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Hello CubeCrafters!

Just over a year ago, we added some cool additions to our lobby, Lobby Games. These mini-games allow players to have fun whilst waiting or exploring in our lobbies. One of these mini-games is called "Chest Chaser". It involves a Hidden Chest being placed in a random location within the lobby. The first player to discover it and open it, wins some rewards! But now it's time for that little chest to get refreshed!

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We've made some tweaks to Chest Chaser. First, let's start with the current rewards, the amount of points has changed from 100-150 to 100-250. The amount of experience you obtain has changed from 200-300 to 200-500. And the quantity of Normal Cubelets you can win has been changed from 1-2 to 1-3.

Previously when a Hidden Chest hunt was active in a lobby you wouldn't be aware of it until the chat announcement appeared. Well now you don't need to wait, if you join a lobby and there is a Hidden Chest hunt currently active, you will receive an announcement message in the chat as you join. Another change includes the spawning times for the Hidden Chests. It will now appear between 5-45 minutes after the last time it was found.

new rewards  - compressed.jpg

Have you ever wanted more rewards? Of course you have! Along with increasing the amount of points and experience you obtain, we've added new rewards. As usual, there's a 100% chance you'll obtain a Cubelet, but now there's a 97% chance you'll get 1-3 Normal Cubelets, 2% chance of getting 1-2 Super Cubelets and an extremely rare 1% chance of getting an Uber Cubelet. We're also excited to announce that when a seasonal event occurs, Seasonal Cubelets will be added into the Hidden Chest.

With the rarely of the Uber Cubelets, you'd be happy to know that there's another set of extremely rare items to obtain. Introducing the exclusive...
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Hello CubeCrafters!

Have you ever felt the need to want to play our old maps? Well we're proud to announce that for one whole week, you can play some of our oldest EggWars and SkyWars maps! We asked the community for some map suggestions, on which ones should return, and we've taken some of them. Read below to find out if your old favourite maps were added back!

SkyWars and EggWars.jpg

SkyWars is one of the oldest games on CubeCraft, and many maps have been added and removed over the years. Now it's time for most of them to return in this nostalgia week event. We've added back 6 Team maps and 9 Solo maps! Enjoy!
Along with SkyWars, EggWars is one of CubeCrafts' biggest and most popular gamemodes. It also brings a lot of maps to our network, some of which needed to be removed to make room for new awesome maps. During this nostalgia event week, we've added back 3 Team maps for you to remember, play on and enjoy!

Area 51 - Team EggWars (Team of 3 - 24 players)
EggWars - Area 51.jpg
This area is restricted!

Vegetables - Team EggWars (Team of 2 - 16 players)
EggWars - Vegetables.jpg
Don't forget to eat your greens!

Minions - Team EggWars (Team of 4 - 16 players)
EggWars - Minions.jpg

Diet - Team SkyWars (Team of 2 - 24 players)
SkyWars - Diet.jpg
This map needs to go on a diet...

DNA - Team SkyWars (Team of 2 - 24 players)
SkyWars - DNA.jpg
I cannot change this map, it's in my DNA!...​
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Hello CubeCrafters!

It's time for a little map update for ya'll. We've asked the community for some map suggestions and we've been busy changing and improving our maps, based on community and staff feedback. Want to know what's in the update? Read everything below!

New pre lobbies.jpg

We've added some brand NEW pre lobbies! Team EggWars and Tower Defence now have new pre lobbies. The old ones were outdated, boring and didn't relate to the their games at all. Now, they are clean, fresh, new and relate to their games, Hope you enjoy them!

Tower Defence Pre lobby
TD Pre lobby.png

Team EggWars Pre lobby
Team EggWars Pre lobby.jpg

Full map changelog.jpg

We've made too many changes to write up in a paragraph, so here's a brief list of everything:

  • Savanna
    • Added a tunnel so it's easier to escape than climb a giant rock
    • Added a cool lava room with a shark in
  • Kingdom
    • Fixed a bunch of holes players got stuck in
  • Mirage
    • Made prison rooms accessible
    • Added a new vantage point - stairs case leading to a big balcony above tunnel [5970 30 2]
    • Added a corridor in so it opens up the map more
  • Classic
    • Made the sniper tower accessible near volcano
    • Unlocked a secret room that used to be blocked by gold ore
    • Pre lobby now has a glass floor
  • Flatlands
    • Added a tunnel in helmet so it's easier to escape
    • Added lighting to helmet
    • Added new spawn point in open area

  • Toys (Team)
    • Updated egg underneath with team colour and made the back of the egg easier to defend
    • Made middle slightly easier to run around
    • Gold gen is now easier to access
    • Removed random floating village
  • Instruments (Team)
    • Swapped diamond gen and iron gen. Iron gen is now on...
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Hello CubeCrafters!

Today is huge day for Multipliers. It's been a long time since we refreshed our Point Multipliers and brought them up to par with our other content. In this thread, we'll explain what we've updated, such as menus, thanking, Multiplier stacking, receiving rewards and free Multipliers. Please read this thread in full to know everything about this update!

multiplier changes.jpg

Multipliers have existed on CubeCraft for years, but now it's their time to shine. We've made huge changes to Point Multipliers, some you won't even believe, so let's get started! Multipliers now have an "Are you sure" confirmation before you claim or want to activate your Multiplier, just in case you accidentally activate it. We now have the ability to give players global and personal Multipliers, which affect all players and only you respectively, this opens more opportunities for new rewards in the future. When a player activates a Multiplier, there will be a global chat announcement, informing all players that the chosen game now has an active Multipler. If the message is clicked, it will thank the player that activated that Multiplier.

_Multiplier confirmation dialogue.png
"Are you sure" message before activating a Multipler.

_Multiplier activation message.png
Global chat announcement for a Multipler activation.
When a global Multiplier is active for a game, its NPC will now receive some awesome particle effects, to help indicate that it has a Multiplier active in that game. Have you ever received rewards in games and you don't know why? Well now you will! We've added an awesome feature which breaks down all rewards and explains why you received that amount. If you ever want to know, just hover over the rewards with your mouse!

_Multiplier NPC particles.png
Active Multiplier particles on the SkyWars NPC....​