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  1. I

    All Networks Bonemeal in slyblock

    In skyblock bonemeal should take 2% time off crops(wheat, stems, thr items that grow off stems, etc.) and 1% time off trees. For example if a crop takes 100 minutes to grow then it should take 50 bonemeal to grow it. Or if a tree takes 100 minutes then it should take 100 bonemeal to grow it. To...
  2. Dqnny_

    Best Tips to Start

    Hey! As you could already tell by the title of this thread I need tips to start skyblock. I’m thinking of starting a new java skyblock series on youtuber because i haven’t seen any1 do a java series yet and i have the basic concept of skyblock i got to the birch island on solo but this time i...
  3. S

    My Ideas for update

    Please add auto seed planting or planting tool to a larger area. Please add a wand to sell all items form chest. Please add the statistics of who got the most potatoes, for example.
  4. S

    All Networks Deleting profiles

    Hello, I wish for an opportunity to delete your solo accounts as well. I for example have a coop island where i played a lot with a friend. Since he was able to play way more than me, he did most the work. Especially the beginning of skyblock, the first 2 or 3 islands, are finished very fast...
  5. GiantDrew452

    Leveled Spawner

    If a spawner would be level three in broken would it drop as a level three or would it drop as a level one?
  6. Vixie183

    water bug/glitch

    Hi, after a long break, i've been playing skyblock here again, and because of a quest where i need string for wool, i wanted to make a spider farm. After making some adjustment to it, i wanted to place the water, but while placing the water, the things in the pictures happened, and i dont think...
  7. OwenDawg

    Lure fishing glitch ?

    Is this glitch still a thing ? I’m trying to enchant my iron sword to lvl 8 looting and need a bunch of xp and so far fishing is the best. I read that there was a glitch after enchanting to lvl 6 lure bc technically it was “0 seconds”. Is this still happening or was it fixed ?
  8. C

    Skyblock Java - All of my rails turned to Bedrock?

    I logged on yesterday after having not played for about two weeks and I noticed something odd. Every single spot where I had a rail now has a block of bedrock. I'm not sure how many total this is because I had a lot of rails, but it's probably in the hundreds. Even if I place a new rail down it...
  9. OwenDawg

    Looting 3+

    I was wondering how looting effects drops past the vanilla limit of 3, and if it was worth enchanting. I saw other threads related to it but I didn’t understand it much so if someone could explain that would be great!
  10. OwenDawg

    Does fortune 3 work on leaves ?

    I have a large tree farm that is using more saplings than its producing, for oak this isn’t a problem since they are cheap to buy, but for birch and acacia they are extremely expensive. Is it possible to use fortune on leaves to get more saplings? If not what are my options to get more?
  11. P

    Chunck bug possible duplication

    Hello, we were bothered by a bug which can become very annoying if we want to duplicate. This happened after a server restart, I noticed that part of the mob farm that my friend built was missing, so I told him look, you forgot a part, he told me no, I couldn't have placed the extra water. From...
  12. OwenDawg

    Ocelots not killing chickens

    I have a chicken farm using ocelots to kill the chickens that suddenly stopped working. I’ve been using it for about 3-4 days without fail. Nothing is wrong with them spawning they just won’t kill the chickens anymore. I have went to the skyblock hub, cubecraft hub, left and rejoined, restarted...
  13. OwenDawg

    Sculptor Quest Glitch

    While doing the Sculptor quest where you need to build 200 Stone bricks, 200 Chiseled Stone Bricks, and 200 Cracked Stone bricks I discovered a glitch. When making the Chiseled stone bricks I was able to craft them back into stone slabs, which then I could craft them into Chiseled stone bricks...
  14. OwenDawg

    What is the best way to get rid of arrows ?

    What are some good ways to get rid of arrows? I’m on ps5 and it’s annoying to toss each stack out individually, they always take up so much space and you can’t even sell them. Any ideas let me know! Btw I am on the Acacia island
  15. B


    My friend and I restarted are sky block but we cant complete the quest let there be light 3 because we cant craft torches we have all the resources but it wont pop up in the crafting menu
  16. S

    Skyblock Maintenance

    Is no one going to talk about why Skyblock on Bedrock is on Maintenance? How long is it going to last? Please answer my question if possible
  17. H


    I have a suggestion and that is trading in the skyblock hub. You would do /trade username123 to the person you want to trade with
  18. E

    Questions about Skyblock as a brand new user.

    Okay, so I'm very new to Skyblock, in fact, I've never played it fully before two days ago when I was bored and saw it on Cubecraft. I've seen the concept, it seems fun, and since I'm trash at PVP I decided to give it a try. I read the FAQs thread but did not find this information there so I...
  19. E

    barrels, chests, and waterlogging issues

    I can't craft barrels in skyblock and I also can't waterlog things and put chests next to each other. Are these intended features or bugs?
  20. Fotus

    Skyblock PvP

    Just imagine a pvp arena area(like the nether and end portal) after you complete a special quest, you can fight people with the loot you have on you from the skyblock you’ve been grinding on. On top of this every kill you get you get to take 10% of there coins and 20% of their exp. This will...
  21. X


    die mission ist schon etwas übertrieben aber nja. Ich soll 15.000 zucker craften. wie habt ihr das geschafft? Da man immerhin fast 18 stunden warten muss damit Zuckerrohr wächst. Habt ihr dazu tipps.
  22. B

    Why i can't craft boats?

    Today I played on a Skyblock, built a water main on my island from the oak forest to the plains, and when I wanted to drive through it, I tried to make a boat, but I couldn't. Why?
  23. radfordalfie

    Resetting Starting Island

    Is there any way that I could reset my starting island profile? I made it ages ago and wanna start fresh.
  24. S1ard

    Java Trading

    In Skyblock you cannot trade. I understand that, since the entire gamemode is based around unlocking and THEN being able to get stuff. But how about you can only receive stuff you've already unlocked? That would be very helpful! :D Thanks for reading my proposal, and as always, have an epic day!
  25. X

    Skyblock zusammen spielen?

    Ich wollte mit meiner Freundin zusammen auf Skyblock spielen und weiß aber nicht wie ich das machen soll oder was machen muss. .Könnte mir da jemand helfen?
  26. M

    Hidden Drops

    I'm not sure if this is a problem on my end or just the servers, but I can't see how many spider eyes/string I need to upgrade my spider spawner. It's already level 8 and I can't figure out how to fix it. If someone can help that would be really appreciated.
  27. É

    Bug with the quartz

    When you have in your hand quartz block and you try to turn them into slabs it’s just turn them into nether bricks slabs. You can’t get those nether slabs out of your inventory or place them because when you place them and go back to the skyblock and reconnect they just disappeare. Here is a...
  28. 𝓧𝓪𝓿𝓲 | 𝓖𝓸𝓸𝓯𝔂

    🚧 WIP - Revamp of Skyblock FAQ

    Hey there! It's me again trying his best to create an helpful thread again! This time I need you to chose with me! I am trying to make a thread which will answer a lot of questions frequently asked by players. I will be doing this by using pictures. Under here you will find a spoiler called...
  29. warzhaa

    Close-quarters combat

    Hi everyone, I have the Close-quarters combat quest in my skyblock but it's impossible for me to do it. I don't know how to do. Sometimes my zombie kill count but sometimes it doesn't count. Can you help me ?
  30. yaboy_John

    Skyblock stock system

    I know this will be hard to make but it would definitely engage players more and create a more active and returning player base. So what i am talking about is a stock system based with values of item shares based on the amount bought and sold on the skyblock store. Players will keep on coming...
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