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  1. Blom

    Top 10 Worst Updates of All Time

    Top 10 Worst Updates I’ve been diving deep into the news section of the forums, categorising all the updates they ever made. Some were okay, some were good, some were terrible. Last Tuesday I've already made a big thread with the top 10 best updates Today, we are going to take a look at, for...
  2. Blom

    Top 10 Best Updates of All Time

    Top 10 Best Updates I’ve been diving deep into the news section of the forums, categorising all the updates they ever made. Some were okay, some were good, some were terrible. Today, we are going to take a look at, for me, the 10 most amazing updates CubeCraft ever did. Disclaimer: I am a Java...
  3. O1t24277

    Bedrock Skyblock Updates

    Hire developers so that you guys can update skyblock. It been the same since years..... Come on use some money and resources....
  4. hoppyfrog28_

    I like this...

    This is a screenshot of the teaser for this year's Spring Event from the Public Update Board. If you look at the bottom, you can see that there is a release date (April 1, 2024). CubeCraft hardly ever puts release dates on their update board, and I think that they should do it more instead of...
  5. superking100

    All Networks Update the report system

    There are 2 main things that need to be updated: Currently many of the options for reporting players directly from Minecraft (I play Bedrock, although I imagine it is the same for Java) are focused on hacks, but there are many other reasons why a player can be reported, such as skybasing for...
  6. U

    Bedrock Slime Survival for bedrock?

    Hey, now that snowman survival is deleted can u add slime Survival in bedrock? I know there was this game on Java years ago, but can u add It back again and ok bedrock too? Seems a nice game saw It on yt. Hope u wil add It because its a cool game!
  7. Powerofbeds

    Bedrock Other Games Snowman Survival: Adapting to the Update

    Hello, fellow Cubecrafters! I am Powerofbeds, a guy who plays an unhealthy amount of Snowman Survival. I have played around five thousand games now (including Snowman Survival and Slime Survival on Java), and it is sometimes too easy for me to win. That is why I make threads like this one and...
  8. Reesle

    Skyblock Let’s Talk (#1): Redstone ⁉️

    Hi again! I was thinking about possibly suggesting Redstone being added to Skyblock in one of my upcoming “New Skyblock Island” suggestions. I thought this might be a controversial topic between both players and devs, so I will make a poll above this post for you to vote whether you think...
  9. Reesle

    Bedrock Update Skywars Profile Background ☁️

    Introduction Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having an amazing day/night. Today I will be making a simple suggestion regarding the Skywars Profile Background. Problem As some of you may know, once you reach VIP level 29 on Bedrock Edition you’ll receive a Skywars Hub Profile Background. The...
  10. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI topic discussion #6: Thoughts on recent updates

    Last week, I asked you guys what you would want to see most in the next lucky islands update, and I am happy for the high amount of responses it received. This week, rather than focusing on future updates, I am curious to know what your opinions are on the recent updates to lucky islands. This...
  11. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI Topic discussion #5: Next update

    This week, I want to find out what you guys would like to see most in the next lucky islands update. If there is something specific you want that I didn’t include, be sure to reply, as a lot of the listed ideas are all thing I have asked for in the past, or things I’ve seen in previous updates...
  12. Dualninja

    Survival Games OMG, Survival Games players are eating good!

    It's been 83 years... But in all seriousness with the recent QOL update and now this. Survival Games is back and better than ever!
  13. cryptofrogz

    Bedrock Survival Games Overhaul

    Survival Games Crafting & Experience Overhaul As many of you may know survival games is a great little game on Cubecraft. Although it may not have as big as a community as Eggwars, Skywars or Bridges etc… It still needs some Love & Attention ❤. It has many things you can do in it such as...
  14. adrian525pl

    EggWars Damage is broken

    What I mean with that title requires a little explanation. So I am playing eggwars, just as usual, and I get into a fight, near the end of it, before I get killed, I am on 2.5 hearts. For context, both me and the guy were wearing iron armor and using iron swords. The problem isn't with the fact...
  15. adrian525pl

    Bedrock List of "good things" and problems with the new update

    Literally just the title, I am not going to go into more detail than just naming the thing, because if I was to go into detail about absolutely everything then I might as well release a full book on it. I will gladly elaborate and go into more detail if anyone asks me in a reply though. And oh...
  16. eagles304

    Bedrock Java The new 1.20 update kinda ruined it

    The new 1.20 beta update is out and I feel it's ruined the game, I'm sure you already know what the update is and the content in it, but I'll be talking about how it affects players experience and especially anyone who wants to play competitively like me. I think the new prices and items have...
  17. A

    Bedrock How to fix eggwars

    It's obvious that the 1.19 update has not gone down well within the eggwars community. The unfortunate thing is that the devs have spent the past 10 months working on this, so it is very unlikely that they actually revert this. Games are much much slower, speedrunning is dead, and a lot of...
  18. Dreamer

    Bedrock Compiling opinions for Bedrock 1.19 - 😡 or 😍?

    The CubeCraft 1.19 Update Lets try and compile all you crazy opinions and thoughts into 1 big thread, shall we? Don't forget to vote on the poll and leave as many opinions as you want in the replies below :heart: The bugs This is where all submitted bugs will be put, I will update the thread...
  19. Amazinq

    Java Reduce blocks, food and gapples price in OP - EggWars

    The current price of these items is absurdly expensive and does not make any sense for OP mode. My suggestion is to simply low the price a bit, especially for the golden apples that cost 8 gold in OP and the regeneration is ridiculous compared to before the update Suggestion: 1 Gapple now...
  20. kyviu

    All Networks Eggwars Update

    Initial Idea: The idea I have is for seasonal Eggwars to be more than just a leaderboard reset, personally myself when I first joined the lobby and saw 'Eggwars Season 1' my first thought was that this was similar to how other games run seasons, with some kind of limited time cosmetics or a...
  21. kyviu

    Bedrock FFA Multi-Accounting Prevention

    FFA should receive and update in which you can only play it if you have 3 hours combined playtime in any modes. Benefits: - Will make it more painful for hackers to account hop as soon as they get banned, 3 hours is not a long time for a regular player but for a hacker to make 1 alt account...
  22. Casualpoalrbear

    Do you like the new 1.20 update?

    With the new trails and stories update being out for about a week now I want too know all your opinions in it. What did you like and dislike about it?
  23. kyviu

    All Networks FFA Update

    Suggestion to improve how FFA works and reduce severity of hackers. Addition 1: Ally system so that you can easily identify players who you consider an ally, would work through a command system for example: /ally add {username} - Adds a player as an ally, making their username green inside of...
  24. h0pefulll

    Bedrock Java My Thoughts on the Recent Update

    Hey everyone! The new 1.19 update has, at long last, finally come to CubeCraft! I’m sure you’re all aware, and are having a blast. I have been a huge fan of the new Tridents in EggWars; I can spend 32 diamonds on a single-use arrow. Awesome! Unfortunately, this update hasn’t been all sunshine...
  25. G

    All Networks BIG EGG WARS UPDATE

    Hello everyone! I'm a player who has been enjoying this server, and Egg Wars in particular, for many years now, and even though I say I've been playing for many years, I can honestly say that I don't visit this server as regularly as I used to. The server has lost users over time on the Java...
  26. posingwater

    All Networks Ideas for Eggwars Season 2

    Right now the meta for Eggwars is kinda stale. There's nothing to mix it up and honestly there is really only 1 broad way to win in eggwars(stack up on items and PvP). While this is a situation of "If it ain't broke don't fix it", maybe for the second season, there could be a mix up in the shop...
  27. Rocks1

    Bedrock Java All Networks Arcade games in Lobbies

    Put Arcade Games: TNT Run, Spleef, Paintball, Pufferfish Slap and Wing Rush In Lobbies. So, the idea is to put all those old games into lobbies for people to play on. Why Should We Add These Games? We should put these games in lobbies so players can play them when they get bored of all the...
  28. NotNitrouss

    Video All the upcoming Cubecraft updates

  29. Spring5972

    Bedrock SkyWars experience balance change.

    Hello everyone! So you were explaining about the XP balance changes for each type of mode. SkyWars Mega was 125 experience per win, it was nerfed after the implement. We want to increase to 350 experience per win to revert back for a faster pace against solo and teams and also for Teams of 2...
  30. IDKhan

    Video video about the new minerware teases! :)

    HI, i made a video looking at the new teasers for minerware, feel free to check it out!
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