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  1. quinman24

    Bedrock skyblock bedrock chest skins support

    i think Maby you guys should add the chest skins in to skyblocks someday.
  2. T

    Skyblock At what height does it take for a level 19 Zombies to be one-hit?

    Just got back into playing minecraft recently and decided to continue playing my old save to see that i have an old level 19 zombie grinder that is no longer one shot-able, and deciding to re built it. What height do i need for level 19 Zombies?
  3. L

    Skyblock people joining

    Hi so I’ve been playing solo Skyblock for the last while and there’s been 2 incidents where someone has joined my game two diff usernames this is over an hour into the game now, is it maybe moderators checking people aren’t cheating? Just a bit spooked as it says they joined but not that they...
  4. L

    Skyblock Dying amour blue

    Hi all, I can’t complete the task paint yourself blue, it won’t let me dye armour, I’m playing on the switch and just cannot figure this out I only know how to dye armour the way with the cauldron or with dye but neither seems to work pls help!
  5. FamSte

    All Networks Add Minions To Skyblock!

    How About you add Minions To Skyblock to make Farming Crops or ores way easier. They can be bought in the Shop and The more expensive the Crop or ore is the more it costs. Sorry for the bad grammar im German.:heart:
  6. iiLowIQs

    Skyblock Whats your best build?

    I see a lot of people building farms and stuff, but not many "regular" builds. So what are your most impressive or most "Minecraft" builds? I'll start with two of mine.
  7. Z

    Java Skyblock Help on the quest "Violent ends" post 2023 update

    Since the update last year, the witches and other mobs don't ammount to the kill count if they're pushed to the void. Still, without using this previous recommended method, how can I be able to kill - relatively effortlessly - 1,000 witches, since they heal so quickly?
  8. Reesle

    ALL Of My Suggestions + Poll (2023)

    Introduction: Hello everybody! This thread will be an end-of-year thread featuring all of the suggestions I’ve made throughout 2023. Make sure to vote in the poll above to tell me which suggestions of mine were your favourite! Also, feel free to react with :agree:, :unsure:, or :disagree: on any...
  9. Reesle

    Bedrock Skyblock - Goats + New Quest

    Introduction: Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! Today’s suggestion will explore the possibility of adding goats to Skyblock and their mechanics. Hope you like it! Goats: Goats tend to spawn in frozen peaks, jagged peaks, or snowy slopes biomes. With that said, if goats were added to Skyblock, I...
  10. Reesle

    Bedrock New Skyblock Island 6th Edition - Overworld: Mangrove Swamp 🐸

    Introduction: Hey all! Hope you’re having a good morning! Today’s “New Skyblock Island” will be regarding the implementation of a cool new “Mangrove Swamp” Island! It will be of similar length to my last suggestion of this type. Hope you like it! Mangrove Trees: The first thing I propose...
  11. Reesle

    Bedrock Skyblock Armour Trims #1: Wild

    Introduction: Hey everyone! Hope you’re all having a good day! Today’s suggestion will be short and sweet. Suggestion: Today’s simple suggestion will be about adding the “Wild” armour trim to the Jungle island in Skyblock. The armour trim would be found inside a chest in the jungle temple on...
  12. Reesle

    Bedrock New Skyblock Island 5th Edition - Overworld: Frozen Ocean 🧊

    Introduction: Hey all! Hope you’re having a great evening! Tonight’s suggestion will not be as large as the last one, but will still have plenty of ideas! However, if you do not feel like reading it all, please at least take a look at the “summary” section near the bottom. Tonight, I will be...
  13. Reesle

    Skyblock Let’s Talk (#1): Redstone ⁉️

    Hi again! I was thinking about possibly suggesting Redstone being added to Skyblock in one of my upcoming “New Skyblock Island” suggestions. I thought this might be a controversial topic between both players and devs, so I will make a poll above this post for you to vote whether you think...
  14. Reesle

    Bedrock Chains, Hanging Signs, and Lanterns + 3 New Quests

    Introduction: Hello everybody! Hope you’re enjoying your day! Today’s suggestion will be shorter than usual and will spotlight chain, hanging signs, lanterns, and new potential quests! Hope you like it! 🙃 Items: One thing that surprised me when Skyblock updated to 1.19 was the inability to...
  15. Reesle

    Bedrock New Skyblock Island 4th Edition - Overworld: Pillager Outpost 🏹

    Introduction: Hello! Hope everyone reading this is having a good day/night! :D Today I will be suggesting Cubecraft add a new Skyblock Overworld Island called “Pillager Outpost”. This will probably be one of my biggest Skyblock suggestions to date, so if you don’t want to read everything, please...
  16. Reesle

    Bedrock Chiseled Bookshelves & Lecterns + Quests - Skyblock

    Hello! Today I have a short and sweet Skyblock suggestion. Items: Today I’m suggesting that Cubecraft add the ability to craft chiseled bookshelves and lecterns, as they currently are not craftable within the Skyblock gamemode. Chiseled bookshelves would be craftable as of the first island, as...
  17. I

    Skyblock How do you place your ore?

    How do you place your ore in skyblock? Right now I have mine placed on the floor It looks inefficient though and takes up a lot of space
  18. Reesle

    Bedrock New Skyblock Island 3rd Edition - Nether: The Bastion Remnant 🐽

    Hello! Today’s Skyblock suggestion is a little shorter than usual because I don’t have a ton of ideas. However, I think the ones I do have are good enough to be turned into an island. With that said, today I will be suggesting Cubecraft add a new Nether island : The Bastion Remnant. Bastion...
  19. M

    Bedrock SkyBlock Additions

    I would like to see the Crimson Forest, Warped forest and Basalt Delta Biomes be added into Skyblock. Not sure if this has been suggested yet but it is something I'd like to have. Also, I would like to have generators for the other stone type blocks like Andesite, Diorite, Granite, Deep Slate...
  20. I

    Skyblock How to improve my island?

    This is my first post on here so i thought Id start with my most-played gamemode How do you think I can improve my island? Like what to add or remove? . Another picture from higher up
  21. L

    Skyblock Skyblock XP Farms?

    I’m playing a co-op Skyblock and I was just about to start building an xp farm with mobs using fall damage however I’ve noticed that with the spawners you have to be within a certain distance for the mobs to spawn (I think). What is the distance you have to be at for the mobs to spawn and can I...
  22. Deepslate3D

    Video two orphans 1v1 in blockgame to settle their differences

  23. quinman24

    All Networks Bedrock skyblock tool break warnings upgrade

    hi I'm quinman24 an I have a suggestion for the tool break warning system. I thing it needs a audible sound and/or vibrate the controller when message pops up warning the player that his or her tool is about to brake. I have had my tools break on me multiple times because I was not paying...
  24. cryptofrogz

    Bedrock XP for Skyblock

    Xp For Skyblock Wouldn’t it be Great if you could earn xp from skyblock? Currently it is the only game mode on cubecraft that doesn’t reward a player with lobby xp! I have a idea 💡 My idea is for players to be rewarded xp through game time spent on a island 🏝️ For example 1 xp = 1 minute spent...
  25. Fly☆Guy

    Bedrock Adjustments to monster spawner mechanics in skyblock

    As a result of the 1.20 update the range ar which monster spawners in skyblock activate has drastically decreased. I think that the goal of this was to reduce lag but it also ruined lots of farms and made late game xp farming particularly difficult. Due to spawners only working within a certain...
  26. M

    Skyblock Unable to milk cows in bedrock skyblock on mobile

    I am trying to do the violent delights quest where I need to make cakes. But I am unable to miilk cows, like the option just does not show up when I go up to a cow with an empty bucket. Anyone else notice this or having this problem?
  27. Xavi | Goofy

    Bedrock Skyblock Generator Boosts Icon

    Small Quality of Life suggestion, add a picture of the material/crop/sapling the boost will use. :)
  28. B

    Skyblock I can't make snow golem in sky block.

    I can't make a carved pumpkin without iron. How to make it?
  29. krash

    All Networks Wands in Skyblock

    not sure how no one else has suggested this, but the idea of wands popped into my mind. They could be used for PvE, PvP, and so on. They can be pretty basic for newer players, chaotic for more experienced players, and powerful for everyone. Some of the ideas I had were: Fire Orb- Creates a...
  30. ⌋!₼₼¥ $₱₳ↇ€

    Java Bedrock Skyblock Signs

    Can you set signs to work just for Skyblock? I want to be able to label chests to organize items more easily. You could also make it to where it doesn't work for muted players
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