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  1. vS7lya

    Bedrock New Game Idea

    Hi , in May 11, 2023 MinePlex Server had shut down permanently which is a really unfortunate for mineplex’s staff and players , It had alot of good gamemodes , Speed Builders was probably the best one in my opinion Java Edition Minecraft Servers has a lot of games to serve the java players ...
  2. fatcatrq

    Wind Charge Game

    The new Wind Charge item from the latest snapshot is cool and unique and would be really cool in a game. It could be added as special chest items in Skywars. Or a item to buy from the Eggwars shop. Even making a Microgame for Minerware using wind charges would be really fun. Not often do they...
  3. TBroz15

    All Networks Turn "Wrecking Ball" into an Actual Game Mode

    :cube_light: Hello there Cubecrafters! I've taken a break from playing for months on this network since new stuff was added while I was away there. Then I got back to the server and played for a few hours, then I caught attention on Minerware's update, it had a new boss minigame called "Wrecking...
  4. Dualninja

    All Networks New Game: Bounty!

    Bounty “Why call it a repost, when you can call it remastered” This is a remastered version of a suggestion I made a long time ago. The original suggestion can be found Here. How the game works The game is loosely based on an old game from Java, called Assassination. It is also close to...
  5. Casualpoalrbear

    All Networks A possible new game

    Hello I'm here to make a suggestion for a new game. Now I know that cubecraft won't add this anytime soon as they are working on a new update and what not but I figured I should say this idea while I still have it What I'm suggesting is cop and robbers. In this game there be 12-15 players...
  6. NotNitrouss

    All Networks Java Bedrock New Gamemode

    Honestly, we need a new gamemode. I know that no matter what platform you play on, you can agree that there needs to be a new gamemode. I really don’t see why we cant have a new gamemode. I’ve been watching for a while, and the player count has been slowly growing. I saw it above 20k the other...
  7. FoxFil_

    All Networks Dead By Daylight - New gamemode

    Hello, thanks @Nightmare for this wonderful idea. There were no new gamemodes on Cubecraft for a while, so why not to add Dead By Daylight, but in Minecraft. CubeCraft can make a really cool game based on Dead By Daylight.
  8. V

    All Networks New game mode

    Create a Factions on CubeCraft?
  9. C

    All Networks Suggestion: capture the flag mega mode

    There should be a new game on blockwars called "CTF MEGA" (capture the flag mega) where there's 10 players per team and a very big map. The game also needs working cannons that has a 15 second cooldown that has a range of 20 blocks, the cannon would do little damage to blocks and kills a player...
  10. Dualninja

    Parkour coming to Bedrock?!

    :cube_light: Introduction :cube_light: So Cubecraft recently teased the outline of a new 3d model on Twitter, and it appears to be for the popular Java gamemode Parkour. As you can see by the distinct block and a character pushing off of it, it's most likely Parkour coming to Bedrock. 🎉 🎉 🎉
  11. _EliteNobody

    Video Mining Guide

    Do I had lots of people ask me in-game about where stuff was so I thought I would make a video about it. Here is the link hope it's useful to you too :P Vid
  12. ItzJqlmer

    Java Among Slimes | 2 Suggestions

    Hello, It was a while ago when I made my last feedback thread but here I am! I want to talk about the new game that got launched on the java network, Among slimes! I like the game a lot its really fun. Maybe my suggestions could improve the game a bit. 1) Let us move the map to our inventory...
  13. CrystalDrop

    All Networks Bring death drop back?

    As a former chunk player I reached back into my memories and remembered the game Death Drop. --> For anyone who does not know, death drop was a game where players took turns falling into the water and every time you land, the water is replaced with a block and you got points. If you land in a...
  14. Simply

    Java "Egg Hunt" Easter Game

    Hey, thanks for clicking on this thread! This is an idea that just came to me while reading @Elenahh 's thread on her idea for an Easter Game, so if you are interested in the game I will be analyzing below, make sure to also check her thread out! So here's the idea: 10-16 Players per Game...
  15. DragonLord

    Implemented Battle Zone Health Indicator

    Heya, I've just played my first game of Battle Zone and noticed that you can't see other players health in spectator mode. I thought it would be nice to know what someones health was even if you're dead. Not really much more I can add to this.
  16. Foxy011

    Battle Royale - Fortnite

    Hey guys, just a suggestion. I know Fortnite is a really popular game at the moment and I hear players talking about the game all the time on this server, I am suggesting Cubecraft add a game similar to Fortnite? Maybe called 'Cubecraft Royale'. You could parachute out and land in a spot on a...
  17. TheBoom989

    (NEW MINIGANE) Land of the Dead

    Disclaimer: This post is VERY long. But don't decide to not read it because of that. I want this post to get as much attention as possible, positive or... constructive, because I have spent a long time on this idea. I you find the size overwhelming, maybe read it in sections, or not all at once...
  18. The_Pinkcraft_mc

    New arcade game

    Hi guys What about a new arcade game where you have to kill eachother to get points and the one with the most points at the end gets the win The game: There is a big outline of a square and each team (1-3) people stand on 1 side of the outline . Now everyone gets snowballs (or eggs) with a timer...
  19. X

    1.8 Pvp

    I played on cubecraft playing on 1.9 - etc pvp (attack cooldowns) and i realized it doesnt have much skill as I thought it did. After i stopped playing on cubecraft I became really good at 1.8 pvp in hypixel and that had more skill than 1.9 pvp. When i say this I mean in 1.9 pvp you dont...
  20. user947836

    Trap wars

    I have an idea. There comes a new game called trap wars. In this game you can build traps with pistons, tnt, slime blocks, etc. There are 2 teams. Both an own island. You can buy the (trap) blocks in a villager, just like eggwars and you can pay the villager with iron from generators. You can't...
  21. StuffWithJason

    Guitar Hero MINECRAFT

    Does anyone remember the game "guitar hero" and "rockband"???? I was thinking maybe Cubecraft could work on this idea for MINECRAFT! The basic idea would be that you had 2 players in a lobby. They would be randomly assigned to drums or guitar. The goal would to get the best score by getting the...
  22. ItzCamJam

    Building Games

    Out of all the games on Cubecraft, where are those classic games everyone wants to play? We have had threads about the return of Hide and Seek, the Parkour, and Money Walls. But two games that should be added should come with support as well. These two games allow creativity to be exposed, a fun...
  23. StuffWithJason

    My Ideas

    This idea I have thought of over a week. This game I call This game will hold a lobby of 10 or 15 people In a game of 10 people, there will be 9 town and 1 killer In a game of 15 people, there will be 13 town and 2 killers In each game, there will be 3 periods Grace (Lasts for 2 Minutes)...
  24. StuffWithJason

    New Game???

    Okay. So I was just thinking about old games I played, and I remembered the game Mafia! Does anyone else remember that game??? (Let me know) I was wondering if somehow that game could be transferred to cube craft! If you don't know how to play I'll explain it real quick 15 players 3 categories...
  25. Kozi

    New Arcade Game 'Door Search'

    My idea is to make a new game in 'Arcade' called 'Door Search'. It's like a giant maze (for instance, a square of 250x250 blocks (or more)) with all little rooms and a lot of doors per room. You can travel to other rooms through these doors. In some of these rooms are chests that you need to...
  26. Light_Sirwhip

    Builds New Game Idea

    I was thinking maybe there could be a new game called "Zombie Survival". It would have 12 players in a random map, waiting and fighting for rescue. If a player dies, they become a zombie, but they cannot control it. Chests, which contain ammo, food, and medical supplies, can be looted and there...
  27. Protimo1234

    Survival games with guns?

    I through maybe cubecraft can make survivalgames with guns that should be so fun. Requiredments: 1. Texurepack (i can make one) 2. Plugin for it (Devs) 3. Maps (Builders) 4. Players we have enough If you think its great to just leave a lik and a comment Hopefully it comes in the server :)
  28. B

    Okay listen up!, eggwars needs to be back on top!

    we cant change the player loss... as bad as it is you all want to add new features its ok idea but sucks... look we need to revamp our ideas... we need a better anti cheat no hackers = no player loss...? "why" u ask?... because I wanted to leave due to many hackers what we need is more staff or...
  29. Niidikene

    SPEED SkyWars!

    Hey, what if you will add a new game called "SPEED SkyWars" ;) In my opinion that would be epic! :D
  30. M

    mob arena new game

    It would be cool if there was a mob arena like you have a few maps to chose from and you have kits and you all spawn in a map with a few playes (no PvP only PvE) and there come waves with monsters that get stronger each round and maybe instead of buying kits buying ranks with kits in them like...
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