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17-05-2018 - Parkour and Battle Zone.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters,

Today we're bringing you another 2 updates. This week we've released a Battle Zone update introducing features to help improve gameplay, along with an update for Parkour bringing more challenges, experience and achievements.

Battle Zone
Battle Zone has been given so many suggestions for new ideas and features and we've been looking through all of them. This week we will feature some of them.

Official Resourcepack:
With the number of weapons available in the game it's not surprising that many of you requested for an Official Battle Zone resource pack and we're happy to say it's here! @StorySays has been working hard on creating a resource pack which is completely optional and available to download within the Battle Zone lobby. If you're excited for the 2D version of our resource pack, you'd be happy to know that we're working on a 3D version as we type. When released, you'll be able to choose between a Fast or Fancy version of the resource pack, to best fit your computers abilities. :p

Resource Pack.png
Content within the Resourcepack.
The resource pack contains textures for weapons, ammo as well as the wonderful build tool. If you're ever confused which item is which, then this is ideal for you! It's so much easier to find the item you're looking for.

Players holding resourcepack weapons.
To get hold of the resource pack, head to the armour stand to the left of the game armour stands in the Battle Zone lobby. Click the armour stand and press the green button. Boom! You've got our shiny new resource pack.

Resourcepack armourstand.
Ammo Sharing:...
18-05-2018 - SG on BE.jpg

Hello, CubeCrafters!

Survival Games is now available to play on CubeCraft Games Bedrock Edition! That's right we've brought over Survival Games from our Java Network with all of the same great features that you know and love.​
If you're not familiar with how to play Survival Games here is a quick breakdown for you.
In the centre of the map, there's a collection of chests. Once the game starts, you can either run to the centre and grab some awesome loot or venture out into the world to find chests and other loot throughout the map.

Players looting the centre.
After a short delay, PvP is enabled and it's a fight to the death. The last person standing, wins!

Players fighting.
When there are only 4 players left, the world border begins to close encouraging the remaining players in to combat. Don't get caught on the outside of the border as you will start to take damage.

Player running from the world border.
We have also brought over some of the communities favourite maps from our Java Edition for you to play and explore.

image (2).png

Cube Park
image (3).png

I hope you really enjoy this update! Our Bedrock Edition team has also been hard at work fixing issues and improving our Bedrock Edition network over all. As part of this we've worked hard on blocking skins that are transparent and improving our reporting systems for issues and players that are cheating. We'll be continuing to improve these so please keep reporting cheaters on
SkyWars Map Update.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters,

This week we're releasing a mid week map update along with Thursday's general update. It's time SkyWars got some new maps, so enjoy 7 brand new and returning maps.

Solo Maps:
The builders have put blood, sweat and tears into creating 4 new Solo SkyWars maps. Each of these maps have a different layout and style and change the gameplay completely. The TNT map has been specifically designed for you TNT jumpers out there ;)

With no projectiles you will bearly be able to survive

Stay on track to win the game!

Is that a Pikachu?

Here comes the boom!
Team Maps:
We couldn't release Solo maps without 3 brand new Team maps. These maps have different team sizes to balance the love between players who like small teams and huge teams. Bedtime is a 10v10 huge team map, with over 24 chests on each starter island! Enjoy lots of crazy layouts to present fresh and thrilling challenges.

Bedtime (Team of 10)
Send your enemies to sleep

Bugs (Team of 3)
This is not a bug it's a feature

Tipi (Team of 2)
The trap at mid will make you tee-pee
Get on and have fun! We hope you guys enjoy the new SkyWars maps. We'd love your feedback!...
10-05-2018 - BlockWars and Battle Zone.jpg
Hello CubeCrafters,

Today we're bringing you two updates! BlockWars and Battle Zone.

Battle Zone: Squads
With the recent release of our newest game Battle Zone, we've been inundated with requests for a team mode. Now we're happy to announce that Battle Zone fully supports 4 Player Squads. The game works exactly like Solo mode, but you have 3 other players on your side. Squad Members also appear on your map just as you do.

Player map with Squad members.
Battle Zone: New locations and other improvements
The builders have been working hard and added 2 new major locations in the map. These locations are called "Misty Mines" and "Mall Madness".

Misty Mines is a huge industrial mining site, with structures spreading both inside and outside the mountain. The mines contain multiple types of Metal rich resources to help keep your Metal supply topped up. All of the Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Iron Bocks, and Gold Blocks are mineable and add to your Metal count. Have fun mining!

Misty Mines
Misty Mines.jpg
Pick this location, ore else!
Mall Madness is a giant structure full of different stores which contain multiple types of chests, to help resorting your health, ammo and weapons. The Mall also has a car park which is filled with Metal rich vehicles and lamp posts. Happy resource shopping!
Mall Madness
Mall Madness.jpg

To celebrate the introduction of the new locations, higher tiered chests are located at them. Other locations on the map have also been improved. We've added more decoration blocks throughout the map, such as rocks and mushrooms. Numerous caves have been added, and some...