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  1. IDKAN

    Video video about the new minerware teases! :)

    HI, i made a video looking at the new teasers for minerware, feel free to check it out!
  2. SoloWarz3405

    Video EggWars Seasons Update Full Review!

    New Video Out today about the EggWars Seasons Update! Sorry im a bit late, but here's the video link:
  3. IDKAN

    VIP levels cost

    Hey so idk where to ask this, and I hope a staff member sees this Is there an estimate on how much it could cost to get to rank 30 That's it, bye :)
  4. Herbubulle

    Bedrock Add the "VIP Levels menu in the player "Profile" menu!

    Hey! I was wondering why we can only see the new levels via the crown in the lobby? So when you just want to check the loots (for example) or see how many xp you need, you have to go back to the main lobby. So what I suggest is to add this "Vip Levels" menu in the player "Profile" menu! So...
  5. IDKAN

    Bedrock VIP update change

    The only thing I want to be changed is so you can see how much VIP EXP it is for every level No matter your rank Other than that, good update Great job
  6. IDKAN

    End update

    Petition to make me admin so I can work on the end 🙏🙏/j But fr, at this point I dont really care Just PLEASE tell us and let us what's going on with the SB situation Instead of leaving us in silence lol
  7. kyviu

    Bedrock Duels Update

    I want to introduce another idea for the future duels update that may be beneficial to players, so currently as it stand in a normal game of duels the timer to start the game is 10 seconds, and i feel like this time period is unnecessarily long and should be reduced down to 5 seconds, 2 seconds...
  8. kyviu

    Bedrock Auto Mode for Duels?

    Hey, just suggesting that auto mode can be added for duels, as far as I know this doesnt exist unless there is a command I do not know, if so please let me know :)
  9. kyviu

    Bedrock Battle Arena Rank future update suggestion

    I feel like compared to the other ranks the battle arena one is in need of a dire update, out of all the cosmetics in cubecraft the ones i have the least of are kill effects, i feel like some new kill effects should be added into the rank, some ideas i have are the player turning into a bat and...
  10. BurntCrown8876 🌈

    Video Everything New in the 2022 Sky Wars Update!

    Hiya! I've spent the last couple of days creating this video, which is my first video, so I hope you like it! Please let me know what you think of it, and I would appreciate and suggestions! Also, I'm open to suggestions of new videos. Finally, I would hugely love it if you could follow my...
  11. sQuwy

    Java No kill when punching down player in to the void

    why just why this is the worst update ever that you dont get every void kills please fix it
  12. BurntCrown8876 🌈

    Bedrock The biggest Sky Wars fail you’ll see all day!

    I was going to call this 'Sometimes the most simple things are the best'- but it didn't work out. I tried to do the trap that they staged when announcing the new Sky Wars update, but failed miserably. Check it out! 😭
  13. goodra4809

    Bedrock Remove shields in skywar bedrock pls

    There’s a main problem of this skywar update, and I hate it - Shields. Shields r so Brocken is bedrock, u CANNOT disable them, and even if u can u can’t disable them forever. Combo in skywar become so hard. All they have to do is raise their stupid shield. Even worse, skywar noobs can literally...
  14. Dreamer

    Video Skywars update! REACTION

    Made this video of me reacting the forums post and testing the new update in-game aswell!
  15. Spuuns

    Java Skyblock Update + Music!

    :cube_light: Hello CubeCrafters :cube_light: Today i want to tell you a new idea and i think that it can be very epic. As you know, CubeCraft is opened since 2013 and from that year to today they still making epic things. But... What if we can make a change? I think that Skyblock can be updated...
  16. CaptainY2A

    Video The Upcoming SKYWARS update! [weekly items, new maps and ranks]

    Everything about the upcoming update including weekly items, rarities, new maps and rank!
  17. The CubeCraft Times

    Some History - TCCT#58

    🏫 Some History I think it's time for a history lesson, at least we're going to learn something 👀 The name of the site has been around for a while, but for how long already?! Besides the fact that it has been around for quite a long time, it does not immediately mean that it has always been about...
  18. BurntCrown8876 🌈

    Bedrock Survival Games cage update

    Hello! Here's an idea I've had: How about, when you spawn in to Survival Games, when everyone is gathered around in a circle, instead of having barriers around you preventing you from running forward, you could, with the Survival Games rank, have a special floor cage. So they're exclusive to...
  19. kochido

    Bedrock New bedroom UI

    Recently I've seen that Cubecraft changed the GUI's, In my opinion it can be very user friendly but for other older players (or with low end devices) it can be very difficult and tedious to navigate through it. Since Cubecraft has implemented this new update I can...
  20. pieterpeer

    Web Add Notion page to the navigation menu

    I think that the CubeCraft Community Board should be linked on the navigation menu on the left for easier access to the community board just like the 'Help' and 'Store' tabs , as it can be a bit hard to find for some newer players.
  21. GamingforGod

    The Main Hub Could Use More Content

    CubeCraft's main hub looks really cool now, but it's so huge! I think it would be cool if there was a bunch of parkour courses hidden around the map with secret hubtitles that you could unlock. I had this other cool thought, imagine if there was like a quest system set up in the hub, sort of...
  22. Magikey

    Bedrock Add Survival Games teams of 4

    I often play with my friends and we are often more than two in the party. I think this is the case for many players, and I feel like more people would play Survival Games if there were a teams of 4 mode and if the maps were a bit larger. The games should last a little longer and be packed with...
  23. wichtigeer

    Bedrock Update

    I guess we all know when we are playing Sky Wars, its a little boring. I have an idea for a Update/new Mode -New Items like a water/lava bucket, heal potions, cobwebs, an anvil (that works), enchanter for enchanting and Lapis. -new maps because when I play Sky Wars the maps are always the same...
  24. Voortvluchtig

    Java Eggwars New Update

    Hi everyone, Welcome to my thread about the new eggwars update. :egg: As you may have just seen, a new eggwars update has just come. We all know the failure of the previous eggwars update (Beta). We'll keep that in mind. The new update contains 6 cool maps, but also a big with update emerald...
  25. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock More Gamemodes

    Hey there! So, a while ago, @CagriCann has suggested adding more gamemodes to the java version of cubecraft, such as no void eggwars, speed eggwars, and double egg eggwars, link to the suggestion if you wanna check it out: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/more-game-modes.299250/ The suggestion...
  26. DarkAsuna

    Bedrock High lag in the server since update

    I'm on PS4 and since i first played in CubeCraft Server, it never lagged as much as now, idk if it is the new update of the lobby or any other thing BUT its really unplayable and it crashes every 15 minutes, hope it change because i need my dose of eggwars and skyblock ;(
  27. Daanfkyy

    New Lobby!

    ♥️:cube_light:♥️ As we all have noticed, there is a new lobby on the Cubecraft server! (Java) I'm curious of your opinion! Let me know what you think about this new lobby! :) Personally i love it! I think it's really refreshing, and i think it looks great! c: Congratulations to the...
  28. zNiro21

    All Networks Idea to add spawner boosts to SkyBlock.

    🔺 Hello, there! 🔺 I was thinking about it for some time now and yeah, i‘ve decided to share my idea for a feature here. As you can see in the title of this thread i had the idea to add a Monster Spawner-Boosters to SkyBlock Main idea💡 So the main idea of this is to add XP-Drop boosts to...
  29. UncoiledBanjo54

    Bedrock Improvements for Lucky Blocks on Bedrock

    In reference to the thread "Official Lucky Islands Guide", and to the multiple requests made in the thread "Lucky Islands Feedback/Suggestions": I would like to require the following updates to the game mode "Lucky Blocks" (Lucky Islands) on the Bedrock version of the server: Introduce the...
  30. UncoiledBanjo54

    Give more updates to Lucky Blocks on Bedrock!

    I'm having extremely much fun playing the Lucky Blocks mod on the Bedrock version of CubeCraft. Currently level 21, crossplaying with a friend (PC and PS4). I noticed that way more maps and features are added to the Java Version, but not the Bedrock one. A lot of player are waiting for new...
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