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  1. Story

    Video The SkyWars Chronicles 2: Return of the Tryhards

    Warning: There is one swear word from a random Labymod user, I censored it a little but I thought i'd mention it anyway. My LONG AWAITED (not really) sequel, it is 50% less funny, but 30% longer. It's basically identical to the first one but I tried to edit it a little differently. My next two...
  2. GrossEisberg

    Java Recommendation for long skywars games

    I like playing Skywars. But sometimes the games take too long. My suggestion is that after a while, the blocks begin to collapse and players are forced to fight.
  3. V


    Before the update, you were able to loot gravestones as if they were a type of storage container, but now you have to break them, is this a feature or bug?
  4. King of Kittens!


    cubecraft skywars is the best skywars ive ever played, EVER! I've been play cubecraft skywars for months now, and the first time was possibly 2 years ago. I play on xbox on my uncle's account on xbox, All Is Known. He never plays minecraft though, so i always just spend hours playing cubecraft...
  5. 1

    All Networks Skywars update

    No one likes cleaning in skywars. You probably have heard of "cleaning". There is simple way to reduce cleaning by a lot, for example look at Hypixel's skywars. There is a perk after you kill someone you get strength potion effect, or golden apple or automatically just regen HP, not sure...
  6. Olivierr

    Java Swordmans Kit

    Hey Cubecrafters! I really wonder, what do you think of the swordman kit in basic? (sharp 2) I don't really like it. I think the kit is too good for basic. what do you think of the swordmans kit in basic? I'm curious, personally I really don't like it and I always vote normal. Isn't it way too...
  7. A

    Bedrock Levels Need a Use!

    On CubeCraft Bedrock, all you do is play and that's it. It feels like there's no motivation (especially with all the hackers). Instead, we should encourage players to try and get kills, to want to play more. So, what I'm proposing is that you create an incentive for the tine we have spent...
  8. Limoen

    Java Add Splash Potions of Healing to chests in 1.8

    Hello everyone! Recently, I have been playing more on the 1.8 version of CubeCraft. Unfortunately, there is something that is bothering me a little, which is the regeneration. That's why I came up with this very simple suggestion: Add Splash Potions of Healing to chests on the middle islands in...
  9. Pandalord163

    Bedrock Ranked skywars, bedwars and survival games

    It would be cool to add a ranked mode, and if you rank high you would be able to get rewards. The ranked mode could work any way, but the simpler, the better. If you win you go up the ranks, if you lose you go down. The loot pool for skywars could be different, for example, ender pearls spawn...
  10. juan0h

    All Networks /stats "game mode"

    Going to the lobby to see how many wins or kills you have in a game mode it's a little bit maddening. Adding a new /stats command to see your stats in game would be easier for people trying to reach a number of kills or wins. This is what it could be shown: /stats SkyWars ="Player"'s SkyWars...
  11. NINJAT0M789

    Bedrock No Random Partner Option

    It would be nice to have the option to just play with your party as I understand that it would be hard to make a trios gamemode. For example this would mean i could play a squads game with just the 3 people in my party. Just an idea :]
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