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  1. Shehab709

    Block wars

    HeLlo everyone.... I think if "cubecraft" make block wars as a main game this will be a very good addition :) Warning: this is just a recommendation So yaaah
  2. Gemmmmie

    Java Featured Game Multipliers

    I posted this earlier this year on Suggestions but it didn't get much recognition. So I thought I would try here! As you all know by now, there are Multipliers for most games. They are used for an hour and doubles your points earning when playing the game. You can also use /thank to thank the...
  3. Foxy011

    Battle Zone?

    Hi all, I’m just wondering if Battle Zone has been taken off of the featured game list as it has not been featured in at least three months. Whereas other games like Blockwars, Survival Games and the arcade games have been featured quite regularly over and over again. Thank you! ~ Foxy.
  4. Technosword

    Java Rebalancing Teams

    So today I was playing blockwars and not only during the building session did people leave, but they destroyed the protection and then left. What I'm suggesting is a simple change that when teams get very unbalanced, this is be defined many ways in the 8v8. I'd say that when it becomes a 5v8...
  5. Gemmmmie

    Java Multipliers for Featured Games

    As you all know by now, there are Multipliers for most games. They are used for an hour and doubles your points earning when playing the game. You can also use /thank to thank the person and gain 50 experience from it as well as the player that bought the Multiplier. You can most likely to see...
  6. DutchScary

    Featured game shop

    There are only a few featured games who have a shop, but the games that have a shop have a bit crap shop. I dont want to offend someone, but I think that the shops for the featured game can use an improvement. First of all, it is pretty annoying that this shop is not available in the shop in...
  7. Rawrbin

    Discord #Featured-Games Announcement in Discord

    Hello there! Yes, the title of this thread is pretty straight forward. This service would take place in the Discord server. The Discord server is used by a lot of people, people who play daily, but also by people who only like to play arcade games, and don't log on often. This of for both...
  8. N

    Java [Layer Spleef] AFK-kick

    As most of us will know, there is an annoying bug happening when playing layer spleef (and some other games) on 1.13/1.14, that causes you to get stuck in the air until you leave. Now, most players will leave, either directly or when asked. However, some players still don't leave. And this is...
  9. Eli

    Java BlockWars Kit Revamp

    What I am about to present is an update that was thought with the purpose of reintroducing a once very popular gamemode in the network. A game mode that had the potential of being incredibly successful. Sadly it wasn't well taken care of, but it's never too late to solve old mistakes! With...
  10. Eli

    Implemented Simple Voting Fix

    So as many of you may know, me and many other people from the blockWars community weren’t very happy with how the last voting was carried out. Disclaimer: This is NOT a complaint, I am suggesting this to avoid future inconveniences. @Camezonda decided to join BlockWars CTF and BlockWars Core...
  11. Foxy011

    Featured game rotations

    I’ll be honest, I don’t see the point with the ‘vote for the featured game’ thread because the games that are voted the most don’t even get chosen. For example, Layer Spleef hasn’t been a featured game for a long time and has a good majority of votes, Slime Survival was a featured game not too...
  12. Puchee

    Bring Back Survival Games

    I noticed a few weeks back that when survival games was the featured game there were many people playing it. I feel like many users enjoy playing survival games on cubecraft (including me since it's not 1.8 pvp) and would love to have it back. I was wondering if it has been considered to make a...
  13. God.

    Java Little suggestions for voting featured games

    Not much time ago @Camezonda made a thread where we could vote for what game we want to be the next featured game in the middle/end of the month. I really like the idea but I see 1 problem and it's one of the main problems of votation polls in the forum: people on the forums don't exactly...
  14. F

    Java Make the limited time games permanent.

    I believe that a server that is renowned for minigames (Cubecraft GAMES) should have more than 8 games. A way that I was thinking about was to allow players to vote whether they want to keep the current limited time game on Cubecraft and make it a permanent game. At the moment there are many of...
  15. Foxy011

    Layer Spleef?

    Line Dash and Wing Rush have been featured games twice, why not Layer Spleef?
  16. F

    Java Add Bingo in the Featured Games

    It would be a great ides that add bingo in the featured games, since many people liked that game and because given that they have already placed almost all the mini-games and they are repeating them, they should place Bingo for a week at least, that's my opinion since Bingo helps to get out of...
  17. Priley

    Java Featured Games Double Points

    I think featured games should have double points enabled at all time, just to give it that little extra :D
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