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Should the pressure plates Move?

  • The pressure plates should move

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  • The pressure plates should stay

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Jun 24, 2021
In Bedrock Edition on the Parkour Levels gamemode, Cubecraft recently moved the pressure plates back to prevent players from running off the edge when they were teleported back onto the starting platform. I've included pictures of the pressure plate locations from Barn Level 1, the first picture is before the change while the second picture is after the change. This makes it easier for new players on TouchPad devices. However, the change did not come without its downsides. Moving the pressure plates back has made times set previously before the move start earlier than they do now. This means some times are now impossible to beat or at the very least much more difficult. The biggest downside—and why I'm here—is the fact that Java times cannot be compared to Bedrock times after this change since they start at different positions. This is a big letdown for players who love to push themselves to new heights from intense competition. Unlike Competitive Parkour in which you duel a single player, Parkour Levels focuses on your time, a number that lets you face off the entire world. Speedrunning has become a phenomenon for that aspect, and the Parkour Levels is no exception - https://www.speedrun.com/cubecraft_parkour. This community has now been opened to the Bedrock playerbase with the new Parkour Update, and it has closed just as quickly with this new move. As a Bedrock Player interested in trying out this new way of play, I urge CubeCraft to move the pressure plates back. I argue that moving the pressure plates to make it easier for new players is a change no different from filling the gaps between jumps. Parkour is about the challenge, reducing the difficulty in this way is against the inherent nature of Parkour. I have included a poll for those reading this thread to express whether they believe the pressure plates should be moved or should stay. I thank everybody who participates in the poll and I thank you for reading this.

Disclaimer: This is not hate on CubeCraft, but rather negative feedback on an action that they believed was the right choice. Provide constructive criticism when they do something you don't agree with rather than hating on them.


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Jun 24, 2021
I totally agree with you. The pressure plates were also moved in Java, and it has been really annoying for the exact same reasons. I am a parkour speedrunner, and it makes it a lot harder to beat your old times. Please Cubecraft, change this back to how it was.
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