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Mar 6, 2023
Diamond lucky blocks are like normal lucky blocks, except with certain drops removed. Generally, the quality of loot is significantly better than it is for normal lucky blocks. I took a small sample of the loot table here, but this will mostly be based on my subjective and personal experience. Also, the stuff I said above specific drops for normal lucky blocks last week still applies, and I’m not going to repeat it. Instead, I want to focus on block placement:

In my opinion, the purpose of diamond lucky blocks should be that they are for players who want to go an extra mile and open lucky blocks with a better drop rate, without having to deal with negative drops and bad luck. At the moment, these lucky blocks tend to become increasingly common as you get to middle. This is how I would change the location of these lucky blocks:

  • I would have them exist on spawn islands, but in hard to reach places. For example, on the map luck, there is a lucky block at the end of some dripleaf parkour jumps. Since this lucky block is objectively harder to access, why not make it more rewarding. On Honey, I would put one on top of the tree. On pirate, the top of the sail. On ruins, I would place a small cluster of them at the very top of the spawn islands. On village, I would hide one in the hay bales.
  • I would avoid clustering these blocks together. If players go out of their way to get these lucky blocks, they should be spread out to insure they can’t go around the map and open all of them all at once. The new map, scorched, is a big example of this. The central rampart contains 12 diamond lucky blocks, which are not far apart. The first player that makes it to middle can easily open all of them. These should be spread out across the map so players have to explore a large area if they want these blocks specifically.
  • I would avoid placing these lucky blocks near middle. Middle already has rainbow lucky blocks, which generally gives players amazing loot and single handedly makes middle worth visiting if it hasn’t been looted. In addition, the center also typically contains a high concentration of diamond lucky blocks. I think this makes middle too overpowered. I get that it’s to encourage people to go to middle, but I think this much great loot is overboard. What often ends up happening is that a number of players fight in the middle at the start, the one who can 3rd party the other players typically wins, and they get all of middle to themselves. What I would encourage, is for diamond lucky blocks to be placed at the edges of center islands, and the outskirts of the map. A map that does this well is village, having diamond lucky blocks separated and inside houses, which makes it difficult to loot all of center in a short amount of time. (Having a higher amount of distance to the center also keeps players from rushing as easily) On a map, for example, pirate, the blocks in the ship should be regular, and their should be some spread out diamond lucky blocks on the beaches. There could also be some diamond lucky blocks on the compass islands, which are located far from middle and currently don’t serve a purpose. Once again, scorched demonstrates this flaw very well.
Overall, I think diamond lucky blocks were the least flawed lucky blocks of the 1.19 update (foreshadowing) but their positions should be adjusted. Also, and I should have mentioned this in previous threads, I tend to focus on the mode I play most, solos, so what I say might not be correct about squads, although generally this information should be true about both.
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