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CubeCraft Games

Hello CubeCrafters,
Today I'm here to announce the release of a Mini Update to SkyWars! This update contains some requested features, and new maps!

We've added a new compass into the SkyWars chests, this compass, when right clicked, it will point to the nearest player that is not on your team, a very useful tool for making sure you can find everyone in the game!

Arrow Tank Skin Ability
We've had lots of complaints about our 'Increased Stability' ability, and therefore we've decided to change the ability to something that we hope will be preferred amongst the community.
This ability gives you the chance to take 50% less damage from arrows every now and again. (This can be purchased in the SkyWars shop, in the abilities section)

New Image in Lobby
We've updated the image in the lobby, to show more helpful information about the game. On this, we'll also be able to share update information and other helpful tips in the future. Let us know what you think of it below!

New Maps
The build team have being working hard a usual, and for this Mini Update we'd thought we'd throw out a few new maps as well...

Solo SkyWars - Magic
This is where the magic happens
magic map forums rz.jpg

Solo SkyWars - Swords
Make sure your senses are 'sharp'
swords map forums rz.jpg

Team SkyWars - Ocean
I'm 'shore' I 'sea' a new map
underwater map forums rz.jpg

Hello there! Before I launch into the juicy bits, I am tuxed. You will know me as a developer for The Chunk who has moved over to CubeCraft.

Today, we are releasing the first Chunk mini-game, BlockWars. BlockWars is your classic capture the flag mini-game, but with a twist! You get two minutes to build defences around your flag before you fight and try to capture the enemy's flag in the seven minute long fight phase.

There are a few notable changes from the old BlockWars on The Chunk, and some features that are currently missing. We are going to be working on an update that will add these and more.

With that, here is a sampling of all the maps available in the release:​

Forest Fight
This forest is for freely fighting for freedom.

The Green Zone
Great groundless fights happen here.

Painting pain precariously.

Tree Alley
Two trees treading the terror ahead.

That's just a small selection of the maps available. The actual game has more maps available!​
Hello CubeCrafters, my name is Mac and right now you're probably wondering who I am and why I'm writing a news post on your forums. I'm the founder and owner of The Chunk server and am very excited to announce that we are merging with CubeCraft! Myself and two of our devs, @tuxed and @toropov, as well as a bunch of our staff will be joining the CubeCraft team to help make the server even better than it already is. We will also be bringing a bunch of our awesome games to CubeCraft for you all to enjoy, starting with BlockWars and Tower Defence.

New Tower Defence Lobby - build your towers to defend your castle while sending mobs to attack the opposing teams castle.

New Block Wars Lobby - build defences around your flag, then capture the enemies flag to win in classic CTF PvP​

We look forward to working with everyone at Cubecraft and don't be afraid to say hi if you see us around.

Hello CubeCrafters, hope you had an awesome New year and Christmas. We're going to start 2016 with a bang, we've done a huge revamp of Skywars!

Skywars lobby
You know what really grinds my 'gears', we didn't do this sooner.
Skywars lobby.png
We have merged Skywars and Team Skywars as one big epic lobby.

Map selection / Quick-join
You can now join your favourite map by simply right clicking on these adorable armour stands. (Only if you are a premium user). And left click to put you in a random game instantly. The highly requested Skywars with no abilities has been implemented. We have gave you the option to choose either.

join games kit.png


This nice cosmetic change shows your head. You will still keep your stats, so don't worry. But they look so cute!


New pre lobby
We've updated the lobby to give it a fresh look.
Hopefully waiting won't 'Drag-on'
Team Skywars lobby rz.png

New maps

The build team has been working tirelessly to create seven brand new maps! Here's a few of our favourites shown in the pictures.

Skywars - Stars
'Everybody's 'starry' eyed when they see this!
Skywars Stars.png

Skywars - Savannah (revamp)
Don't be a cheetah on Savannah
skywars savanna.png

Skywars - Beach (revamp)
Life will be a 'beech' to get to the middle
skywars beach revamp.png

Team Skywars - Prison
How will you escape?
prison team skywars.png

Team Skywars - Dinosaur
Don't go 'extinct' on this map
team skywars dino.png


Hello CubeCrafters, how are you all? Just thought I'd make a forum post to say that yesterday (21/12/2015) was our 3rd birthday! Three years ago @rubik_cube_man made the server and nobody knew how big it would become. Two years ago, on our 1st Birthday, we hit 1000 players and now we hit over 30,000! We've come so far in such a small amount of time.

Also, because it's our 3rd birthday and nearly Christmas we're having a 30% OFF SALE! This sale is for everything on our store and will end around the 4th January. To visit our store CLICK HERE!

On behalf of all the Management Team I'd like to thank all the staff that have come and gone, the players and other people that have been involved with CubeCraft, without you guys we wouldn't be where we are. I've added some older stuff below relating to server. If you have any images I'd love to see them so post them in the comments!

Thanks - Joe :)
P.S. If I don't speak to you before the 25th, I wish you all a Merry Christmas & the best for 2016!


The Original CubeCraft!

'We will give you 20 cubelets if you find out what the song is called'

Our 1st Birthday + 1000 players. (Remember the logo?)
1st Birthday.png

Hello CubeCrafters, hope you're enjoying the Christmas games. We have released a few awesome festive maps today along with some competitions.

Skywars - Snowman
'Snow'here to hide
snowman - skywars.png

Eggwars - Fireplace
I will be 'fire-d' for this pun. But it does look hawt, 'ho ho hoe' Santa said.
Fireplace - eggwars.png

Team LuckyIslands - Snowflake
Tony the tigers favourite map. Because he loves frosted 'flakes'!
snowflake luckyislands.png

Team Skywars - Dinner

I'm sure this will be as violent as my xmas dinners...
dinner - team skywars.png


Art: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/ccg-christmas-art-competition.67792/
Selfie: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/ccg-christmas-selfie-competition.67822/
Story: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/ccgn-holiday-story-contest.63642/

Hope you all have an awesome Christmas!

Hello CubeCrafters! I'd like to announce this years Christmas Games! We have 2 games this year, Snowdown & Present Rush! These games will only be on the server for a limited time only.

- Christmas Games Lobby -


- Present Rush -
This new minigame is a strategic, fast paced gamemode. You have to try and produce as many presents as possible in 3 minutes! To do this you need to collect fuel which randomly spawns on the floor and take it back to your generators on your workstations. There's three different types of fuel - Wood, Coal and Coal Blocks. Sound easy, right? Wrong. PVP is enabled on the floor where the fuel spawns. Punching someone with your fist will make them drop a piece of fuel and be knocked back. The floor also starts to dissolve after a certain amount of time, so you have to parkour to get fuel! PVP is disabled on your own workstation. All players also have speed and jump boost!

The two maps we have for Present Rush are:
Snowflake, there's 'snow'way you not will not fall off.

Factory, we 'present' you another map.

- Snowdown -
This is a return of last years gamemode, re-added to the server due to popular demand! A trail of your teams colour will appear behind you. All you have to do is run around! If you crash into the other teams trail however, you lose. The last remaining team wins! Gathering items which can be found on the floor will increase the chance that you have of winning.

The five maps we have for Snowdown are:
Ice, 'I cy' an awesome map over here.

Toy Store, this map will be 'globe'al very soon.

The other three maps are: Mammoth (It will be a 'mammoth' task to win!), SnowWars (Will you use the...​

- Christmas Hub -

xmas New hub resized.png
xmas hub 2.png

The xmas hub is finally here! This won't be the only 'present' we have for you CubeCrafters. Hope you have fun exploring. We have lots of hidden puns and we even have a present hunt!

- Present Hunt -

sanata hunt.png

We 'present' you a 'present hunt'. We did 20 for our scavenger hunt at Halloween. For Christmas we decided to do 25 and make it even harder! Simply punch these little presents around the lobby. If you find all 25 you will receive a santa hat and a cool snow trail. Good luck!

- All aboard the Hype train! -


- Christmas Hats -
There are 4 new hats, an Elf hat, Santa hat which you get by beating the scavenger hunt, a reindeer hat which looks adorable, and a present hat! These will only be available during Christmas period.

Merry Christmas!!
Make sure to follow the CubeCraftGames twitter for lots of teasers and updates
- New Hub -

The new hub is finally here! We have implemented lots of cool minigames and easter eggs, which are hidden around. We will also bring out new hub games in the coming months. There are a few hints towards what these games will be. So go an explore and have fun!

lobby 2 resized.png

- Parkour -

We have two parkours! Try to beat each others times. The parkours shouldn't be too hard, oh yeah, except one is invisible. Good luck finding it ;)

lobby 3 resized.png

- Fish Slap -

It has been returned. Battle on top of a skyscraper! How long can you stay king of the hill?

lobby 5 resized.png

- Vortex Jump -

Our classic game vortex jump, also features on our brand new hub don't rage too much :p

lobby 6 resized.png

- Dance Off -

You heard right. We have a dancing game in our CubeClub. It's suggested you turn off your sticky keys. My highscore is 204, try and beat me

lobby 4 resized.png

- End of Halloween -

It's also the end of Halloween and we've decided to keep two of our season maps, 'Cauldron' and 'Risen'. The others have been removed. Thank you to all the people who participated in the competitions, the community made some awesome stuff! And thank you to the staff who hosted it.

Thank you everyone and we're looking forward to releasing more updates!

Hello CubeCrafters, as many of you know throughout August we were raising money for Mind, the mental health charity. This charity does lots of awesome work around mental health ensuring people get both the support and respect they deserve. The reason we decided to raise money for this charity is that we know a lot of people, including some of our players and staff, have mental health issues and use the internet as an escape. They feel more confident and comfortable to open up about these issues online as they're hidden behind a username and nobody knows their real identity. So every Saturday in August we livestreamed over on our Twitch Channel for a few hours playing with our staff and you guys, the community. We also released a lot of new content, both maps and games, throughout the summer and the reason for this was Mind. In total, by donations and putting any money we made on Saturdays towards this cause, we raised an amazing total of;



Myself, @rubik_cube_man, @Efcluke94 & @Marco Slater went down to London on Friday to meet with Emily and Alexia from the Fundraising Team to learn more about the amazing work they do. We also got a tour of their offices and how everything works there. We tried to explain Minecraft to them, who we are and what we do and I think they now have a basic understanding of it. Some of their staff had sons/daughters that played on CubeCraft (Kinda cool) so they got a couple of freebies from us.


From me, and the rest of the Management Team, I'd just like to say a huge thank you to all of our players over the summer, the ones...