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  1. PieCreeper

    All Networks Each player should have their own chests in Team SkyWars.

    In Solo SkyWars, the player has 3 chests on their island containing everything they need. In Team SkyWars, there are many chests containing items that anyone on the team can take. The problem with that is a random teammate may hog all of the items and take everything from the chests instead of...
  2. PieCreeper

    All Networks SkyWars teams should be colors instead of numbers.

    In team SkyWars, each team is differentiated by a number. The problem with that is from a distance, it is hard to tell who is on a team and who isn't. Approaching multiple people all on different teams is much safer than a whole team, but you may find out which one it is too late. I think each...
  3. agatecarrot517

    All Networks Randomiser of teams Block wars

    In Block wars when a match is over and it directs you to a new game then the people (without them going away) and teams stay the same So if a team is very good and beats the other in seconds can be very annoying My proposal is to if new game new teams so there is fairer for all the players
  4. R

    Lucky Islands Is there still a teams mode on Lucky Block Island

    Hi! I Played on Cubecraft a while ago and now I have returned. Back in the day we used to play alot of Skyblock and Luckyblock Island me and my friends; but now it seems as if the team modes has been removed. Is there still a way to play in teams on Luckyblock island and/or Skywars and if so...
  5. Spring5972

    Bedrock SkyWars experience balance change.

    Hello everyone! So you were explaining about the XP balance changes for each type of mode. SkyWars Mega was 125 experience per win, it was nerfed after the implement. We want to increase to 350 experience per win to revert back for a faster pace against solo and teams and also for Teams of 2...
  6. Nyawh

    Builds 🎃 Team EggWars - Mansions

    🎃 Team EggWars - Mansions By @Nyawh Hello once again!!! I’m here again to show another one of my creations! (once again lol) This one was made with a spooky theme in mind as well, but the build kinda went out of control and turned out… just a little bigger than expected… (it’s actually so...
  7. S

    Bedrock Partys and Eggwars Teams of 1

    Me and my friend want to PVP on Eggwars and are on a party. I try to join Eggwars Teams of 1 and it says too many people in party. We don't have to be on a team genius. I just wanna have like I kill half and he kills half then we PVP or just PVP each other and ignore the other players. Can you...
  8. S

    Resolved Partys on Eggwars Teams of 1

    Me and my friend want to PVP on Eggwars and are on a party. I try to join Eggwars Teams of 1 and it says too many people in party. We don't have to be on a team genius. I just wanna have like I kill half and he kills half then we PVP or just PVP each other and ignore the other players. Can...
  9. CrackleHarvest36

    Java Duels (Team Mode)

    Hello! As I've been playing on the server more recently, I have come up with a suggestion regarding Duels. I think that a team mode for Duels would be a great addition so you could have 2v2s or even 4v4s. I've noticed that some other servers do this, and I think that it would be great to see...
  10. Z

    Bedrock a new game idea (this might take a lot of time but i really think it would be fun)

    so get me here is my game pitch so you can increase/decrease this number but basically, a random gen seed so like a random world with like 60 people (you could make it more or less) and the obj is for your team to kill the dragon your team of 1,2.3.4, etc would try to speedrun vs the other...
  11. DarkStray

    [Bedrock] CubeCraft Teams Of 2 Eggwars Tournament | Unofficial | Nexus

    Host : Nexus Event : Teams of 2 Eggwars Where : Cubecraft.net - Bedrock Teams : Teams will not be restricted, at most 16 teams of 2. Tournament Description This Nexus Teams Of 2 Eggwars Tournament is a 16 team Bracket, 32 players total. To Sign Up you must be one of the first 32 to apply. This...
  12. SanCookie

    Video The sand-ladder fall trap

    Sand can be dangerous watch out
  13. RemiFan

    Java Play Again change - Parties

    Hello! I'm sure all of you reading this have been in a party once. And you've probably played a game before aswell. Something that's really annoying is when you're playing in a party on teams, and the "Play Again" button feels like placing you in teams of 5 instead of the party size. You always...
  14. NeverDoubtTheTaco

    Java New Egg Wars Team

    I was searching around and couldn't really find any, and I'm not even sure if they even still exist, but hey - I wanna start an egg wars team, probably going to aim for mainly 3's playing, but obviously a full team of 4 would be great. I used to sweat the game a tonne in like 2015, and am...
  15. kochido

    Bedrock Add duels to the bedrock server

    The reason i want to add duels is because you cant really 1v1 players in cubecraft in anyway so they can add a minigame to do so i kinda see it there is sqaud, normal and duos, once the type is selected you can set up a match with settings like invite only, party only maybe the kits. after you...
  16. A

    Java teams in tower defence

    team like solo 2v2 3v3 ect
  17. Nyawh

    Java "Someone Joined your Team" Message

    Basically, it is that, just like when you join a team in any team minigame it tells you in the chat "Joined team ... 1", when someone enters your team, it notifies you in the chat that one person has entered or has left. I see maybe that isn't very necessary, probably it would be ignored by most...
  18. jpts

    Bedrock Survival Games teams

    So me and my friend love Survival Games. We recently moved from Lifeboat to CubeCraft. So we are asking is a teams mode for SurvivalGames in development. I'm sure many others want this too. Thanks!
  19. JustCallMeGigi

    Eggwars No Void

    I've always loved Eggwars, it's something my friends and I play all the time on this server, we really love it. But we just tried to no void version and were severely let down. The lack of void nullifies a lot of the aspects of the map. We did the Mario map with us split into two teams and two...
  20. Powerofbeds

    Parkour competitive teams

    So, in parkour, there's easy, normal, hard, and competitive 1v1, but why not add 2v2? Competitive 2v2 mode would be usable in 3 different ways: 1. Slowest time of teams Each team member would go on a separate parkour race, and the person on the team who is the last to finish's time is the...
  21. werra11

    Eggwars Team Maps Information [v0.2] [OUTDATED]

    Version 1.0 is out!!! This thread is outdated and won't be updated anymore. For v1.0 click here Hello everyone, I was (really) bored so I decided to make maps of all the Eggwars maps! Complete with generator levels and generator spots. I will add more information if you guys suggest any...
  22. Cactus Awex

    New Game: Resistance.

    Main Game: Chest chances: PVP: Maps: Modes: Chests: Requires Gold+ Rank: Sanity: Requires Diamond+ Rank: [/spoiler] Thanks for reading this suggestion. Out of all the six or so games I've suggested this is my favourite one and would love to have it added. Kind of gives me a half...
  23. Muetta

    What is the best map on Team eggwars?

    Everyone has an opinion, so what is the best eggwars map in your opinion? Personally, my favorite map is Aztec. But what is your favorite eggwars map? Sorry if I forget you're favorite map.
  24. FartiliciousMaleGuy

    HUGE New CrAzY maps?

    Anyone down for any huge maps like this in Eggwars? (i know, some of these are pretty crazy ;d but that's kinda the point) 20 vs 20 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 (20 teams of 2) 20 vs 20 vs 20 vs 20 vs 20 (5 teams of 20) (100...
  25. FartiliciousMaleGuy


    Poll responses from last (deleted) thread on eggwars (+ the responses from this thread): Yes: 26 (+12 ==> 38 (64%) No: 9 (+7 ==> 16 (26,2%) Maybe: 4 (+1 ==> 5 (8,4%) I don't know: 0 (+1 ==> 1...
  26. FartiliciousMaleGuy

    Eggwars - New Gamemode Idea!

    Hello people of CubeCraft!, So listen up. I came up with a lil idea for a different Gamemode variation for Eggwars that i myself consider to be pretty neat and would definitely consider trying out / playing with. I'll try to explain it clearly (even though it really isn't that complicated...
  27. T1spy

    Northern e-Sports tryouts

    Hey i am a moderator of northern e-Sports and i will be representing them in this post. Tryout times may change due to our schedule not being planned. But beyond that feel free to comment your minecraft name so we can add you on cubecraft. We will be focusing mainly on cubecraft but if other...
  28. Juane9

    My suggestion for reducing teamers on Solo games:

    I read _AmazingWays_' post and I thought a good idea is for Sentinel to detect players that are so much time without kicking each other when they are close. I think it can be a good improvement for all the players to be this network a more comfortable place!
  29. DreamFudge

    Connected islands on teams

    Hi everyone, I'm sure that most of you know that in Skywars solo in some of the maps the islands are connected to each other like in jungle or beach. Today I was playing oasis and couldn't understand why more maps on teams aren't connected. This would make the game so much more fun and...
  30. _AmazingWays_

    How to reduce the number of teamers in Solo Skywars. (Or other solo games)

    Hey,guys, I'm _AmazingWays_ and after I got killed by teamers 4 games in a row I started thinking about how to prevent this. After a few seconds, I came up with an idea which I think is pretty nice. It's a little alteration but I think it will work very well. The idea: So if you are in a party...
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