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Dec 18, 2016
In Solo SkyWars, the player has 3 chests on their island containing everything they need. In Team SkyWars, there are many chests containing items that anyone on the team can take. The problem with that is a random teammate may hog all of the items and take everything from the chests instead of only what they need. This has happened to my team several times before when playing with a party of 3 in 4-player teams.

My idea is to implement the 3 chest system from Solo but multiply that by how many players are on the team and assign 3 chests to each player. This will ensure that everyone will get the equipment they need and that nobody takes anything from them. Chests will have a sign on them that says who on the team owns it. Players can still drop items for teammates to use if they need anything.

All chests on the islands will unlock after 2 minutes, when everyone has had time to get their stuff. Island chests will also unlock if the teammate who owns them dies or leaves within the first 2 minutes. The sign saying the name of who's chest in it will also disappear.
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