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Jan 31, 2020

Experience Earning

Hey guys! I’m here to suggest something which concerns the experience (xp) earning on Skywars (Java).

As Cubecraft has removed a ton of games some time ago, there now are fewer ways to earn experience and level -up. The game that now gives you the most experience upon winning is Eggwars which gives the player + 250 experience.

As for Skywars, upon winning, the player receives half of that amount,
+ 125 experience. Imagine that you are in a party. You are playing Solo Skywars together but only the one who wins the game gets the experience points. The other players of your game who got 2nd place or 3rd place get absolutely nothing, no rewards whatsoever. What if you play for hours long and there is just a player who is better than you and wins most of the games? You just want to enjoy the game and play Skywars, but for the time you are spending on Cubecraft you want something in return, something to show off to others that you have played Cubecraft for some time, the level of your account. But this isn’t accurate anymore. Not even for just joining a Skywars game and dying (e.g. you get 7th place,) you get rewards.

And given the reason that there aren’t as many possibilities to actually earn experience, because a ton of games were removed, I’d like to suggest the following.


1. I suggest that for every player who joins the game and doesn’t become top 3, receives + 10 experience anyway. A reward for the effort that has been made, a “thanks for playing Skywars”.

2. For the top 3 I suggest the following;
First place: + 150 experience (so +25)
Second place: + 100 experience (new)
Third place: + 50 experience (new)

3. Not only for the placing of the game you should be rewarded, but also for the effort you have put into the game. That’s why I’d suggest that killing someone (which in Skywars eliminates the person completely from the game, other than Eggwars (!)) also gives the player a bit of experience, and not only points which is the case now. For e.g + 5 experience. You level-up for the time you have spent on Cubecraft, the literal experience you have been through. The skill of a player is a big factor in this and that’s why the winner gets (now) + 125 experience. So why not reward the players for their skill eliminating players too? I think + 5 experience for each kill is very reasonable.

You have made it to the end! Thanks for reading and share your thoughts in the comments! :cube_light::heart:

~ JDgamers


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Aug 4, 2017
meow meow
I have been waiting for a quality suggestion like this. Thank you for answering my prayers 🙏

Jokes aside, I wholeheartedly agree with this suggestion, but I don't think it should stop at just Java Edition and just SkyWars. Both the Java and Bedrock experience gaining/leveling system could use a total rework, including giving out more experience for certain games.

A game of teams of 4 EggWars on Bedrock gives 250 EXP and can only take a few (let's say 3-4) minutes. Survival Games solo & teams and SkyWars solo games would take about the same amount of time, yet you'd earn half of that EXP. On top of that, playing games such as MinerWare grants a maximum of 125 EXP for 1st place, 100 for 2nd and 75 for 3rd, but the games take about twice to thrice as long as a short SkyWars game. In my opinion, it's rather unfair towards players of these games.

So, yes, I would love to see this get implemented, but it shouldn't stop at just SkyWars on Java. Major agree!
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