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  1. Roxrock

    Bedrock Teaming in lucky Islands solos

    After encountering a match where a player attempted to team with me, I’ve decided to bring this topic up here. Teaming is currently punishable in lucky islands solos. However, in my opinion, it should not be banned and here’s why: Lucky islands currently has no duos mode, and groups of two...
  2. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands Why do you like/dislike lucky islands?

    This week’s discussion will cover some questions which will be very important in helping me with future feedback posts. I want to figure out what you guys think about lucky islands in general and why. Here are the questions you could answer in your reply: If you like lucky islands, what do you...
  3. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI topic discussion #8: Item ideas

    Last week, I wanted to know what items in lucky islands you guys like the most. This week, I wanted to brainstorm ideas for new items in lucky islands. When making your responses, be sure to include which lucky block(s) your item comes out of, how rare your item is, and what it might do...
  4. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI topic discussion #7: Favorite item

    Lucky islands has a wide variety of items that don’t exist in regular Minecraft and have interesting abilities and behaviors. This week, I am curious which items you guys like the most. In your response, you can include why you like the items you pick, which single item you like the most, and...
  5. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI topic discussion #6: Thoughts on recent updates

    Last week, I asked you guys what you would want to see most in the next lucky islands update, and I am happy for the high amount of responses it received. This week, rather than focusing on future updates, I am curious to know what your opinions are on the recent updates to lucky islands. This...
  6. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI Topic discussion #5: Next update

    This week, I want to find out what you guys would like to see most in the next lucky islands update. If there is something specific you want that I didn’t include, be sure to reply, as a lot of the listed ideas are all thing I have asked for in the past, or things I’ve seen in previous updates...
  7. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI topic discussion #4: Kit ideas

    Last week, I made a poll in order to figure out which lucky islands kits were the most and least preferred, which can be found here. The distribution of votes clearly shows that most people prefer and don’t prefer the same kits. I believe this is because kits, in their current state, are not...
  8. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI topic discussion #3: Ranking Kits

    In lucky islands, you are able to choose a kit, which gives you certain items upon the start of the game. Here are the kits if you aren’t aware of all the options: Of course, not all kits are created equal and I consider some kits to be objectively better than others. This week, I am curious...
  9. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI topic discussion #2: Maps

    This week, I want to hear about some of your favorite and least favorite maps in lucky islands. The poll here is only for solos since I don’t actually think I know all of the teams of 4 maps, and certainly don’t know the duels maps. If you want to share your favorite teams of 4 maps, you could...

    Discussion Thread: CubeCraft Events

    CubeCraft organizes events throughout the year, which events have you participated in and enjoyed the most? Are there any events that you'd like to see more of, or any ideas for new events that you think would be fun and engaging? Let it us know down below:

    Java Bedrock Let's Talk About Our Favorite CubeCraft Games!

    As CubeCraft Games players, I think it would be great to have a thread dedicated to discussing our favorite games on the server. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new player, everyone is welcome to share their thoughts and opinions. What are your top picks for CubeCraft Games? Do you...
  12. Hoshi

    Hoshi’s Polls & Discussions - #6

    ❓ Today’s Topic: CubeTubers Here is #6 of the (weekly) polls! TOPIC QUESTIONS ➜ Do you watch any CubeTubers / streamers, and if so, which? Would you recommend them? ➜ What type of content do you enjoy watching from these CubeTubers? ➜ Around what is the ideal video length for these CubeTubers’...
  13. Hoshi

    Hoshi's Polls & Discussions - #5

    ❓ Today's topic: CubeCraft Celebrating #5 with CubeCraft as its topic! :cube_light: TOPIC QUESTIONS ➜ When did you first join CubeCraft? ➜ Do you play Java, Bedrock, or both? ➜ How would you describe your gameplay style? (Ex: PvP or non-PvP games enjoyer, casual or tryhard, etc.) ➜ Which is...
  14. Hoshi

    Hoshi's (Weekly) Polls & Discussions - #3

    ❓ Today's topic: Video Games I may be a day late, but I won't let that keep me from posting these altogether... 😶‍🌫️ Questions: ➜ Which network(s) do you play on? (Java / Bedrock) ➜ Do you enjoy Minecraft, and if so, why? ➜ Which game launchers/platforms are you acquainted with? ➜ Do you play...
  15. Hoshi

    Hoshi's (Weekly) Polls & Discussions - #2

    ❓ Today's topic: Sauces, Spices & Seasonings Questions: ➜ Do you ever cook? ➜ Do you add sauces, spices and seasonings to your meals? ➜ Which meals are perfect for you to do so? ➜ What’s your favourite sauce/dressing? ➜ What’s your favourite spice? ➜ What’s your favourite seasoning? My own...
  16. L

    SkyWars Skywars

    Can you guys comment down below about any tactics or anything related to Skywars? This would be great as this could help people who are new or are not great at the game.
  17. La J

    What’s ur Favourite Song

    Hi getting bored so let’s discuss bout what is y’all favourite song Mines: After Dark - MrKitty
  18. Cubelett

    Which client should i use and why?

    Good afternoon CubeCrafters!☀️ I've been using Lunar Client for a while now, but I've noticed several cubecraft related videos the players use completely different clients. These clients looked nice so I started looking at other clients and the differences between the clients. I am very curious...
  19. GrimstrrMCBE

    What are the worst skywars solo map(s)?

    I've seen a lot of threads talking about the best skywars solo map, so why not switch it up? What are, in your opinion, the worst skywars solo map(s) in the game? I'll start with my 4 least favorite maps. Those maps are Party, Canyon, Savannah, and Trees (Savannah and Trees are almost tied...
  20. H

    Bedrock Which of these Kits do you think could be added into Eggwars

    Which two would you prefer? Maybe at some point one or more of these kits could be added
  21. I

    Is anyone else getting this bug?

    I place a block but when I want to remove it it shows the breaking process slowly then breaks and replaces itself in less than 2 seconds also when I break a block that I have not placed (skyblock generation) I can't place it back. Can someone help me please?
  22. Orientalz

    Creepiest thing you have seen!

    I'm in the mood to hear some stories! Would love for anyone to respond with something creepy they have seen in real life before x <3 <3 <3
  23. W

    My 4 problems with survial games

    1. Disappearing hud, (now I know that cube craft isn't responsal for this, so I'm not really mad them, but it's still annoys me) When I'm playing survival games I hate the fact that my hud dissapears, and at times when I get into a fight I won't know how close to death, I am, which often leads...
  24. lightindonut

    diamond enchantments

    okay 100 levels of xp to enchant one piece of diamond armor come on none will ever get that since when you die you lose 20% its just impossible, getting to level 50 is already really hard and it gets harder every level. just set the xp level price to 50 so its still fun to play and try to...
  25. General Kenobi

    any jojo fans out there

    Everyone should watch Jojo’s bizarre adventure. More than the anime, the real pleasure comes from getting the references people post online. if anyone here is a jojo fan i’d love to discuss jojo on the cubecraft forums. I wanted to post this meme also, but I’m sure nobody’d get it
  26. DragonLord

    Add Store to bug reports

    Hello! I was trying to report a store bug but I noticed that there isn't actually an option to report store bugs. As you can see in the following screenshot, there is no option. Unless you have to report store bugs to someone like Joe, I see no reason for there not to be an option for it. I've...
  27. Kazu144p

    My problem with Overpowered Skywars

    Hello to all CUBECRAFT FANS, Today I got and interesting topic to talk about. I want to talk about my problems with OVERPOWERED Skywars and how it destroys the gaming expirience on this server for me. I always play Skywars SOLO & TEAM at the cubecraft server and enjoying the game very much...
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