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  1. DarkAsuna

    Bedrock High lag in the server since update

    I'm on PS4 and since i first played in CubeCraft Server, it never lagged as much as now, idk if it is the new update of the lobby or any other thing BUT its really unplayable and it crashes every 15 minutes, hope it change because i need my dose of eggwars and skyblock ;(
  2. KLsz

    Throughout Guide to networking problems connecting from East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania [Part 2: Network latency]

    First, as a disclaimer, I'm not a specialist on computer networking. I'm not a member of CubeCraft's Development Team or Admin Team either. But in this thread, I want to try to explain a little bit about the reason why you will get a high ping, and tell you about that what you can do about it...
  3. KLsz

    Throughout Guide to networking problems connecting from East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania [Part 1: Network routing]

    First, as a disclaimer, I'm not a specialist on network routing. I'm not a member of CubeCraft's Development Team or Admin Team either. But I want to try to explain a little bit about how internet works and give you some suggestions to the thing. Please notice that this is part 1 of a two-part...
  4. Herbubulle

    Planned Players and Entity render distance will fix most of LAG (FFA/RPG/Lucky Blocks)

    Hello! -FFA (Free For All) - Battle Arena Since the release of FFA, players on low device have lag issues (Nintendo Switch, and probably Xbox and Mobile) I can't play because of the LAG : The gameplay is not smooth at all : How CubeCraft can fix the lag? I noticed the FFA spawn was...
  5. Awabbatt

    Implemented Re-enable support for pre 1.16.201

    While most people are on the latest version of minecraft, some people have downgraded for various reasons and it's pretty simple if you know how, but most people don't know about it so in the end most people are on 1.17. recently cubecraft updated to 1.16.201. Why? Its was not needed and...
  6. C

    Ping Spikes

    Can someone tell me why my ping spikes up to 2000 when I'm going near my spawners.... It really getting on my nerves already...
  7. Dualninja

    All Networks New rule: no intentional lag.

    Introduction I noticed when I was reading through the Official rules, that there was no rule against intentionally lagging the server. This can come in many forms, such as creating lag machines in SkyBlock or abusing a bug to cause lag (that goes under bug abuse though). You may think that it's...
  8. TBroz15

    All Networks A lighter lobby for the lagging users

    A lighter lobby for the lagging users Yes, this suggestion is highly recommended for lagging Cubecraft users. For some reason, most of the players requesting to stop lag due to lobbies going to be full, the server has raided or many players join at a same time that can be unplayable. This is...
  9. 0

    lobby lags (java)

    Hello. I did't play for 3 months, and when I cameback I noticed that lobby is extremely laggy for me. In-game I have no issues (skywars, pvp is ok), only lobby. Part with lobby lags starts from 0:30. Sometimes it teleport me (1:10), and sometimes even teleport and spin (1:50). And sometimes I...
  10. DarkStray


    What this Post Is About? Bugs •Knockback •Saturation •Damage •Blocks •Reoccurring Bugs In General Server Issues •Lag •Bug Fixes/Reoccurring Bugs Client/Device Issues •Console/Xbox1 Knockback What do I mean by “Knockback” and why am I categorizing it as a “bug”? WELL, I was told the OLD KB was...
  11. BoredBoi

    How To fix lag on Cubecraft Bedrock

    Intro recently I was lagging even when my internet was good and my ping was very low So I try to find a way to fix this "Bug"(Not sure but i think it is a bug on most routers or something) and found a clean and Ez way to fix this issue Fix Just change your IP address This may be different...
  12. E

    Bedrock Make the server playable on southeast asian countries

    I cant even play on the server properly because I have 200+ ping (I play in thr Philippines btw) I suggest make different regions like the Hive did so people can have good pings especially on the south east asian countries or in asian countries in general pls
  13. Herbubulle

    Bedrock Eggwars Switch lag not fixed

    Hello ! some time ago, you changed the number of items that caused LAG in-game: "Reduced the range in which items appeared on the screen. This should have no negative gameplay impact, and should hopefully reduce lag on devices such as Switch in games where there are lots of items, such as in...
  14. DarkStray

    All Networks Eggwars Generator Suggestion [Entity Stacking and Resource Count]

    Generator Suggestion Main Points •Entity Stacking •Entity Count •Reducing lag •Decrease Entity Sizes What is Entity Stacking? Entity Stacking is taking all of the same entity in a certain area and using 1 entity with text above it(usually an entity count). Why Is Entity Stacking Helpful...
  15. Daimzor

    Skyblock lag (Bedrock Edition)

    !!!warning my english is not good lmao!!! (i'm from germany) so my problem is that my island is lagging.. no fps drops but sometimes i have to break blocks 2-3 times i break a block and it spawns back, so my efficiency enchantments are useless is this a bug? i got this problem already when i...
  16. AberrantBug5701

    Bedrock Colony control is very laggy

    I was playing colony control with my brother and every team had 12 towers+ and I and my brother where lagging back like crazy and both of us had 5 FPS, he is on pc and I’m on switch. It got so bad that all of the other team left! My only idea on how to fix this would be to make less towers...
  17. A

    SkyBlock Severe Lag on skyblock Island but no where else on the server.

    I get severe lag on The cube craft skyblock server only when I'm on my island. When I am in the cube craft server I have no lag. Not in skywars, eggwars or any other mode. It lags when on my island in skyblock. When in the skyblock hub I dont happen to lag either. The spawners dont affect the...
  18. Pyups🎄

    FFA FFA lag for bedrock edition

    2 days ago i posted about lag on FFA. i was experiencing a lot of lag when that post was made. i ask if players where experiencing any lag. what surprised me was that a majority of the people who responded to the poll said they experienced quite a lot of lag in fact if the 6 of 9 people who...
  19. WellArentYouSweet

    Java You should definitely add this (ChunckCache support for Labymod)

    Im talking about this: https://github.com/LabyMod/labymod-server-api/tree/chunkcache - We will save bandwidth and data. I'll save GBs of my 4G data plan, and you'll save bandwidth in your servers. - You will increase your player retention rate by allowing people with bad connection to avoid...
  20. TBroz15

    All Networks Auto region optimized server selector Request

    Auto region optimized server selector Request Description: I posted 2 threads about troubles of my network speed, possible to say that I notice is the server regions. Now sometimes I lag or not, pretty annoying to rejoin a good sever, the point is... Why Cubecraft randomly choose servers? Why...
  21. H

    High ping ONLY in Cubecraft?

    I get 300 ping in Cubecraft, and ONLY Cubecraft. I have 20 ping in R6S, CS:GO, For Honor, Terraria.... Basically any other online multiplayer game that I have played. I get 50 ping in The Hive or connecting to friends via LAN in a house party, so it's not the game itself's fault either. I get...
  22. TBroz15

    Again, The server gone laggier!

    First of all lets say, you are in the fastest network away from server... But you are lagging but not really you, its the server. According to my thread: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/laggy-cubecraft-server-bans-me-for-no-reason.266330/ That the servers lag and I just banned for no reason...
  23. ToastedByTom

    Bedrock PLEASE FIX THE LAG!!!

    Since Survival games duo and came out, the server has been really laggy for most people on any mode, it not constant but it happens ALOT. (5 times a normal skywars game approximately) For example. -Everyone freezes -You can break blocks your not supposed to -Cant open your friends menu, loot...
  24. DarkStray


    FIX THE SERVERS I Shouldn't have to be trying SO Hard to stay alive, im STRUGGLING to win fights because CUBECRAFT Decides to add New "Fun" gamemodes before FIXING their own SERVER its stupid im struggling to kill absolutely garbage players that have no idea how to open an eggwars shop because...
  25. X

    Bedrock Suggestion for lag on xbox

    I think we should have a choice to disable a spawners and renewable a spawners I think it would help with the lag so much or make one mob but they stack so have one zombie but X10 beside the name
  26. C

    All Networks Change the survival games border.

    The survival games border is displayed as a bunch of red particals. It causes me to lag out. please change the border to something like,a border of passthroughable Redstone blocks or something like that.
  27. Nilsen84

    Java Ping Difference In PvP Duels

    To start off I like pvp on CubeCraft. I Especially like duels. I play quite a lot of duels everyday and am enjoying it. I win most of the duels I play against non-laggers but if I am playing against someone with around a 100 ping or more I am pretty much guaranteed to loose unless that person...
  28. Eli

    Java Lag Warning

    (Disclaimer: I don't know if CubeCraft as an official partner is allowed to point out that a certain version of MineCraft is laggy and bad for multiplayer) Versions 1.13 and 1.14 and terrible for Multiplayer, that should be common knowledge. But many people are still unaware of why they're...
  29. Simply

    Implemented /ping Command

    I'll keep this short. I suggest the addition of a /ping command. It's pretty straight forward, type it and see your ping/ms You can't see other players's ping because that would create toxicity. Yeah that's it. Thanks for reading. Edit for clarification- I suggest this is added to help people...
  30. M


    Hello there! No, it's not my PC. My 7700k and 1080Ti can do it, as Dishonored 2 in 2k works just great. No, it's not my internet. My 7ms 75Mb/s can handle it. It's the server since the wut de fek 1.13 useless update. Yeah, 1.13 it's a broken version, we all know. It contains tons of bugfixes...
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