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  1. R34DX

    Bedrock Java Leaderboard

    I wanna suggest adding a new leaderboard that have daily,weekly,monthly and lastly lifetime
  2. Mr Jii Gamer

    I got the 33rd on the leadboard

    So i have enter the top like two week ago and i have got the 33 place with 1687 medals and the special thing is i have complete all the level in the easy and normal mod in parkour (just 3-4 lvl didnt get it ) so it is just a small achivement i get and thanks for all who help me and encourage...
  3. Dualninja

    My first time on a leaderboard!

    My First Time On A Leaderboard Despite how often I post here, I don't actually play Cubecraft that much. I'm only level 23 on Bedrock and level 21 on Java. It doesn't help that my most played game is Skyblock, the only game which doesn't give you EXP. So I've never really grinded a leaderboard...

    Bedrock Leaderboards for lobby parkours

    Create a leaderboard for all the parkours in the lobbies, Players would be able to access the LB by clicking on their time for each parkour. Similar to earlier suggestions I also believe this would be a great way to compare performances and add some extra competition to the parkours.
  5. kyviu

    All Networks Eggwars Update

    Initial Idea: The idea I have is for seasonal Eggwars to be more than just a leaderboard reset, personally myself when I first joined the lobby and saw 'Eggwars Season 1' my first thought was that this was similar to how other games run seasons, with some kind of limited time cosmetics or a...
  6. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video I am in place 30th on the sky wars duels leaderboard!😂

    Helloo XD I wish everyone a great day! I have been thinking of maybe getting myself on another leaderboard. What's a good leaderboard goal that you would want me to achieve? (Could be ctf duels for example. Or if you would want me to achieve place 25th on sky wars duels.) xD Also how was your day?
  7. TheOrderOfSapphire


    Btw I have passed it I recorded this before XD (Ing: SneakierCoyote1)
  8. happymochanoises

    Java FFA leaderboard

    I noticed today that I had exactly 14742 kills in java ffa. So I checked the leaderboard, excited, but I wasn't anywhere. Is there a thing I have to do in order to apply to be on the leaderboard? Answers would be appreciated.
  9. pekd

    VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION (regarding the leaderboards)

    so me and @Casualpoalrbear were talking on discord when i asked how many wins you need for place 100 in minerware. but then he said, there are only 50 spots on the leaderboard, not 100. we are both unable to play minecraft right now tho, so im asking here. also we were only talking about the...
  10. Casualpoalrbear

    Video I beat the first place minerware leadboarder

    I've finally had my rematch.
  11. lolitzerin

    Are you on any of the Cubecraft game leaderboards?

    hello! i thought it would be fun to see how many people are on a leaderboard on the cc server for any of the games, so go ahead and reply if you are and which one, and feel free to still reply if you aren't but you're working towards getting on one! personally i am on the teams of 4 lucky...
  12. SoloWarz

    1000 wins...finally ?!

    Hey there! I've just got 1000 wins on solo eggwars, 1000 wins, BIG NUMBER! I'm so excited and glad I'm gonna be on the leaderboard soon! Fortunately, I was recording a video on my iPad when I hit 1000 wins, so very soon, I'm uploading the video to my youtube channel, if you wanna check it: Click...
  13. Eclipsed

    All Networks New leaderboard Idea

    1 thing that could be added to makes games more competitive is a leaderboard for games that resets every IRL season. At the end of the season, the top 3 people that won the most games in the specific game would get a "Season Champion" rank as well as a rank for the game they got it for (so in...
  14. sajanator3

    Bedrock Here's a bunch of things that I think will make CC more enjoyable.

    Here's a bunch of things that'll make CC more enjoyable. 1) In eggwars, wall builders are a pretty cool thing in the game, and is a thing that can be used in really creative ways. The issue with them is that you have to buy them one by one. a quality of life change would be the ability buy 5...
  15. pieterpeer

    Web Public API

    Hi everyone, I think it would be great if CubeCraft would create a public API which players could use to to retrieve data such as statistics, leaderboards, general playerdata, playercount, sentinel stats etc. which could be used for players to create their own creations (Especially because...
  16. pieterpeer

    Planned Monthly Leaderboards

    🗓️ Monthly Leaderboards 🥇 The idea 💡 Hi everyone, a feature that I personally would love to see is Monthly Leaderboards. It has been suggested before, but not since the new way Feedback & Suggestions work. The idea would be to add a monthly leaderboard in the menus next to the current 'all...
  17. Wave Master7S

    Bedrock Bedrock Leaderboard

    Hello guys hope your having a good day.Today I present what I think could make lb even better. Visible leaderboards It will work like this.It will show top 50 for every game so using ew has an example it will show solos, duos, squads, and mega.They’ll be placed in every lobby with a special...
  18. Proditio

    Java Give me a lobby fishing leaderboard.

    Do it cowards. @Younisco Back me up here. 1v1 me m8.
  19. Salty_Shadows

    The Bedrock Leaderboards 2.0!

    Welcome To The Bedrock Leaderboards Version 2.0 This has been done before by user @Kat9Ramp8ge But im going to be doing a new version Which i will be updating at least once a week or whenever i have time to. If at any point you reach the Leaderboard or you are on there and i have missed you...
  20. G

    Leaderboards in Windows Skyblock

    Will there be a Leaderboard for Skyblock in the Windows Edition? Or is there one already and i didn´t find it?
  21. GHSpaghetti

    Bedrock Leaderboards in the lobby

    Hey, I would like to propose an addition to all lobbys which i feel would be really cool to implement. I think it would be super cool if we had a leaderboard in the respective lobbies for each game like they do for hypixel, I feel it should show the Top 10 and how many wins they have. This...
  22. NexusD

    Bedrock Leaderboards

    This is just a question. I can probably find the answer on the forums, but I've looked, and can't find an answer. So what I'm wondering is: Do Leaderboards exist? Did they ever exist? I've looked everywhere to see if Leaderboards did exist, and there's none. And if there isn't one, or there...
  23. CrystalDrop

    Java Special gadget for leader board players?

    My idea is that every individual game get's a special gadget that is only unlocked if you are on the leaderboard for that game. Below are just a few games with some possible examples. If this gets added it can be something more simple if that makes things easier. If you guys have any ideas I...
  24. CrystalDrop

    Java Top leader board player as game skins

    ✰ For every game there is a person that you click on so you can join. My proposition is that the person first on the leader board should be the skin for that game. These players have spent hours of their time on this game and worked super hard why not reward/recognize them with something a...
  25. F

    Lobby parkour leaderbord

    Hi, there does anyone know the lobby parkour leaderboard. I would like to know at which place I am. I have completed it in just 8 seconds
  26. B

    Bedrock Prefixes For Players On The Leaderboard

    People would be able to use a special prefix based on what leaderboard they are are, and it would make people try to achieve a goal and play more.
  27. MarkRutte

    Java Skyblock Suggestion: Leaderboards

    So I don't know if this has been talked about before, or if the admins are already setting this up but i had a few ideas about a leaderboard system in Skyblock. If you are at the last island and have completed almost all the quests there isn't much to do anymore. You can grind for money, but...
  28. E

    Skyblock-Richest Islands List

    Heys Guys! I have been really wanted to see how rich people are in this gamemode! This Thread was created to let people show their wealth in a leaderboard and we can together find out the richest people on CubeCraft Skyblock! Things that Count: Balance- Whatever the Balance is Generators- Lapis...
  29. Aosm

    Discord Leaderboard.

    In my opinion, cubecraft could add a leaderboard to know who are the most active on the server (regional), I know this may have problems about some people trying to be the best and spam sending messages, but I think that can be controlled with the staff.
  30. Dubby Plays

    Bedrock Changing the text color of the amount of wins in leaderboards (from Lime Green to a darker color)

    Am I the only one to not be able to read the amount of wins of a player when he see the statistics (wins) of him? I try to make an example: it's something like this but on a Light Grey background; 1st > ElGera16 Wins: 8339 The name is a bit readable, but the number (amount) of wins is...
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