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  • Just gathering some ideas and things, but what would you guys idea on a magic and mayhem inspired game - Like a pvp game but with lore and other elements from magic and mayhem?
    Just lmk if you would play it or something like that
    Im getting desperate, hopefully more people see this

    Cubecraft. I'm aware an update is coming in approx 11 hours. I'm onto you. My friends examined all of the tweets and have concluded it either Parkour or Magic and Mayhem or Halloween (The last one least likely)
    My friend has examined the evidence with me and my search history now complies on time zone conversions from bst. even looking at previous tweets and the time certain events were released. Cubecraft. I already know your secrets.

    (why did I write this paragraph)

    (My original was to long)
    I'm sorry to all football fans watching great Britain and Australia in the Olympics. Imagine 4 nations losing to a place that doesn't exist. (sorry to all British people for this joke)
    I just got a Covid Test. Because there was some locally acquired cases for the first time in 2 months. I went at 9:25am and got back at 11:50am. IT TOOK 2 HOURS AND 25 MINUTES TO GET A TEST.
    I feel sorry for all those people who just got there lol.
    Wave Master7S
    Wave Master7S
    Mine took 2 minutes Andy they stook to ear picks up my nose and went five inches into literally I could feel my ear when they did the test.
    If you get less that 20% on a true or false test then you are smart. EIther that or your extremely unlucky
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