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Mar 6, 2023
Lucky Islands recently received two major content updates, the 1.19 update and the August update. Both of these updates failed to update kits, which have been overdue for an update for months now, in my opinion. Not only are lucky islands kits old and stale, but they are bland, underpowered, and poorly balanced.

The new food and blocks lucky blocks, which players now start out with, have pretty much obsoleted the builder and chef kits. My first suggestion, which I mentioned in the past, is to avoid Giving players these lucky blocks to start out with. I think it would be better if players have to search their starting island to find these lucky blocks, so they can’t immediately rush someone else base or middle. (Think about it, if they choose the warrior kit, they get a wooden sword, excess blocks, and food within 5 seconds of starting the game) Alternatively, I think these lucky blocks, and perhaps other lucky block types, could be added to specific kits.

My next suggestion is to make lucky islands kits less bland. Right now, all lucky islands kits are boring in my opinion. They are very similar to SkyWars and eggwars kits, and don’t feel unique enough. Lucky islands in designed to be a more casual, chaotic, and fun game mode compared to other cubecraft PvP game modes. I think the best, and most obvious way this could be done, is by introducing luck elements into lucky islands kits. This is why I think it would be fitting if there were kits that gave players food or blocks lucky blocks, where you are given random loot, rather than the same basic stuff every game.

Now that I’ve listed some general suggestions, here are some of my ideas (some of these were inspired by H0peful)
  • Builder kit: Gives player 3 blocks lucky blocks and feather falling two leather boots (dyed lime green)
  • Chef kit: Gives player 2 food lucky blocks and 2 random suspicious stews (with negative stews, like poison, removed)
  • Armorer kit: Gives two random armor pieces (can’t both be the same type, and cannot be diamond or netherite) Each armor piece is enchanted with a random enchantment.
  • wizard kit: Gives player a random wand and 2 random potions
  • Tank kit: Starts player with 4 absorption hearts and gives player a splash potion of instant health 2
  • Toolsmith: Gives player a random Iron tool, a random stone tool, and a random golden tool
  • Griefer: gives player a flint and steel, 3 tnt, 2 creeper spawn eggs, and a lava bucket
  • Librarian, gives player an enchantment table, 30 lapis, 30 books, and 100 xp levels
  • lucky kit: Gives player a food lucky block, a blocks lucky block, a normal lucky block, a diamond lucky block, and a glitched lucky block
I have a lot of feedback and suggestions to make about lucky islands, and don’t want to cram them all into a single thread. Instead, I’ve decided to try to make weekly lucky islands feedback threads, this one being the first.
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