weakness potions have been added to the emerald shop.
  • [1.9+ Only] Arrow of Slowness duration is 11 seconds
  • [1.9+ Only] Arrow of Weakness has been added to the arrow shop.
  • The shop is no longer compressed.
  • Food items have been...
We finally broke our player record from 2016 and have reached a new network high of over 38k players! 😱

In 2012, I was 14, wanted to learn to code and have a server to play with my friends on.

For Christmas my parents got me a server from "Minecraft4u" and CubeCraft was born.

We saw growth at a scarily fast rate! I was still learning to code and struggling to keep up!
I'm so grateful that we had a community who could help with builds, moderation and keeping servers online. Many are with us to this day 👋 @marcoslater @johncoles @Zed @Efcluke94

2015 was an awesome year! We released a game every week over summer and reached over 30k concurrent players!
Raising over £10,000 for @MindCharity was a really proud moment for the team 💙
We felt unstoppable and Minecraft had unlimited potential!

2017-2019 saw a large decline and a very difficult period for CubeCraft.
A dwindling of Minecraft servers and some massive mistakes on our part meant...
Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

Today is a huge day for Bedrock, it has a new gamemode, Skyblock! This game was released on Java in February this year, and as promised, it's now on Bedrock. You can play on our own or with friends. Unlock new islands and complete our main & side quests. There's so much to discover and play!

Want to learn more about Skyblock? Click HERE!

Watch the trailer!

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