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  1. Dualninja

    All Networks Bring Back Winter Games Leaderboards!

    Winter Games Stats I logged on just now, waiting to view my final leaderboard placement on Present Rush, I was 43rd earlier today. Then, to my horror I saw that all the statistics for Winter Games were inaccessible. Which was very odd, considering that the statistics for Snowman Survival were...
  2. Dualninja

    Bedrock Quests, Loot and more!

    Loot On Bedrock, there are hardly any ways to earn loot for free. The only ways are from finishing lobby parkours and from seasonal events. This is in stark contrast to the Java server, which has many ways to earn cosmetics. Loot on the Java server mostly comes from Cubelets, which are...
  3. FreezeEngine

    Coding Bedrock Online Leaderboards and API! (Unofficial)

    Hey everyone, I'm thrilled to announce some exciting news regarding the latest developments in CubeKingdom, as well as the progress made by myself and @MrSterdy. We have dedicated our efforts to developing unofficial online leaderboards and API, aimed at enhancing your online experience with...
  4. Fly☆Guy

    Coding Cubecraft Bedrock Leaderboards Discord Bot

    Heyo! My friend @FreezeEngine has been developing a really cool Discord bot that displays the leaderboards for the Bedrock Edition Cubecraft Server :cube_light:. For those of you that are interested in how the bot functions here is a basic rundown: The bot uses a Minecraft account to log in...
  5. xlancegg

    Bedrock Parkour Leaderboard For Fastest Times in Competitive Parkour

    This is something me and many others have wanted for a while. It would be an amazing feature to see the best times for each map and maybe even be able to watch replays of the top runs to improve your own (though that feels like a bit much to ask for).
  6. kyviu

    Bedrock Duels Update

    I want to introduce another idea for the future duels update that may be beneficial to players, so currently as it stand in a normal game of duels the timer to start the game is 10 seconds, and i feel like this time period is unnecessarily long and should be reduced down to 5 seconds, 2 seconds...
  7. TheDuda

    Bedrock These are some bugs to fix and suggestions to make cubecraft minigames more enjoyable!

    Cubecraft is an absolutely amazing server! Recently its also been overtaking the Hive in player counts and this is amazing to see as a person who's played cubecraft consistently since April of 2018! However, like any other server, it has its fair share of problems and a lot of room for...
  8. sajanator3

    Bedrock A weekly leaderboard

    As well as the current leaderboards, I think that a weekly ones should be added. The reason why I think so is because it'd be much more motivating to try get to the top of those instead of the current ones. Yes, the current ones are good, but its been so long that any new player has no...
  9. Wave Master7S

    Bedrock Leaderboards overhall

    I think cubecraft should change up the leaderboards to make more want to be on lb. Rewards The leaderboard rank will work like this. The cosmetics you will earn are, a golden trail leaderboard prefix will be able to turn on and off like all the other prefixes.You will also get a trophy buddy...
  10. Wave Master7S

    Bedrock Bedrock Leaderboard

    Hello guys hope your having a good day.Today I present what I think could make lb even better. Visible leaderboards It will work like this.It will show top 50 for every game so using ew has an example it will show solos, duos, squads, and mega.They’ll be placed in every lobby with a special...
  11. Joebobhero

    Season Leaderboards?

    Why isn't there a seasonal leaderboards that resets every couple months so that way players like me who want to get onto leaderboard actually have a chance because by now it's impossible to get on to lifetime just because of how long it's been around and even the last player on the board still...
  12. DarkStray

    Bedrock Sentinel Caught Me Hacking and Didn't Ban Me (pls nu ban)

    So I was playing eggwars the otherday with my Vanilla Client Using SkillAura and Advanced Scaffold so I can jump while using scaffold. I then toggle my Advanced Scaffolding and fell onto the ground, the sentinel goes oh? brbrbrbrbr Illegal and teleports me into the ground. This made me mad...
  13. G

    Bedrock Add leaderboards and winstreaks!

    Add leaderboards and winstreaks! It would be nice to know how well you're doing at the game and would make the game more competitive and fun to play.
  14. DarkStray

    Bedrock I Hacked And Sentinel Did This

    So I was running around in EggWars right with my Obvious Blatant SkillAura and Strafe hacks on, i use the vanilla client if you want a download ill link it at the bottom of this page When I was running around with my Strafe hacks, SkillAura and Auto Clutch hacks i jump and make a 7 block jump...
  15. NexusD

    Bedrock Leaderboards

    This is just a question. I can probably find the answer on the forums, but I've looked, and can't find an answer. So what I'm wondering is: Do Leaderboards exist? Did they ever exist? I've looked everywhere to see if Leaderboards did exist, and there's none. And if there isn't one, or there...
  16. kochido

    All Networks Public stats

    I don't know if public stats are a thing in java but it isn't in bedrock i think public stats should be a setting option where you can see others stats i see it as like a totem of undying item will bring you to a search grid to search up others public stats i would also be interactive with...
  17. Unipotatoo

    Java Leaderboard Waiting Lobby!

    I've seen a lot of players complain about removing the old armor stand based leaderboards, and honestly, I hate the GUI leaderboards there beyond boring. Bringing these leaderboards back is not a new suggestion, its been suggested multiple times since the GUIs have been added. I'm not sure why...
  18. MarkRutte

    SUGGESTION: leaderboards

    So I don't know if this has been talked about before, or if the admins are already setting this up but i had a few ideas about a leaderboard system in Skyblock. If you are at the last island and have completed almost all the quests there isn't much to do anymore. You can grind for money, but...
  19. Chr7st

    All Networks Rank Players beyond Top 50

    I have about 300-ish wins, and am grinding for leaderboards. But I always get discouraged because I don't know my current position. If for example I knew, "Oh, I am 217th and 216th is only 3 wins away, let me play for 10 more minutes" It would increase people actually playing because they have...
  20. GameSharkN64

    Java Bring back Top 5 Leaderboard in lobby

    As many of you know there used to be individual lobbies for all mini-games on the network. And within those lobbies there were Top 5 Leaderboards for solo and team modes of that mini-game. For anyone that doesn't know what i'm talking about, this was the team egg leaderboards: This...
  21. D

    Bedrock Leaderboard Name Ranks

    Proposition: Players who have reached leaderboard status for a given game should be given a rank next to their name (i.e. the # ranking they are for that particular mode. To elaborate, lets say I was ranked 20th for most wins for solo skywars. When I join a solo skywars match, my username will...
  22. YungLunchMoney

    Bedrock Add extra information to Leaderboards

    Add more information to the leaderboards for Survival Games and possibly other modes. Idea : I've played my fair share of Survival Games on this server on Bedrock and I can't express through words how much I enjoy it, however I always see a way to improve this mode through minor details. I'd...
  23. P

    Java Leaderboards

    DISCLAIMER: Realised after having made the GIFs, K/D and W/L probably aren't such a good idea. A player could have 10 kills and 0 deaths and be on the leaderboard. Let's perhaps not add those Other than that, everything sounds good to me. Enjoy reading! I suggested the idea of being able to...
  24. JoeProKill2000

    All Networks Winstreak

    In cubecraft, you can view your stats by clicking on a game and clicking on the stats paper. I am a try-hard skywars player so I play basically for stats. One stat that really should appear there but doesn’t is win streak. We have wins, deaths, kills, etc. but no win streak. I would love to see...
  25. Amin -

    Java Leaderboards... where??

    Dear CubeCrafters, I'm very missing the Leaderboards, where you can see how many Wins, Deaths, Playtime, etc. CubeCraft is gonna be soo small, now there is only one lobby where you can join games. Hopefully there will come an solution.... :) Please leave your suggestion or new ideas for the...
  26. Simply

    Java Ideas For Better Leaderboards!

    So, I have had some ideas that could improve the leaderboard system for some time, and I finally got around to posting them here. So here they are. -Keep the Top5 podium in lobbies, but also include a spot where every player can see their position,even if they are outside the Top5. For...
  27. D

    Java change the leaderboards

    Alright, so whenever I play games and look at the leaderboards, it kind of downs my motivation to play the game. example: the skywars leaderboards have so many wins, it’s just unfair to new players, they just cant catch up if they ever wanted to be on the leaderboard. now i’m not saying that...
  28. MadKingMike

    5th Guy And 4th Are Farming !

    Hello Cubecraft , Can you please limit the rematches like the 4th guy just got 200 wins in one load , also the 5th one , also everyday the leaderboards change so they farm to get 4th :./ i [ think you should restart the score xDDD jk }
  29. Foxy011

    Java This Needs Updating

    On the Battle Zone kill leaderboard, you see how all of the other mannequins are holding guns, but the one in 1st place is holding a diamond hoe? Now I know this leaderboard was made before the texture pack came out, but I think the item 1st place is holding needs to be updated. I was thinking...
  30. remio

    Kill Leaderboards

    So, recently, CubeCraft has added kill leaderboards to the Survival Games. I think this feature should be added to every pvp game! But, if we add those leaderboards, the leaderboards are most likely to be moved to another place. But where? I decided to not to add Archer Assault and...
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