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Mar 6, 2023
People who purchase the lucky islands rank are able to vote for 1 of 4 game modifiers. Normal mode changes nothing and is the default mode. Blessed mode supposedly modifies lucky block outcomes so that they are more positive overall. Crazy mode is also rumored to change lucky block loot tables, although I haven’t noticed anything significant. Overpowered mode causes some drops to be modified, adds a few additional drops to the lucky block loot tables, causes the rainbow lucky block to regenerate, and causes some normal lucky blocks at center to be replaced with diamond lucky blocks. The two modes I believe need significant changes are blessed and overpowered.

Blessed seems to be by far the least voted game mode. The first problem is that I don’t think players actually understand how this mode modifies the game. There is no obvious or immediate change from normal mode, accept the green partials, so a lot of players just vote for the other more interesting game modes. Even if players do understand how the mode works, why would a player choose to vote for it? Removing unlucky drops makes the game stale and more repetitive, especially compared to the other voting choices. I think the first problem could be solved by making all normal lucky blocks replaced with diamond lucky blocks, since it would basically be the same as making each normal lucky block luckier, but it would be more obvious what changes this mode causes.

I think overpowered has a long list of issues. Many swords in this game mode can 3 shot players, and bows can even 2 shot players who don’t receive armor, making this mode heavily dependent on luck. I think that the enchanted golden and diamond items should be in all modes like they were before the 1.19 update released, it’s weird having these items in particular only existing in overpowered. I don’t enjoy that only certain drops in the game are buffed, while others are not. For example, many drops added in recent updates, the swapper, elevator, boomerang blocks, etc. are not buffed, while drops like wands have more powerful abilities that take half as long to recharge. Some drops like the shulker and lifesteal swords, rather than being buffed in overpowered, should be nerfed in all other modes as to be equal to the fire sword. I also don’t get the point of making more diamond lucky blocks spawn, this really should be a feature of blessed mode. The cooldown on rainbow lucky blocks is nice though.

In my opinion, what lucky islands is really missing in a hardcore mode that makes drops weaker instead of tougher. This mode could force players to ration the resources that they are given and reduce the amount of luck in the game for players who enjoy the fun chaos of lucky islands, without all of the RNG. If players were given fewer blocks, this mode would force player to wisely spend the blocks that they are given. If things like swords, bows, and armor had reduced durability, rather than using the same items every fight, players might try to save their best weapons for fights when they need them most. This would also force players to use weaker forms of attack like traps, wands, and items in order to win fights, rather than plain old sword battles each time. The loot table could also be modified so drops like totems, pearls, normal golden apples, and enchanted golden apples, aren’t as common.
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Jul 23, 2023
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I agree that there should be a Hardcore mode. Part of this is because of the fact that my inventory will end up filling up with random items, especially when I loot gravestones. Of course, a lot of these random items are useful, so I’ll end up with multiple bows, potions, wands, etc. This is good and I don’t mind this at all, but it would be interesting if there was a challenging mode like Hardcore where this doesn't happen as much. I like the concept and the strategies that the mode would involve
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