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bedrock edition

  1. Shadowcade

    Anyone turned there device into a oven?

    I'm just say'n, but anyone turned there device into a oven playing the cubecraft 50 vs 50 blockwars ? I mean I have, I cooked some cake and brownies, too bad my oven exploded and I died before I could eat any. Tell me what you made with ur personal oven. (P.S This thread is a total joke, I...
  2. az3ry

    Skyblock Farming Qs

    1. Does Fortune work on wheat? ( or any crops for that matter ) 2. What's the best XP farm if I'm on birch forest island?? +any tips for advancing in skyblock would be nice :)
  3. C

    what is the best armour overall in magic and mayhem

    I am quite new to this game, and I am wondering what is the best armour overall in the game so I can spend my time getting the armour, as I am currently working with a cyclone helmet, elytra, glacial leggings and boots.
  4. É

    Switching owners in skyblock bedrock

    Dear cubecraft team i was wondering if there was anyway to change the owner of a skyblock on bedrock and if yes how can we do it bec I want to invite someone but my friend is a casual player. help me quick please
  5. S

    Bedrock Move Back The Pressure Plates

    In Bedrock Edition on the Parkour Levels gamemode, Cubecraft recently moved the pressure plates back to prevent players from running off the edge when they were teleported back onto the starting platform. I've included pictures of the pressure plate locations from Barn Level 1, the first picture...
  6. eternalmariam

    Hello everyone!!

    Hi! I am Mariam (MAR- YIE- M/ or Mari if you can’t pronounce my name lol). I am from Egypt, my pronouns are she/her. I play MCBE. Cubecraft had been lately my top server since there isn’t alot of sweats and its chill. I don’t have any friends in the community so it would be nice to have some! My...
  7. GeoJosh7

    GeoJosh7 - Introduction 🥳

    Hi! My name is GeoJosh7! You can either call me Geo or Josh (idc) And I am a bedrock edition player. I wouldn't call myself a good bedrock edition player at PvP... But I can jump bridge. I,ɯ ɟɹoɯ ∀nsʇɹɐlᴉɐ ɐup ʍɥǝɹǝ ndsᴉpǝ poʍu ɥǝɹǝ. My gamertag is the same as my name. I love to travel...
  8. F

    Big OOF

    So I crafted the daylight sensor and added a boost wonce my quartz was done generating I just got the quartz and then they just turn into terracotta that I could mine ALL my gens were gone :( And also I can’t grow trees for some reason (this is for bedrock edition) my username is Free...
  9. P

    Sharpness enchant glitch

    I upgraded one of my weapons to sharpness 2 and looting 2. However when I hit a mob, the damage done was the same as a stone sword with no enchants. Is there anyway to fix this?
  10. P

    Bedrock Bedrock UHC

    I'd love to see an Ultra HardCore game mode come to cube craft. If you didn't already know, UHC is a battle royale style game with a resource gathering period and then a PVP time. A border will begin to close in at some point and the map will get smaller and smaller until someone emerges...
  11. King of Kittens!


    cubecraft skywars is the best skywars ive ever played, EVER! I've been play cubecraft skywars for months now, and the first time was possibly 2 years ago. I play on xbox on my uncle's account on xbox, All Is Known. He never plays minecraft though, so i always just spend hours playing cubecraft...
  12. B

    Bedrock Prefixes For Players On The Leaderboard

    People would be able to use a special prefix based on what leaderboard they are are, and it would make people try to achieve a goal and play more.
  13. L

    Bedrock skywars leaderboard?

    me and my aunt both play skywars on your bedrock server and are quite good at it we were wondering if there could be a leaderbiard added so we can try to get on it many thanks for reading riley
  14. FiveAlpaca19151

    Bedrock Hackers and Sentinels.

    Hackers on skywars are getting worse, untill today i didn´t have account on cubecraft web so everytome i saw a hacker i went to lobby for sentinel to report it, only one sentinel was nice adnd when i gave him nicks he banned them but only 1. Lots of sentinels do not care about this problem one...
  15. R

    Should Bedrock edition have an anti cheat?

    I have been grinding on skywars recently and i’ve noticed a lot of kill aura and fly hackers in my games. I have trouble reporting them since it’s impossible for me to gather evidence. A basic anti cheat that detects fly hackers would be nice.
  16. K

    Bedrock New Games for Bedrock

    There should be some new games for the bedrock edition of the server. I love the server but all there is to play are some generic games which can be found on most servers. Personally, I think there should be about 2 extra games than there already are, such as an Elytra game and a Super Paintball...
  17. Dubby Plays

    Bedrock Adding a "/report player" command on Cubecraft Bedrock

    Given that they have heralded more activity from the moderators on the Bedrock Edition, I think they could add this command there too (if they will be online on the server). Many other small servers also use it, so I don't see why they can't put it on Cubecraft Bedrock as well. Do you say that...
  18. Dubby Plays

    Bedrock Changing the text color of the amount of wins in leaderboards (from Lime Green to a darker color)

    Am I the only one to not be able to read the amount of wins of a player when he see the statistics (wins) of him? I try to make an example: it's something like this but on a Light Grey background; 1st > ElGera16 Wins: 8339 The name is a bit readable, but the number (amount) of wins is...
  19. SoundToTheThirdPower

    Bedrock Bring hub parkour to bedrock edition!

    I was playing on java edition cubecraft awhile back and saw there was parkour in the hub, it was fun to do and i think having a parkour for bedrock players would be fun too! happy new years everyone!
  20. FatPerson115

    Highest Kill Game?

    what is the highest kill game of sky wars for the bedrock edition? I just got an 8 kill game in a game with 12 players is this the highest?
  21. Andrew Gustafson

    Bedrock best kits in all modes & games

    i thought it would be nice making a video explaning all the kits in the game that actually good
  22. Foxy011

    Bedrock Bedrock Needs More Games

    Hey all! Bedrock is showing to have a lot more popularity than Java nowadays, and now that PS4 has joined bedrock and will soon have access to featured servers as well, I do believe bedrock will be more fun and successful with more available games. I believe that some games that used to be on...
  23. Foxy011

    Bedrock Can’t see writing for microgame

    I’ve recently tried bedrock edition for the first time (pocket edition). I find it pretty annoying you can’t see the microgame that’s coming up next in Minerware. A friend of mine plays on Xbox and experiences the same problem. I do think this needs to be fixed/ changed! Perhaps have the...
  24. Trixis1

    Java (deleted)

  25. Stealth Ninja

    Back To School Bundle

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could tell me, I am considering buying the Back To School Bundle. In the Back To School Bundle, you get 2 cages. Do the cages work on EggWars too? In the picture, it's demonstrated on SkyWars but I mostly play on EggWars.
  26. YahirplaysMC123

    What are all the V.I.P level rewards on bedrock

    I simply want to know all the rewards so that i can see what you get for each vip level, im on level 5 and i dont know if its worth going higher
  27. B

    Video Tutorial - Pumpkin Hunt 2019 - ALL LOCATIONS! (Cubecraft Bedrock Edition)

    Hi everyone! In this video I will show you the route to every Pumpkin themed candy buckets in main lobby! Enjoy
  28. O

    Bedrock Clans/Guilds (Bedrock & Java Edition)

    Ok,Cubecraft Games is one of the hottest bedrock servers out right now. I think clans are just what cubecraft needs though. Tbh, there is little to no competition on the featured servers so adding clans will motivate people to be on the leaderboards and grind for the top spot. The layout should...
  29. Y

    Bedrock FASTEST win???

  30. W

    I need help. Can't report someone | Win10

    I was able to record a hacker but I can't report him since /registerreports doesn't work on Win10. I can't click it, nothing happens. What should I do? EDIT: I'm playing on bedrock.
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