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What are the best and worst kits?

  • The best kit is builder

  • The best kit is chef

  • The best kit is healer

  • The best kit is warrior

  • The worst kit is builder

  • The worst kit is chef

  • The worst kit is healer

  • The worst kit is warrior

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Mar 6, 2023
In lucky islands, you are able to choose a kit, which gives you certain items upon the start of the game. Here are the kits if you aren’t aware of all the options:​
(Updated August 6 2023)
Regardless of the kit you have selected, you will start with a food lucky block and a blocks lucky block.​


Start with 16 stone blocks and a leather tunic.​


Start with 4 cooked beef.​


Start with 3 splash potions of instant health and a golden apple.​


Start with a wooden sword.
Of course, not all kits are created equal and I consider some kits to be objectively better than others. This week, I am curious what other players think are the best and worse kits in lucky islands.
  1. Warrior​
  2. Healer​
  3. Builder​
  4. Chef​
I think warrior is the best kit because it guarantees that you will have a weapon, which is not something normal lucky blocks give you reliably. It is the best kit for rushing center, which I consider the most effective game plan in solos. It allows you to attack any other people who try to rush, and you tend to kill them in a shorter amount of time then if you were trying to punch them off. It also appears to slightly increase the speed you break lucky blocks.

I think healer is the 2nd best kit because it allows you to recover from fights if you take a lot of damage, and quickly heal mid fight. I used this kit for over a year before switching to warrior after 1.19 on cubecraft, and it served me well. The splash potions can be a tool for fighting zombies if you don’t have a weapon, and the golden apple is very useful and should not be overlooked.

I think the 2nd worst kit is builder. With the addition of the blocks lucky block, at least in solos, you are given plenty of blocks from the start, and players also tend to have more blocks in their gravestones. If you run out, most of the time you can find an easy to break block, like tnt, moss, slime, or honey, and on nether, you can get two stacks of ancient debris in the center. This kit was actually pretty good before the 1.19 update, as you could get a total of 30 blocks by crafting your stone blocks into slabs, but this resource has become too abundant to be valuable. The leather chestplate is also negligible.

The worst kit is definitely chef. Food has always been a common resource in lucky islands, with haybales if you can’t get any food from lucky blocks. The food lucky blocks only make this kit worse, and it will probably always be a worse version of the healer kit.
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Jul 23, 2023
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I always have the Healer kit equipped. Although I often forget about the golden apple in my hotbar (I should really start using it more often), I use the splash potions of healing pretty often. Like for example, if my teammate catches on fire and is low on health from it, I can throw potions at them. Or if I'm running from somebody and need to heal up, I can throw a potion in front of me while still sprinting.

Of course, this kit does not come with a sword, and if I don’t get a melee weapon from any lucky blocks on my island, I'll break a nearby log to craft a wooden sword out of. There's almost always a crafting table nearby, but if there's not then I have to craft one of those out of a log, too.

I could equip the Warrior kit to get a wooden sword without having to craft one, but I don't really prefer this kit and still find the Healer kit better and more interesting. However, I think Warrior would be a great kit option for a Solos player.

I don’t see myself ever equipping the Chef and Builder kits, especially with the addition of the Food and Blocks lucky blocks like you mentioned, which makes these kits a little mundane.
I think that the Builder kit is slightly better than the Chef kit because it has a leather tunic. While the 16 stone blocks are better than 3 emerald blocks or sand (for example) that you could get from the Blocks lucky block, there are usually several breakable blocks around that can be used, like you said.
The chef kit sounds good since it has 4 cooked beef, which is a good food source. While this beats the spider eyes or glow berries that you could get from the Food lucky block for example, there are haybales anyway, which I often break to craft bread.

  1. Healer
  2. Warrior
  3. Builder
  4. Chef
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