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May 25, 2022
Hello everybody! Hope you’re enjoying your day! Today’s suggestion will be shorter than usual and will spotlight chain, hanging signs, lanterns, and new potential quests! Hope you like it! 🙃

One thing that surprised me when Skyblock updated to 1.19 was the inability to craft chain. Chain is not only used to decorate but also to craft hanging signs, a new Minecraft 1.20 feature. 3 hanging signs are crafted using 6 stripped logs (since 1.19, it is now possible to strip logs in Skyblock) and 2 chains. I propose Cubecraft add chains into Skyblock which would thus also unlock the possibility to craft hanging signs.

One item that I feel deserves a quest is lanterns. Added back in 1.14, they are crafted using 1 torch and 8 iron nuggets. Although they were implemented into Skyblock this past July, there were no new quests that came with the 1.19 update. My first and 2nd quest ideas will include lanterns.
Quest Idea 1: A Light In Darkness
  • Craft 200 lanterns
  • Place 100 lanterns in the Nether.

This quest idea will center around chains.
Quest Idea 2: Stylish Chainsmith
  • Craft 500 chains
  • Hang 25 lanterns from chains

Throughout all of Skyblock I don’t think there’s been a sign quest, so in this quest I will be suggesting both normal and hanging signs. Also, I know that it currently wouldn’t be possible to craft Cherry and Bamboo signs, but I suggested Cubecraft add them in some of my past suggestions so I’m going to include it anyway. If you want to see those suggestions, use these links: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/new-skyblock-island-1st-edition-overworld-bamboo-jungle.354373/ , https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/new-skyblock-island-2nd-edition-overworld-cherry-grove-.354837/ .
Quest Idea 3: Signs A-plenty
  • Craft 32 oak signs
  • Craft 32 spruce signs
  • Craft 32 jungle signs
  • Craft 32 birch signs
  • Craft 32 acacia signs
  • Craft 32 dark oak signs
  • Craft 32 cherry signs
  • Craft 32 bamboo signs
  • Craft 32 oak hanging signs
  • Craft 32 spruce hanging signs
  • Craft 32 jungle hanging signs
  • Craft 32 birch hanging signs
  • Craft 32 acacia hanging signs
  • Craft 32 dark oak hanging signs
  • Craft 32 cherry hanging signs
  • Craft 32 bamboo hanging signs

If other wood types like crimson and warped get implemented, they could also be added into the 3rd quest idea.
Thank you for reading this suggestion! Remember to vote :agree: if you want it to have a chance of being implemented into Skyblock! Have a great Friday night!

- Reesle :)
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May 25, 2022
Would you like to see chains annd hanging signs added to Cubecraft Skyblock? Would you also like to see new chain, hanging signs, and lantern-related quests? If so, make sure to react using :agree:!
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