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What is your favorite lucky islands solos map?

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Mar 6, 2023
This week, I want to hear about some of your favorite and least favorite maps in lucky islands. The poll here is only for solos since I don’t actually think I know all of the teams of 4 maps, and certainly don’t know the duels maps. If you want to share your favorite teams of 4 maps, you could reply to this thread with your answer.
Here are some questions you can feel free to respond to:
  • What are some of your favorite maps? What is it you like about them?
  • What are some of your least favorite maps? What flaws do these maps have?
  • What maps that are seasonal or have been removed do you miss?
My favorite map ever in lucky islands is the Christmas map “snowglobe” There are a lot of different areas in this map to explore with many different ways to mess around. Lucky blocks are plentiful in this map, and it provides a good mix of high up areas, flat terrain, and indoor areas. I also associate this map with the winter of 2022, which when lucky islands peaked for me. I hope it gets added back this winter, and the new lucky block types don’t change it too much.
My favorite map that is still around today is village. This is the only map that requires several blocks to make it to middle. It also has a lot of areas to explore both at middle and in spawn islands. Diamond lucky blocks are more spread out then on most maps, although I wish some were hidden inside houses.
I have 2 maps that I hate much more than any other, and thankfully they are both seasonal. First, we need to talk about the halloween map, spider. This map contains a sparse amount of resources, players who are slow end up having trouble finding lucky blocks at middle, with only 4 diamond lucky blocks in close proximity at the center of the map. It’s easy to fall off the map at any point when going around looking for other players, half of my wins have came from my last opponent falling in the void. This is made worse by the spider webs which are everywhere. The fact normal lucky blocks have had their drop rates for weapons nerfed means that if you don’t go to middle right away, you can easily end up weaponless.
The other really bad map is tiger. This is a lunar seasonal map that has 16 players instead of 12, which means you have a smaller chance to win. It takes a lot of blocks to bridge to the islands of your opponents. To get out of your spawn island, you have to jump on some slime blocks to parkour across, but if you don’t rush right away, often times other players break the slime platform.
In terms of teams of 4, it’s been a while since I played. I liked the old version of the science map because of all the different areas, but I guess they changed it. I still like stonehenge though, it’s kind of generic, but I’m ok with that. I don’t think any of the old teams of 4 maps were that bad, although I remember ducks having a big bridging distance and being made completely of flammable blocks.
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Jul 23, 2023
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When I play Lucky Islands, it's mainly Teams of 4, so I'll rank the Teams of 4 maps:
  • Oasis
  • Paradise
  • Nether
  • Jungle
  • Science
  • Stonehenge
  • Oyster
  • Beach

My Likely Favorites
  • Nether
    I like how this map uses the nether fog so it has a cool ambience; even the water has the nether color variant. This nether ambience feature is newer so it didn't always exist on this map. The gameplay of this map is okay but not outstanding, but I think I've played some interesting games on this map which is another reason I like it; the center island has 2 levels.
  • Stonehenge
    This map seems to have a good amount of space which is something I often prefer. I like how the center is not just one island but rather a sort of big ring shape (broken in 2 spots) around a small center. Also, there are big tall Stonehenge structures all over the map which makes it more interesting; some of them have lucky blocks on top. Also, on each team's island, the 2 haybale piles have a hidden lucky block on the inside and 2 log piles contain one too. (There is also a hidden diamond block in a certain spot on each team's island that I often forget about).
Least Favorite(s)?

The other maps are pretty decent in my opinion, but my least favorite of them might be Paradise.
The map seems kind of small and it only has one main center island. The center island has a ring shape around it (which has lucky blocks on it) that is connected to the center, but it seems too close to it. Once I reach the outer ring part of the center island, I'd probably consider myself at risk. Also, there aren't a lot of features to utilize or climb on besides the house that each team's island has.


I don't mind any of the maps too much, although I have my small preferences for certain things. For example:

  • I often like it when there's a large gap between your island and the nearest part of the center island(s).
Example of a map that has this (about a 16-block gap): Science
  • I often like it when the center is made up of more than one island, especially if they're not close to each other.
Examples of maps that have this: Stonehenge, Oasis

  • I like it when a map has several features that you can climb on. This can give you a good advantage sometimes.

Examples of maps that have this: Science, Stonehenge

Removed and Seasonal Maps

There was a map that used to exist in Lucky Islands Teams of 4 that I think was called "Ducks". Like it’s name, this map had a lot of large ducks in it (and a lot of cyan wool on the ground. If one wool block caught fire then a big part of the island would slowly become a giant burning crater). I thought this map was alright but the center island would have a lot going on sometimes. This map was removed at one point. I miss the map a little, but not too much; it would be cool to play it again though.

A seasonal map that I liked was for Christmas/winter. I'm not quite sure what the map is called (maybe "Candy Cane" perhaps?), but it had a lot of snow blocks and the center island had a large indoor building on it. The map had several candy canes too. Overall, playing this map was a unique experience and I hope to maybe play it again this year.
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May 25, 2022
My favorite available Solo maps :
- Food: I really like the visuals and the design/layout of the map. I also think it has the perfect amount of lucky blocks on the spawn island. I also like the amount of space between other spawn islands and middle islands.
- Pirate: Like Food, I really like the visuals and design/layout of the map. I also think there’s a good amount of lucky blocks around the map.
- Ruins: I like the visuals of the map. I also really like how there is a diamond block at the part-way middle by the spawn islands.
- Village: I like how it’s made using older Minecraft blocks and not many new ones. Makes me feel nostalgic.
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