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  1. A

    Knockback really feels off since the update.

    A lot of pvp related things were changed in the update, some of them were pretty significant, but the knockback is probably the most significant one of those changes. Before the update, it was possible to come back from being comboed or suprise-attacked, and in my opinion it wasn't even that...
  2. Furzide

    Bedrock Fixes to Projectile Knockback

    Introduction Ever since Cubecraft's server software was updated to 1.19, the knockback dealt by projectiles has failed to match the melee knockback. While I made a bug report on this, it was rejected as "not enough people were complaining about it". In this thread I will discuss what's wrong...
  3. hoppyfrog28_

    All Networks Bedrock PvP knockback improvements (Vertical knockback)

    CubeCraft has always been my favorite server, but it's pvp isn't. Reason: Compared to other servers, CubeCraft has an extremely low vertical knockback amount. This means that the opponent does not go up very much when hit. This makes it very hard to actually get good combos on CubeCraft. This...
  4. Silco

    Bedrock Knockback Sword In Basic Skywars

    Hey everyone! Back with another suggestion, this time to add a Knockback Sword to Skywars Basic. On OP Skywars there is a gold sword with KB on the centre and it is very good. It gives players another way to kill enemies and is a deadly weapon in the right hands. My suggestion is simple, add a...
  5. Kxish

    Bedrock Knockback in Eggwars???

    Hey Cubecraft, Hope y'all going good, Today I'm gonna be telling y'all why you should fix your knockback! 1) It'll probably bring back players I've known many many people who have left the server, due to them taking no knockback and getting upset, on how the server was doing nothing about it...
  6. I

    Fix cubecraft kb

    Recently on cubecraft bedrock the vertical kb was reduce which messed up the kb a lot, it's a lot hard to jump reset, if ur laggy ur automatically good, & combo r not as good. Please add more vertical kb to fix this it'll make pvp a lot better on the server
  7. O

    Bedrock Better kb

    Better KB I believe the kb is perfectly fine. The one problem I have is that snowballs don’t really put anyone in a combo. So I’m hoping that you could make snowballs and other projectiles such as eggs and bows put someone in a combo
  8. I

    Bedrock Please remove the new knockback system

    Please change the knockback to the way it was before. When you fight somebody, if they get the first hit, you’re practically dead. It was a 1v2 on fairytale at the end of an eggwars game and the team came to the base with one having leather armor and a stone sword and the other having no armor...
  9. DarkStray

    Bedrock Not a bug "Intentional" FIX THIS!

    Hello Everyone! This is BEDROCK not JAVA Watch this 3minute video here "Just make a bug report" I have, I really have, but this was the response Click here if you do not understand this post React with a :agree: if you agree this should be fixed React with a :unsure: if you have...
  10. DarkStray

    Bedrock [Feedback] 3 Years later, This Needs to be Addressed......

    HELLO EVERYONE! THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT BUGS IN GENERAL, But about bugs that have not been fixed over long periods or have happened multiple times in the past Before you watch this video I want to talk about some mistakes I made Around 0:26, the "bug" that I showed was more of a ping issue...
  11. A

    Bedrock Do you like the new kb?

    I had to make this post cause i saw many people crying about the new kb, so just vote wether u like it or not. I wanna actually see if many people hate it or not. Ill not be closing this poll anytime soon, I just wanna get a large sample. Im not sure If this is supposed to be in eggwars i think...
  12. K

    Bedrock How to break a combo with the new knockback system.

    How to break a combo in the new knockback system. I've seen a lot of posts in the past month complaining about the new knockback, mainly about combos, so I figured I could create a thread explaining how to escape one. Obviously, these only work if you apply them correctly, so keep that in...
  13. P

    Bedrock Please put the Skywars Knockback back to the way it was

    I have noticed that the knockback has been changed to be more like java edition, on Hypixel, and this is conflicting, because there are two different versions of Minecraft for a reason. I liked the knockback before it was changed to be more like Hypixel. Now with the current knockback, the first...
  14. DarkStray

    Bedrock UPDATED: Revert and fix the old kb system

    Cubecraft’s Knockback Please re-work and revert to the old Knockback system, this system has been used for years on cubecraft bedrock. It was meant to be based on java, but as we know there was many bugs. Why the KB is Bad (old) - KB Sliding (Randomized - Common) - Absurd KB (Randomized -...
  15. D

    All Networks Let's talk about knockback stuff.

    Hello. I've noticed that over time, knockback stuff has been going away from cubecraft. At 2015 used to be a lot of knockback weapons into the skywars' chests, but overnight they disappeared from cubecraft. I'd also like to say that I'm not the only one who has been talking about knockback...
  16. deadlaycraft

    Bedrock Weird knockback on Bedrock Cubecraft

    I have been doing a lot of PVP on this server on the bedrock edition, and when I w-tap, there are no combos. Whereas on other servers, combos are fine. I think knockback may have been reduced, and I don't think it should be. If you were to try to fix the knockback, then not only would PVP be...
  17. alphablaster

    Is sprint resetting a thing in bedrock

    Is sprint resetting in bedrock? I don't know if it is giving me more kb, but it is getting me more hits. So is it a thing or no. I'm confused.
  18. PieCreeper

    All Networks New EggWars Item: Knockback Sword

    The Knockback Sword would be a golden sword with the Knockback I enchantment. Although this weapon deals low damage, it can be very dangerous for opponents when on a bridge or on the edge of an island. The price of the Knockback Sword could be 48 gold tokens or 25 diamond tokens. It would only...
  19. D

    Bedrock Modify player knockback to be nonrandomized

    Starting in bedrock version 1.13.0 and above, knockback was changed to a scale of randomness. To prove this, here is a screenshot of the 1.16 beta changelog. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DA36iFGJ0THZI8nTV7szfd3th49yFaTE 1.12.1 bedrock is in many ways java's 1.8.9. PVP was much more based...
  20. Skyfire_swe

    15 ways to get better at Lucky Islands

    LUCKY ISLANDS GUIDE I guess one could say: ”just play more” and it would be true. But getting some good advice always helps, - I would have loved to have had this kind of guide when I started off in my noobness. This guide is not about game mechanics or how different wands and bows work. It’s a...
  21. PressLaunchMike

    Egg Wars | New Item Sugggestion

    Hi guys! I have been thinking about a cool idea on egg wars OP mode. Its pretty simple but can affect a game of OP mode Drastically (In a good way :)). What the idea is: There should be a knockback melee weopen which you should be able to buy with ~20- 30 diamonds. E.g Wooden sword | knockback...
  22. nemsol

    Skywars KB Dinosaur

    I noticed that every time I play the map Dinosaur on skywars team, the item Dinosaur Bone (knockback II in normal and III in OP) is used to kill a lot of people. I suggest that this item gets nurfed to kb I in normal and kb II in OP. In my opinion its just a little too overpowered and swords...
  23. VideoklipBG

    Respawning gives Knockback from the Enemy that killed You

    When someone hits you and gives you knockback (With punch bow for example or with sword and sprinting) and You die from Fall Damage or just from the Enemy - You Respawn; But when You respawn somehow you get the same knockback effect 1-2 milliseconds before you get killed and if the respawning...
  24. J4sprr

    New kit: Knockback

    I have an idea to make a new kit: Knockback but if u know a better name post in the comments plz. Stuff: Knockback stick knockback 1 or 2 Chain chestplate: Projectile Protection Chain Boots: Projectile Protection
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