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Sep 24, 2020
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Hello, Cubecrafters!

This is my take on guiding you on how to play Lucky Islands! I have been an enthusiast in this game mode since I started playing Cubecraft for around 5 years. Now I have mastered the art of Lucky Islands and am sharing the strategies on how to win for you.

Take note, that the guide is partly anecdotal or based on my experience of playing. If something to add or remove, feel free to discuss it on this thread then I will credit you for the information!

Updated on December 17, 2023
Guide Under Construction!

Lucky Island is like Skywars with a twist. It has Lucky Blocks scattered around the islands, containing customized items and weapons for you to battle to the death against other players. Usually, it has a Solo, Teams of 4, and Duel version of it.
The standard lucky blocks result in good, neutral, or bad outcomes. It is likely common on the center of the map and the only kind of Lucky Blocks that appear on the player's starting island.

The outcome of breaking it does not return bad results. It can be found in the area where the center of the map is near or the absolute center.

Returns the most powerful items/weapons to the player when broken by them. The Rainbow Lucky Block is found only in the center of the map and only appears as one. In Overpowered mode, it will appear in an interval after being broken.

When broken, it only gives random kinds of blocks. This can be only obtained when the game has started.

When broken, it only gives random kinds of foods. Just like Blocks Lucky Block, this can be only obtained when the game has started.
Here are the items and blocks that are best for the battle and the most to look out for. Each item indicates the color of itself.

Boomerang Blocks - After a few seconds of placement, these blocks will return to the inventory of a player. This is great for bridging and escaping from island to island.

Trapped Chest - When opened, the chest explodes immediately. It deals a good amount of damage to the players who are near it. When you find a trapped chest or a chest with a red spot on the front, always break it to be used later in the fight. Be careful, you will deal damage as well as other players, find a good spot to place it and trigger the explosion. You can craft a Trapped Chest with a tripwire hook (crafted with one wooden plank, one iron bar, and one stick) and 8 wooden planks.

Lightning Wand - When right-clicked, lightning appears and quickly damages the nearest players. It is best when you encounter an enemy from around 10 to 20 blocks away from you to give some extra damage to them before getting attacked.

Swapper - Switches two areas of blocks and entities. This item is good for planning to escape from a battle, teleport from point A to B, and possibly transport rainbow lucky block to yourself when you get it early.

Elevator - When a player right-clicked the item, the player teleports to the nearest blocks above them. Also a great escape item just like the Swapper.

Weighted Amulet - When a player holds it, the player will gain no knockback until they don't. Good for avoiding getting knocked out on the edge of a block or in a bridge.

Fireball - Right clicking it throws a fireball at an aimed direction. There will be two strategies, you can knock people off either the edge or a bridge, or just like the Lightning Wand strategy, use it to give extra damage to the enemy you have encountered.
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