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survival games

  1. TheLostFroggo

    Bedrock Old Survival Games Map

    Can’t remember what this map is called as it has been quite a while. All I remember is it being a duo survival games map which was being a cave 🗺. However I believe originally it might of had some flaws which allowed people to get into spots they shouldn’t be in and can camp hence it got...
  2. caraMel

    Survival Games Weekly challenge ~ 1

    Hi everyone!! Today I'd like to introduce you all to a new project I'll be working on. Every week on a Sunday, I will create an exciting new challenge for you all to complete. Each week will be unique so you don't need to worry about missing out on a week! There are no prizes, you just win...
  3. SkyxFoS

    All Networks ~●survival

    Hello all cubecrafters! Just curious <Can Cubecraft develop a "survival" mode?
  4. Hoshi

    Bedrock SG - Supply Drops Changes

    Heya Forumers! Finally here with another actual suggestion. 👋 As it currently stands, when a supply drop lands in Survival Games, it will contain one weapon, one armour piece and one miscellaneous item. The current loot tables are as follows: Now, I personally believe the supply drops...
  5. Desiderata

    Artwork Forumer's Hunger Games: A Cubeforums Fanfiction! (Intro Chapters + Character Descriptions)

    ~ Table of Contents: Book 1: Prologue: A Legend Lost to Time Prelude: Paradise's Paywall Chapter 1: The Boring Sign-Up Process: Mineville Edition Chapter 2: Hyperbolic Hellscape Chapter 3: Gathering in The Golden Hour Side Stories: Nonfiction Character Descriptions: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part...
  6. Dualninja

    Survival Games OMG, Survival Games players are eating good!

    It's been 83 years... But in all seriousness with the recent QOL update and now this. Survival Games is back and better than ever!
  7. cryptofrogz

    Bedrock Survival Games Overhaul

    Survival Games Crafting & Experience Overhaul As many of you may know survival games is a great little game on Cubecraft. Although it may not have as big as a community as Eggwars, Skywars or Bridges etc… It still needs some Love & Attention ❤. It has many things you can do in it such as...
  8. cryptofrogz

    Bedrock Experience For Survival Games

    Experience for Survival Games Although Most of you are aware that You can gain experience through potions and killing animals for enchanting, you still don’t receive a good amount of levels for enchants 🔮 My idea Is that every kill you receive 1 experience level. Although most people can say...
  9. Deepslate3D

    Video bestest ever video ever ever ever

  10. SeiiShogun

    All Networks More Maps & Survival Games

    Hope you guys are doing good. So, I'm a regular on your server, right? Absolutely love the SkyWars and FFA games. Been grinding on them day and night, and it's been a blast! But, you know what they say, variety is the spice of life, and I reckon we could use a bit more of that spice on the...
  11. Deepslate3D

    Bedrock Java Add game levels

    the level system currently is based on how long u play and not how good you actually are at the video game. i propose 2 solutions to this: A: keep the current system but add game levels. example you currently have a network level of 30, you'll keep that but we'll use a formula to calculate your...
  12. Fly☆Guy

    Cube Kingdom Community Survival Games Event

    ⚔️Cube Kingdom Survival Games Event⚔️ Hey Bedrock Cubecraft Community! We would like to announce Cube Kingdom’s First Partnered CubeCraft Event! We will be running a Survival Games event and you will get entered into the prize draw just by turning up and competing! (Read below for more...
  13. pekd

    Bedrock Survival Games How to win Survival Games

    i saw @agatecarrot517 make a similar thread about blockwars which gave me the idea to make the same thing about SG. 1. KIT SELECTION: if you play normal mode, i would reccomend the kit with the iron sword or the kit with the chain chestplate. the food kit is pretty useless, since you will find...
  14. b16jays11

    Bedrock Survival Games Whats your k/D for survival games

    I play survival games a lot and id like to think that im decent my kd is 3.33 but i get around 4-9 kills every game id like to know what other people’s kd on survival games is like (My wins are bugged dont judge lol)
  15. caraMel

    Bedrock Survival Games ideas ♡

    Hello! ✧・♪゚ So, this is my first proper suggestion post on the forums! Sorry if the format is slightly strange, I’m still figuring out how this works! I absolutely love SG and play it way too much, so I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on how the gamemode could be improved. ♡ Kits...
  16. ace096488

    All Networks Trios

    Hi I'm DanishAcei have a friend group of three and we would always play squads with a stranger but we have always hoped there would be trios so we could communicate with each other more easily and effectively through a game so i would just hope you're team would approve of this and make it...
  17. Casualpoalrbear

    What is the dumbest strat/mistake that you made that somehow won you the game?

    This can be about any game from minerware to parkour to survival games to skywars. I go first. I was playing eggwars duos with my irl friend and I saw him sneaking on the middle island inbetween our base and a already killed enemy team. I walk up to him and saw him crouching I was confused but...
  18. SrAndro

    Bedrock Player position on the server

    Hello Cubecrafters, I hope you are very well. I wanted to add a suggestion regarding the game modes that the server has, it seems to me that it would be a good idea that in some way the player's statistics show their position within each minigame (Not a Top since I know that takes a lot...
  19. Nightmare

    Bedrock Survival Games improvements

    Hey everyone, I have been playing on the java Cubecraft network for a long time in the past and i have been playing on the Bedrock Version of Cubecraft for a while now. My main game i like to play is survivalgames and now after reaching the leaderboards, i`d like to share an updated list of my...
  20. RadiumWave

    Other Games Crafting glitch in Survival games

    Basically its impossible to craft in survival games, even though sticks and raw resources such as diamond are provided as well as a crafting table. Not sure but im pretty sure the same thing happens for the enchanting table and the anvil Even though these are provided in middle and lapiz is...
  21. blackneight

    Can someone do better ? (We troll some times for fun cause boring)

  22. mismut

    Bedrock Arrow trails not only on skywars

    Hi! With the new Skywars update Arrow Trails came to Cubecraft, but you can only use them in skywars... so I would like to use Arrow Trails in Eggwars, Survival Games, Lucky Blocks and Blockwars too. I know they were added today, but this would be really good addition to the game because bow is...
  23. IDKhan

    All Networks sg barrier thingy

    imo the sg storm thing should be slowed down just a tiny bit lol cause once your in you cant get out idk if its just cause of my internet or if its like that and also it makes it more annoying from you cant even see it till its like 3 blocks away so its kinda hard
  24. Magikey

    Bedrock Add Survival Games teams of 4

    I often play with my friends and we are often more than two in the party. I think this is the case for many players, and I feel like more people would play Survival Games if there were a teams of 4 mode and if the maps were a bit larger. The games should last a little longer and be packed with...
  25. Jaistrix

    Java Speed in survival games

    Just a quick suggestion, remove the speed kit in survival games (both solo and team). It is completely overpowered in the early game. Its also boring to play against as even if you beat them in a fight they can just repeatedly run away and heal while you can do neither. People use it to target...
  26. Vindicatør

    Denied Give Survival Games another chance.

    So (correct me if I’m wrong) survival games used to be a full-time game a few years ago, but later became split into 2 featured game (solo SG and team SG) due to a lack of players. Well as of now, solo and team survival games get a bit more players than the other featured games if I am not...
  27. Vindicatør

    All Networks Survival Games - Diamond Armor in Normal Mode

    So what I want to change in this thread is how much diamond armor you can get it in survival games normal mode. The reason for this is because (in java at least) if you are half diamond and half iron armor, you pretty much won that game. You take very little damage when you have that much armor...
  28. iClickSlowish

    Bedrock Add rods to SG!

    I think fishing rods should be added to SG! Survival games is one of those pvp game modes that usually has rods and/or snowballs, eggs, etc. skywars has snowballs and eggs which I awesome but I think survival games should have a knock back weapon. Snowballs, eggs, fishing rod. the reason I...
  29. C

    Little gaming survival game session

    Had a nice gaming session tonight of egg wars and survival games on cubeCraft, what’s your favourite game mode on cubeCraft and what’s your highest win streak in survival games
  30. Socratias

    Video Long Time No See, mr. Eggwars

    Good day fellas and noobies alike Disclaimer: This video contains swear words.
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