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Hey CubeCrafters!

A couple of months ago, we asked for your feedback regarding the state of health indicators on our server on this thread - we noticed that those who have as something as small as one modification provides a huge advantage in any PvP situation. Since then, we've hosted a community talk and have had a public Notion board updating you all about the development progress.
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Hey Java CubeCrafters!

I've been here at CubeCraft for almost 8 years now! At the start, I was the only developer and loved creating crazy games super quickly (in 2015 we released a new game every week over summer!!). 😱

Now, (usually) our games take a lot longer to develop as they go through planning, development, testing, design and have way more content in them! Skyblock took 8 months! ⏳

I wanted to get back to my super-speed creative days, whilst keeping the quality which you all love to see in CubeCraft! 🎨

Today, I'm very excited to be announcing our latest gamemode: Among Slimes! 🎉

We have built this entire game, as a full-team game-jam in just 10 days! We started Friday night, just over a week ago, and have developed, built, designed and tested everything in that time! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

In recent months our team has played a lot of Among Us and so we've smashed together Minecraft and the idea of a space murder mystery...
Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters!

Today, we've got an awesome update for our server with our store offers, menus and profiles!

💎 Store Revamp!

If you missed it, we released our new logo with our new forums back in June, which was awesome! But with this, it left a lot of our current icons and images to be outdated with our old logos and typography... Until today!

With the exception of our 2020 Halloween bundle, our old store icons look a bit out of place with our complete rebrand. If you haven't already, check out our Halloween release thread here!
Now, our store is looking a lot more organised, with eye-catching patterns made up of cubes and previews of the content are all available for you to see!

Thank you for being patient! We apologize that our latest recruitment update brought a lot of confusion with it. We hear and read all of your feedback and comments and hope that we can address your concerns in this thread.

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1 month i wait. 1 MONTH I WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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