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I wanna suggest adding a new leaderboard that have daily,weekly,monthly and lastly lifetime

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Mar 6, 2023
Here is my personal opinion on how leaderboards should go:
  • I think that in the social menu, you should be able to keep scrolling down for as long as you want, and have more leaderboard players load. Perhaps there could be a page system, with around 50 players per page.
  • In your game statistics menu, I think it would be cool to show where your particular ranking is compared to all other players. This could extend beyond wins.
  • I support the idea of daily and weekly leaderboards for wins, and a month or year one wouldn’t hurt. For clarity, these should be leaderboards which reset on a set date, rather than getting rid of the number of wins on a particular day once it becomes over a week/month ago
  • I think it would be more fitting for these leaderboards to be around the lobby, with npcs you can click on to view additional leaderboard information. I think the best way to do this is by using nametag text to display the top 10 for a week/month/etc., along with how many the player viewing the leaderboard has and their ranking. Interacting with the npc would show a larger leaderboard similar to the current social menu one.
If daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards got added, the lifetime leaderboards would lose value. And being on a leaderboard would be pretty normal, while now, being on a leaderboard means dedication, and hours spent playing a gamemode, while here someone could play for a few hours and be top 10 on a leaderboard
I know we’ve had this discussion in the past but there are some points I would like to add, and I guess my opinions have slightly changed from what they were when I was new here. I still believe that a benefit of adding these leaderboards would be to clearly show what grinders are still actively playing a certain game versus retired ones. Ive kept a close eye on my own, and know many former grinders rarely play my game mode anymore. I think it’s more fun and competitive competing with players who actually still play the game, rather than old retired players of the past.
I personally, don’t take much pride in my leaderboard stat, otherwise I would not have picked lucky islands (let alone Minecraft). I wouldn’t be mad at all about my achievement “loosing value”, its much more important to me to do everything I can to support the game, its community, and get other people interested in it, and I believe leaderboards that take less time to get on would be more encouraging for new players to give the game a try.
I think you are highly exaggerating how adding these new seasonal leaderboards would make the old ones less respected. Let’s use speedrun.com as an example, new leaderboards get made all the time. Does that mean nobody cares about the SM64 runners, the BFBB runners, the Zelda runners? People understand that the skill required to get on these varies from leaderboard to leaderboard.
I really don’t see why we should care about making it hard to get on these leaderboards, if that is what you are suggesting. Whether or not other players can make it on one doesn’t matter to me much at all, and it allows skilled players to compete without having to dedicate a very high amount of time first to even enter a leaderboard.
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Jul 15, 2022
If they do add monthly leaderboards hopefully they'll less buggy the then eggwars season 1 leaderboards!


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Apr 16, 2023
I wanna suggest adding a new leaderboard that have daily,weekly,monthly and lastly lifetime
yes i agree with you bc the lifetime leaderboard it's hard to enter it
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