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  1. R

    SkyWars Cubecraft getting invaded by PC aliens.

    I don't know what happened to Cubecraft Skywars lately, but ever since this new 1.19 update, the PC players just have been pouring into the server. I would often join a Skywars solo game on maps that have small islands that are close to each other and get absolutely rekt early in the game (when...
  2. fatcatrq

    Wind Charge Game

    The new Wind Charge item from the latest snapshot is cool and unique and would be really cool in a game. It could be added as special chest items in Skywars. Or a item to buy from the Eggwars shop. Even making a Microgame for Minerware using wind charges would be really fun. Not often do they...
  3. fatcatrq

    Bedrock Gap glitch

    Through all the glitches on the server there is one that stands out as by far the worst. There is a glitch that when you eat a gap you don't get the effect although the animation still happens. The way you can tell if it's happening it that when it is glitching there is no sound. While fighting...
  4. DjaroGames

    Java Bring back strategy and verticality in maps to Skywars

    One of the main draws of CubeCraft Skywars, in my opinion, was the more strategic gameplay. While you can get your kit, rush other islands, and die in 10 seconds on any Skywars server, CubeCraft generally had islands further apart. Your starting island generally had ores, wood, and hay bales...
  5. ElFlxen_

    Builds Eggwars Solo / Skywars Solo - Voidness

    Theme: Void corruption I know the map submissions are closed but, a couple monts ago I had the idea of creating a map with this theme Screenshots I hope you like this map!
  6. J

    Bedrock Cubecraft need better autoclicker detector

    i noticed a lot of people use autoclick, i play eggwars a lot and there some many people who can put more than 12 blocks in less than a second, but suspicioslly they are not that good at pvp, i think its bit easy identify someone with autoclick, but why cubecraft dont do something. personally...
  7. TBroz15

    Bedrock Skywars Solo Map "Neon" causes lag

    Skywars Solo Map "Neon" causes more lag than other maps, due to tons of end rods used in the map emitting particles that decrease frames per second. The solution is to substitute something for end rods and entity blocks.
  8. TBroz15

    Lucky Islands The Ultimate Guide to Lucky Islands

    Hello, Cubecrafters! This is my take on guiding you on how to play Lucky Islands! I have been an enthusiast in this game mode since I started playing Cubecraft for around 5 years. Now I have mastered the art of Lucky Islands and am sharing the strategies on how to win for you. Take note, that...
  9. _EliteDavy

    Java Switf Sneak enchantment

    Remove swift sneak from skywars. I think I'm not the only one who experienced this: It's a bit painful when you want to rush (on maps where the middle is a bit far like: elements, explosive) in normal or overpowered mode and you start speed bridging (shift bridging/ shift jump bridging) to...
  10. Reesle

    Bedrock Gamebox Chest Skin Suggestion 👾

    Introduction: Good afternoon! Today I will be making a suggestion regarding the Gamebox Chest Skin. It will be short and to the point. Suggestion: As some of you may know, about two weeks ago, Cubecraft released their newest cosmetic: the Gamebox Chest Skin. This cosmetic is really nice...
  11. Reesle

    Bedrock Update Skywars Profile Background ☁️

    Introduction Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having an amazing day/night. Today I will be making a simple suggestion regarding the Skywars Profile Background. Problem As some of you may know, once you reach VIP level 29 on Bedrock Edition you’ll receive a Skywars Hub Profile Background. The...
  12. yudo

    Java Team Skywars Revival!

    Dear CubeCraft Players and Staff I'd like to suggest the next thing, see I really enjoyed playing Team Skywars on CubeCraft, I have great memories and made great friends on there, friends I still talk to 'till this day, I really miss Team Skywars ever since it got removed last year. Beside I do...
  13. PieCreeper

    All Networks Each player should have their own chests in Team SkyWars.

    In Solo SkyWars, the player has 3 chests on their island containing everything they need. In Team SkyWars, there are many chests containing items that anyone on the team can take. The problem with that is a random teammate may hog all of the items and take everything from the chests instead of...
  14. PieCreeper

    All Networks SkyWars teams should be colors instead of numbers.

    In team SkyWars, each team is differentiated by a number. The problem with that is from a distance, it is hard to tell who is on a team and who isn't. Approaching multiple people all on different teams is much safer than a whole team, but you may find out which one it is too late. I think each...
  15. PieCreeper

    Bedrock SkyWars Anvil not giving me my combined item.

    In SkyWars, I tried to combine the enchantments of two swords into a stronger one. However, the anvil kept refusing to give me the sword. Whenever I tried to get it, it appeared in my inventory for a second then went back to the anvil. Is there a reason to that?
  16. Deepslate3D

    Video two orphans 1v1 in blockgame to settle their differences

  17. Deepslate3D

    Video Can I win bridge if I wait 10 seconds?

  18. _EliteDavy

    Implemented Java Skywars map rotation system

    Make maps rotate in skywars for java. The rotation could happen in maybe in a week or two like the weekly special items. When a rotation would happen it would bring back some old maps (snake, tron, music, desert, rainbow, sundae etc....) and some of the current ones. If the rotation comes to a...
  19. D

    All Networks New featured items

    Hot potato(from lucky blocks) Bring back trident BUT only has 2 durability Ender Pearls(that dont instantly kill you) Fishing rod(for java players maybe magnet item or smth for bedrock) VERY rare(0.00000000000000000001%) chance of getting "ban hammer" instntly destroys some armour types and...
  20. Casualpoalrbear

    Do you have a positive Skywars win/loss ratio (Weekly poll 47)

    And what tips do you have for players who don't?
  21. JDgamers

    Java Skywars Java: Experience Earning

    Experience Earning Hey guys! I’m here to suggest something which concerns the experience (xp) earning on Skywars (Java). As Cubecraft has removed a ton of games some time ago, there now are fewer ways to earn experience and level -up. The game that now gives you the most experience upon...
  22. D

    All Networks Add Perks To Skywars And Stats All Round

    I feel that skywars is not put as much though and effort into as the other game so I think adding perks will make skywars that bit more fun and engaging to the playerbase and it will give a reason for the players to play. I also think that there should be a reward for wins apart from exp to give...
  23. nexnc

    Have cheaters increased a lot after the new update?

    I have logged in after a week or so and I have noticed a lot of cheaters in Skywars (I mostly play solos but i can't talk about other game modes). For comparison before the update I used to get 1-2 cheaters out of 10 games but now it feels like the numbers are reversed. I kid you not, I get...
  24. agatecarrot517

    All Networks Add Armour trims to CubeCraft

    Hello, Today I’m making a suggestion about adding armour trims to CC. I know there’s already a thread about adding armour trims to EggWars, but this suggestion is different, so with no further to introduce here it goes: Basically with the launch of Minecraft 1.20 Armour trims were added to...
  25. klutch 1 cps

    Bedrock Completely remove and revoke bedrock walking bridging or whatever you call it

    Please remove that stupid bedrock walking bridge that these kids keep doing. Im sorry but if you are bad at bridging in this game it is seriously a skill issue, there should be no reason why i look at someone in skywars on their island and then i turn around to loot a chest and not even 3...
  26. Youseef Al-Rifai

    Bedrock Improvement Suggestion for SkyWars: Rewarding Players upon Defeating the Warden

    would like to suggest an improvement idea to experience our beloved game. I've noticed that a new map titled "Warden" has been added, and although players are having exciting adventures in this map, I've noticed that players aren't getting any reward when killing cannons. In my opinion, it...
  27. N

    100 kills 0 death

    Básicamente la idea era superar los 50 kills que logré sin conseguir muertes, el récord que me puse fue llegar a los 100... lo cual fracasé porque terminé llegando a los 60 xd, en fin... lo haré otro día ... Supongo
  28. SeiiShogun

    All Networks More Maps & Survival Games

    Hope you guys are doing good. So, I'm a regular on your server, right? Absolutely love the SkyWars and FFA games. Been grinding on them day and night, and it's been a blast! But, you know what they say, variety is the spice of life, and I reckon we could use a bit more of that spice on the...
  29. Tommy Boi

    All Networks SkyWars Suggestion: New featured items!

    👋Hi everyone! This is an idea that's been I've thought about for some time. A while ago CubeCraft introduced featured items to SkyWars (I just checked and that update was over a year ago, man do I feel old). Featured items were a really cool idea - the changing featured items each week allowed...
  30. Youseef Al-Rifai

    All Networks New event

    I have an idea for a new event that happens every week or month It is the return of an old map in the Eggwars or skywars This event makes players more excited and also helps content makers to create more videos :cube_arrow: :agree: I agree :cube_arrow: :unsure: I don't know...
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