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How should kits be changed in lucky islands?

  • Get rid of the old kits and replace them with new ones

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Mar 6, 2023
Last week, I made a poll in order to figure out which lucky islands kits were the most and least preferred, which can be found here. The distribution of votes clearly shows that most people prefer and don’t prefer the same kits. I believe this is because kits, in their current state, are not balanced or equal to each other, and some are generally considered better than others. In my personal opinion, lucky islands kits are rather bland and stale. Lucky islands, unlike other cubecraft games, should be about chaotic fun with a diversity of strategies and mechanics, and maybe a hint of luck. The current kits fail to achieve this, they give you plain old vanilla minecraft items with nothing really special.

This week, I am curious about what kits you think should be in lucky islands. Are you happy with the current kits, or do things need to change? Do you agree with any of my ideas, or do you have your own ideas you would like to share?

Here are some ideas by H0peful, which I think are very good

“24 Planks, and Boots”
  • 24x (Random Wood Type) Planks
  • Blocks Lucky Block
  • Chainmail Boots (Feather Falling II)
I see the Planks as a much more versatile resource than Stone, which is why I decided to swap it out. Additionally, more building blocks allows the player to, well, build more. And, the bonus Blocks Lucky Block that the player receives in this kit just double downs on this idea further. Finally, the new Feather Falling boots gives the Builder player just a bit of insurance building all over the place. Plus, there's literally no sources of this enchantment, so I feel like this is the perfect place to put it!
Also, why the randomised wood plank type? For that variety, of course! I don't know, I think it'd just be neat.



“4 Steak, 16 Eggs, & Cake”
  • 4x Steak
  • 16x Egg
  • Cake
  • Food Lucky Block
All food-related items that gives a great variety to the Chef player! The eggs are a useful projectile option to control other players' movement, and Cake is a nice little dessert that you can eat whilst sprinting, after you placed it down of course. And just like with the Builder kit, this kit has a bonus Food Lucky Block! Makes you much more likely to get some sweet Golden Apples, eh?



“3 Healing Pots and 1 Gapple”
  • Golden Apple
  • 2x Splash Potion of Healing I
  • Splash Potion of Regeneration I
Even though I think this kit is much more powerful compared to the rest of them, among these new kits, I think is a perfectly well-designed kit. Though, I changed it slightly to exchange one of the Healing potions to a Regeneration potion, in order for a bit more variety in healing types, as well as for creating more team-based plays.



“Stone Tools & Furnace”
  • Stone Axe
  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Stone Shovel
  • Blast Furnace
This kit is replacing the awfully weak Warrior kit (don't worry Warrior fans, the Stone Axe has the same damage!). For a more casual minigame, I'd think that CubeCraft doesn't want a hyperaggressive kit, which is why I didn't just buff the Warrior kit. Instead, this kit provides loads of utility, long term usefulness through that Blast Furnace, and finally gives the Bedrock LI community a kit with a pickaxe! Now you can mine away at resources to your heart's content, and play the long game of mining for resources on the map for making better gear, free from the shackles of randomness... if you want to, anyway.



“Chestplate & Leggings”
  • Chainmail Chestplate
  • Leather Leggings
Did the boots of the Builder kit not fill that void in your heart? Do you need more protection? Fear not, for this kit... certainly provides!
I'm sure many players would like a kit solely based around armour, since compared to weapons, building materials, and food, armour is quite harder to come by. As a result, I think a basic armour kit is a must.



“2 Magical Wands”
  • (TWO wands randomly chosen out of the following:)
    • TNT Wand
    • Dragon Fire Wand
    • Shield Wand
    • Frost Path Wand
    • Lightning Wand
    • Regen Wand
    • Slime Wand
    • Splash Potion Wand
    • Invisibility Wand
(all wands have an initial cooldown of their actual cooldown, and a player cannot receive two of the same type of wand)

This is a kit based on the kit with the same name found on Java Lucky Islands. The reason why I chose this kit in particular to port over is because it in particular shows off the new mechanics and items of Lucky Islands, so it's very special in that regard.



“3 Spawn Eggs & Monster Immunity”
  • 2x Zombie Spawn Egg (guaranteed to spawn with a Leather Helmet, and name tagged to the player that summoned them)
  • Skeleton Spawn Egg (guaranteed to spawn with a Leather Helmet, and name tagged to the player that summoned them)
  • Effect: Become immune to all monster damage, and monsters will never target you. (Monsters spawned by the player using spawn eggs will also never hurt their teammates.)
Now, this is an original kit concept that I'd think would be especially unique, while also serving as a great kit for beginner Lucky Islands players. Not having to deal with monster damage early on would especially be appreciated, and the monsters provide help as shields and supporting damage, kind of like Splatoon 3's Super Chump special. However, I do not believe these abilities are that overpowered, since monster damage becomes less important as games go on, instead PVP becomes emphasised. As a result, I think this kit offers a very unique but still balanced play-style to players.

I've stuck to there only being 7 kits total, since the minigame on Bedrock with the most kits (SkyWars) has 6 kits. I don't believe that the one extra tab is that hard to navigate.
and you can find her original thread here
I came up with some of my own ideas as well, which you can find the original thread of here.
  • Builder kit: Gives player 3 blocks lucky blocks and feather falling two leather boots (dyed lime green)
  • Chef kit: Gives player 2 food lucky blocks and 2 random suspicious stews (with negative stews, like poison, removed)
  • Armorer kit: Gives two random armor pieces (can’t both be the same type, and cannot be diamond or netherite) Each armor piece is enchanted with a random enchantment.
  • wizard kit: Gives player a random wand and 2 random potions
  • Tank kit: Starts player with 4 absorption hearts and gives player a splash potion of instant health 2
  • Toolsmith: Gives player a random Iron tool, a random stone tool, and a random golden tool
  • Griefer: gives player a flint and steel, 3 tnt, 2 creeper spawn eggs, and a lava bucket
  • Librarian, gives player an enchantment table, 30 lapis, 30 books, and 100 xp levels
  • lucky kit: Gives player a food lucky block, a blocks lucky block, a normal lucky block, a diamond lucky block, and a glitched lucky block
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