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What are your opinions on the recent updates to lucky islands

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Mar 6, 2023
Last week, I asked you guys what you would want to see most in the next lucky islands update, and I am happy for the high amount of responses it received. This week, rather than focusing on future updates, I am curious to know what your opinions are on the recent updates to lucky islands. This includes the 1.19 update, and the two updates which followed shortly after. I am grouping these together because the two following updates likely included cut and unfinished content that didn’t make it in time for the 1.19 update.

Overall, what is your take on the recent updates to lucky islands? Do you prefer the old version of lucky islands, or the newer versions? What do you think the updates did good, and what do you think could have been improved or left out? Was there anything you think the update was missing?

Ok, so I have very strong opinions on this and want to make a large feedback post going into detail eventually. For now, I want to keep my opinions brief.
I had a blast playing lucky islands the first few days after the update. Everything felt fresh and chaotic, yet some elements from the old lucky islands remained. It was a feeling I hadn’t experienced since my time playing the original game. I wasn’t bored at all with the old lucky islands, but it felt good playing something fresh. I didn’t feel this way about the two other smaller updates, as they made small changes that didn’t effect the core and fundamental gameplay.

As time went on, this feeling went away. Within a week, the game felt normal like it had in the past. However, the gameplay and meta of lucky islands had changed in ways that I didn’t like. The new saturation system and wepons causes players to die in fewer hits, the new knockback feels off, and the loot tables of lucky blocks felt entirely different. Many drops from the old lucky islands were either inexplicably removed or changed. Drops that were once common feel very rare, while others became abundantly common. Countless new drops were added, and new types of lucky blocks changed everything.

Many of the distinctive things about lucky islands are gone. The game no longer feels like it is about resource management, strategies, and creativity. The new lucky islands feels more dependent on luck (which is ironically a bad thing), speed, and basic bland sword PvP. Rushing is much more effective than it was before, and I have been forced to adopt this strategy, although it simply doesn’t feel as fun. Most special items are simply worse than basic wepons, and are never used. Arrows and blocks, once given in small, controlled quantities, are now provided in excess amounts.

If you cannot tell by the text above, I dislike the new updates. While I still continue to play the game, I don’t enjoy it as much as I used to. While the old lucky islands was balanced and offered complex and dynamic strategies, the new updates have caused it to loose its infinite replayability. In due time, I will offer suggestions on how to fix these problems and bring back some of the feelings that caused me to enjoy the old version of lucky islands. For now, I hope that things will improve eventually.

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