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Hello CubeCrafters!

It's time for part 2 of our amazing Christmas update for 2019! Within this update, we're bringing you Christmas maps, a NEW bundle, epic loot packs and even a skin competition! If you want to learn more about this update, read below.


What do you call a seasonal update without maps? "A bad update!". That's why we're now adding maps into our Christmas event! As usual, part 2 introduces our seasonal maps for SkyWars, EggWars, Lucky Islands, Tower Defence, MinerWare and Duels! Along with the maps, we've added challenges for most of the maps. There's an Explorer and Winner challenge. The Explorer challenge is where you need to play all of the maps to win the reward, which is 1 Christmas Cubelet. The Winner challenge is where you need to win in all of the maps to win the reward, which is 2 Christmas Cubelets. Think you've got the frostbite to give it a go? Challenge accepted!

Here are just some of the maps now available on our Java network:

Factory - Solo Lucky Islands

Feast - Team Lucky Islands (Teams of 6)

Gingerbread - Team Lucky Islands (Teams of 2)

Fireplace - Team EggWars (Teams of 2)

Snowflake - Solo SkyWars

Winter - Team SkyWars (Teams of 3)

Snowglobe - Solo Lucky Islands

Turkey - Tower Defence turkey.jpg

Stocking - Duels

Grotto - MinerWare
- Dinner (Team of 4)
- Winter (Team of 3)
- Snowflake...
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Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

It's time for part 2 of our Christmas 2019 release for Bedrock! In this update, we're bringing you NEW and jolly Christmas styled maps, an awesome loot bundle exclusive to Christmas and a mini competition to get you more involved. Read below for more details!


As usual with seasonal events, our amazing build team creates maps based around the seasonal event. So now it's time to introduce our Christmas maps! Last year we had 3 maps. But this year, we have 7! With 4 BRAND NEW maps to play on. Between 2018 and now, we've add new gamemodes for our games, SkyWars and EggWars, which means more maps are needed for them, so read below to learn all about the new Christmas maps for 2019!

NEW - Factory - SkyWars (Solo)
Solo SkyWars - Factory.jpg
Santas' workshop has gone downhill...

Snowflake - SkyWars (Solo)
Solo SkyWars - Snowflake.jpg
They say every snowflake is different, just like a SkyWars game!

Dinner - SkyWars (Teams of 4)
Team SkyWars - Dinner.jpg
That's a lot of food...

NEW - Feast - SkyWars (Teams of 4)
Team SkyWars - Feast.jpg
The feast of the year!

NEW - Fireplace - EggWars (Teams of 2)
Team EggWars - Fireplace.jpg
Don't burn yourself...

NEW - Gingerbread - EggWars (Teams of 4)
Team EggWars - Gingerbread.jpg

Grotto - MinerWare
MinerWare - Grotto.jpg
Where is Santa?...


Now it's time for our Christmas 2019 Bundle to see the light! This year we've added more loot than ever into the Bundle. For only 990 Minecoins, you'll...
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Hello CubeCrafters and Merry Christmas!

Wow, it's Christmas already? Well you know what that means... it's time to announce that Christmas has come to CubeCraft! This year we've got a lot of content for you. We've added back one of our classic Christmas games, our famous present hunt is back and wonderful Christmas Cubelets filled with chilly loot are back. Want to learn about this update more, read below!

present rush is back.jpg

For one of the biggest additions to this Christmas release. Present Rush is back for 2019! Wow... it's been a while, it's been sitting on the top shelf getting dusty, but now it's back for everyone to play and enjoy over the Christmas period! So if you're not familiar with Present Rush, it's one of our classic Christmas games. It's a game of speed, collection, skill and agility.

The aim of the game is to collect the pieces of fuel from the middle arena and bring them back to your present production zone to feed your generators. As the generators are filled with fuel they will start producing presents. The player with the most presents at the end of the game wins! Remember - the presents don't count until they fall into Santa's bag at the end of the production belt.

Powerups will spawn within the arena to help you collect the most fuel as well as help you ruin the chances of other players collecting precious fuel. Other players also have the ability to punch and steal your fuel from you, and you should avoid taking fall damage - you'll drop fuel as a consequence! You'll have speed from the start of the game, but the more fuel you're carrying, the slower you move! You may think collecting the fuel from the arena is simple, but you're sadly mistaken. Overtime the arena decays, making it harder and harder to collect the fuel. If you fall off the arena, you'll lose all the current fuel pieces you're carrying.

Arena decay.gif
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Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

It's that time of year again, where snow falls, fireplaces are lit and presents are wrapped! Christmas is a huge event for CubeCraft, and we love to go overboard! This year Christmas is bigger on our Bedrock network than ever! With the return of Snowman Survival and our famous present hunt. Read below for more details on this update!

snowman survival is back.jpg

Snowman Survival joins the wonders of CubeCraft Games on Bedrock once again. Only available during Christmas, this mini-game brings a chilly feeling to the infection themed game. Snowman Survival allows 8 players and there are 3 maps available to join and choose from.

Snowman Survival is a fun game where the objective is to survive as long as you can, without the Snowman giving you frostbite! The game starts with 8 players, then the sacred Snowman performs a ritual and the starting Snowman is chosen. The remaining players are human survivors and have a brief grace period of 7 seconds to run away before the Snowman is released. Humans need to run and hide whilst dodging the Snowballs that the Snowmen throw! The first Snowman needs to throw his Snowballs at survivors, this will convert the Survivors in to more Snowmen.

Starting stage - Snowman Survival - Bedrock.jpg
Starting Snowman being selected.

As a Snowman, you have to throw your snowball. Left or right clicking gives you a quick throw, with a predefined amount of force. If your throw hits a survivor, they will be converted into a snowman. HOWEVER as a Snowman you only get ONE snowball, so use it wisely! If you miss, you'll have to run and fetch the Snowball by walking over it, or wait 5 seconds and it will come back to you automatically.

Snowman throwing their snowball.

When playing as a survivor, after 30 seconds of being released, you...