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Feb 9, 2021
My First Time On A Leaderboard

Despite how often I post here, I don't actually play Cubecraft that much. I'm only level 23 on Bedrock and level 21 on Java. It doesn't help that my most played game is Skyblock, the only game which doesn't give you EXP. So I've never really grinded a leaderboard position before. But after 1 day of grinding, I've made it on to the Present Rush leaderboard. I hope to keep a spot on the leaderboard for as long as the Winter Event is on, but I might fall of for parts of it. Anyway, I've finally made it🎉🎉🎉! Also yes that is my username, I made it along time ago.

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Jan 4, 2019
Congrats on getting on a leaderboard! It feels great to be in one. I remember when I first got in a leaderboard a long time ago.
View attachment 225194I swear Anayet is just flexing at this point. 100,000 on the spot.
Yeah, this random new gen found a strategy so fast and somehow passed people that are above him. I've never heard of him until the Present Rush leaderboard came out. Unfortunately my first game was with him ☠️
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Leaving Cube for a long time because of what happened to Riftz, whether it’s fixed or not. Religious myself and while I enjoyed being on Cube and everyone (no hate to the mods; they made a mistake is all), I can’t forgive this slip-up; I’m sorry. I’m entirely justified in this so no hate please. Peace; bye
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