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lucky isands

  1. MoonDE

    Lucky Islands Allowing custom skin models would be cool...

  2. Roxrock

    LI experiments #3: Diamond lucky block drops

    Diamond lucky blocks contain several generally positive item outcomes that each have an equal probability. The following is a list of every possible outcome of Diamond lucky blocks, according to brief trials and my common knowledge: Regular bow Tipped arrows bow Regular crossbow Quick...
  3. Roxrock

    Bedrock Teaming in lucky Islands solos

    After encountering a match where a player attempted to team with me, I’ve decided to bring this topic up here. Teaming is currently punishable in lucky islands solos. However, in my opinion, it should not be banned and here’s why: Lucky islands currently has no duos mode, and groups of two...
  4. Roxrock

    LI experiments #2: Food lucky blocks

    Food lucky blocks drop a number of different items that can be consumed in some way to restore hunger bars and give saturation points. Randomization is used to determine the outcome of opening food lucky blocks. Different drops are believed to have different drop rates based on a system of...
  5. Roxrock

    LI experiments #1: Blocks Lucky Block Drops

    Blocks Lucky Blocks drop a number of random amounts of blocks. Randomization is used to determine the outcome of opening blocks lucky blocks. Different drops are believed to have different drop rates based on a system of weights. However, the exact values of these weights is not known by the...
  6. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands Why do you like/dislike lucky islands?

    This week’s discussion will cover some questions which will be very important in helping me with future feedback posts. I want to figure out what you guys think about lucky islands in general and why. Here are the questions you could answer in your reply: If you like lucky islands, what do you...
  7. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI topic discussion #8: Item ideas

    Last week, I wanted to know what items in lucky islands you guys like the most. This week, I wanted to brainstorm ideas for new items in lucky islands. When making your responses, be sure to include which lucky block(s) your item comes out of, how rare your item is, and what it might do...
  8. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI topic discussion #7: Favorite item

    Lucky islands has a wide variety of items that don’t exist in regular Minecraft and have interesting abilities and behaviors. This week, I am curious which items you guys like the most. In your response, you can include why you like the items you pick, which single item you like the most, and...
  9. Roxrock

    Artwork The Lucky Islands Quiz

    Link to the quiz here Lucky Islands is probably the most complex and detailed cubecraft game, with a huge variety of different game mechanics even I still don’t completely understand. For fun, I created a quiz to see just how much you guys know about this game mode. It’s completely knowledge...
  10. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI topic discussion #6: Thoughts on recent updates

    Last week, I asked you guys what you would want to see most in the next lucky islands update, and I am happy for the high amount of responses it received. This week, rather than focusing on future updates, I am curious to know what your opinions are on the recent updates to lucky islands. This...
  11. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI Topic discussion #5: Next update

    This week, I want to find out what you guys would like to see most in the next lucky islands update. If there is something specific you want that I didn’t include, be sure to reply, as a lot of the listed ideas are all thing I have asked for in the past, or things I’ve seen in previous updates...
  12. Roxrock

    All Networks Lucky Islands feedback #8: Spider

    Spider is a seasonal Halloween map in lucky islands solos that has been a part of cubecraft’s Halloween events for several years. In my opinion, this map has just about reached its expiration date and is of lower quality compared to the other lucky islands solos maps. Here are some pictures of...
  13. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI topic discussion #4: Kit ideas

    Last week, I made a poll in order to figure out which lucky islands kits were the most and least preferred, which can be found here. The distribution of votes clearly shows that most people prefer and don’t prefer the same kits. I believe this is because kits, in their current state, are not...
  14. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI topic discussion #3: Ranking Kits

    In lucky islands, you are able to choose a kit, which gives you certain items upon the start of the game. Here are the kits if you aren’t aware of all the options: Of course, not all kits are created equal and I consider some kits to be objectively better than others. This week, I am curious...
  15. Roxrock

    All Networks Lucky Islands feedback #7: Voting options

    People who purchase the lucky islands rank are able to vote for 1 of 4 game modifiers. Normal mode changes nothing and is the default mode. Blessed mode supposedly modifies lucky block outcomes so that they are more positive overall. Crazy mode is also rumored to change lucky block loot tables...
  16. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI topic discussion #2: Maps

    This week, I want to hear about some of your favorite and least favorite maps in lucky islands. The poll here is only for solos since I don’t actually think I know all of the teams of 4 maps, and certainly don’t know the duels maps. If you want to share your favorite teams of 4 maps, you could...
  17. Roxrock

    All Networks Lucky Islands feedback #6: Food and Blocks lucky blocks

    Food lucky blocks and blocks lucky blocks are lucky blocks that each player starts out with at the beginning of the game, and their mechanics are rather self explanatory. Because they are so simmular, I find it necessary to address them both in one thread. This also focuses on the solos mode of...
  18. Roxrock

    All Networks Lucky Islands feedback #4: fanfares

    When a lucky block is opened, most of the time, it drops an item, mob, creates a structure, etc. immediately. However, sometimes there is a short fanfare that comes before an item is dropped. This happens for wands, special bows, special wepons, and a few particular drops. These are typically...
  19. Roxrock

    All Networks Lucky Islands Feedback #3: Diamond lucky blocks

    Diamond lucky blocks are like normal lucky blocks, except with certain drops removed. Generally, the quality of loot is significantly better than it is for normal lucky blocks. I took a small sample of the loot table here, but this will mostly be based on my subjective and personal experience...
  20. Roxrock

    All Networks Lucky Islands Feedback #2: Normal lucky blocks

    Normal lucky blocks are the most basic and primary way of obtaining loot. It is also the most frequently updated and changed loot table. It was changed significantly in the 1.19 update, when not only were several new drops introduced, but old drops had drop rates changed, and in some cases...
  21. Roxrock

    Bedrock Lucky islands feedback #1: Kits

    Lucky Islands recently received two major content updates, the 1.19 update and the August update. Both of these updates failed to update kits, which have been overdue for an update for months now, in my opinion. Not only are lucky islands kits old and stale, but they are bland, underpowered, and...
  22. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands Solos Guide(under construction)

    Lucky Islands Solos Guide Guide is best viewed in dark mode [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Drop Overpowered variant In blessed? Drop rate (to be added) [/SPOILER] Drop Overpowered variant In blessed? Drop rate (to be added) [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]...
  23. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video My fastest win in lucky islands 😂

  24. ProbFine

    Video Bit funny

  25. noberistic

    Lucky Islands Cubecraft solo lucky islands respawn bug

    i just wanted to tell you i fell in the void sent a potion from the potion wann on a guy and i thought i died but i respawned in the middle still in the game, this is a serious gamebreaking bug, here is a screenshot.
  26. Stennos

    Grappling Hook bow glitch(es)

    Hi, i wanted to say that the grappling hook bow has a lot of bugs/glitches. I can understand cause it's a hard mechanic, but still. It often happens that it fails mid-air and you fall down (mostly above the void and then you die), the glitch that nothing happens when you pull the hook. Also when...
  27. Henrico681

    Java Lower the bottom limit on Lucky Islands map Tiger

    The new map "Tiger" is pretty good, but my main disliking of it is that the bottom of where you can place blocks is far to low. If you get knocked off in the very middle, the shield wand can't even make a floor below you. This means that players that play in a not-very-pvp-ish way can just run...
  28. David Meijer

    Dave2407's Introduction

    Wazzahhh So after having joined cubecraft in around 2014 and having made a forums account in 2016 i finally thought its time to make an introduction? WHO am i? Well first off, my name isn't actually Dave. 10 Year old me thought Dave sounded cooler and i stuck with it because it became iconic...
  29. Socratias

    Video Long Time No See, mr. Eggwars

    Good day fellas and noobies alike Disclaimer: This video contains swear words.
  30. DarkStray

    Bedrock [REPOST] Ranked Playlist - Featured Mode

    Ranked Playlist Ideas •Point Systems •LTM Scoreboard(“Game Statistics”) with suggestions •Matchmaking •Gamemode “shuffle” or Playlist Reset Who Would this Effect? This would effect the competitive players! I want this Competitive gameplay to be A CHOICE meaning it’s NOT IN THE CORE MODES it...
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