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What items in lucky islands are your favorites? (Max of 5)

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Mar 6, 2023
Lucky islands has a wide variety of items that don’t exist in regular Minecraft and have interesting abilities and behaviors. This week, I am curious which items you guys like the most. In your response, you can include why you like the items you pick, which single item you like the most, and which items you like the least. I only included custom items in this list, as well as trapped chests and compasses.
I like the frozen shot bow the most of any item in lucky islands. It’s been great in preventing enemies from attacking me when I try to bridge over to them or up to them, which is a huge pain. It also works well in combination with other items. For example, you can stack up on top of the frozen player and use a shotgun bow above them.
I like the shotgun bow because it’s had its share of fun glitches, and it can be used to deal lots of knockback at once.
I like the swapper because it has some unique strategies. You can use it to teleport yourself, teleport blocks over to yourself, or teleport a player into a trap.
I like elevator because I tend to fall off the map.
I like the slime wand because of its range of uses and short cooldown.
I don’t like infinitato because of its lack of usefulness.

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