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Sep 24, 2020
Some where on Earth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Auto region optimized server selector Request

I posted 2 threads about troubles of my network speed, possible to say that I notice is the server regions.
Now sometimes I lag or not, pretty annoying to rejoin a good sever, the point is...
Why Cubecraft randomly choose servers? Why the random servers are abnormal? Why I can't game perfectly up or down servers?
Pretty enough to solve my requested features:cube_light:

What is this feature do?
An auto optimized server selector of course!
This feature can find a good internet latency servers that might perfectly do games.

What does it do?
It can find your region and find a server for you to join it perfectly.
For now on you can play a good gameplay of Cubecraft!

Why is it needed?
It is needed because some players having trouble to join the server or lags out of nowhere.
And it can be a anti lag feature and helps your gameplay.

What problems does it fix?
1. Lagging on different unknown servers.
2. Your network gameplay.
3. Also the trouble disconnecting in servers in meanwhile.

Extra Features that can do:
Have you noticed the server selector on lobby?
Well then I requested a server selector that makes a recommendation on good network servers, if the auto selection is wrong.
But don't worry, you can find in server selectors click the recommended server that the menu displayed for you.
If your friend or your party-mates is in other region servers, you can track them and join them by clicking

In conclusion:
This feature may allow to change gameplay and networks.
This can be possible to fix gaming problems.
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