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May 25, 2022
Hey all! Hope you’re having a good morning! Today’s “New Skyblock Island” will be regarding the implementation of a cool new “Mangrove Swamp” Island! It will be of similar length to my last suggestion of this type. Hope you like it!

Mangrove Trees:
The first thing I propose implementing into this island would obviously be the mangrove tree. Mangrove trees are grown using mangrove propagules, small little sprouts that fall from the leaves of mangrove trees. These trees are also the only ones in Minecraft that have roots when fully grown and are the second wood type in Minecraft to have a red-ish colour (aside from Crimson, of course). This new wood type would provide 22 new blocks including mangrove propagules, mangrove roots, mangrove leaves, mangrove hanging signs, etc.

Some of you may be asking yourself “why are moss carpets also in this image?” And the answer to that is because moss carpets appear on the roots of the mangrove tree once fully grown.

Secondly, I think frogs would be a good addition to this island. As frogs don’t drop any new item, I suggest the frog spawner to be a cheap price of 10 mil/spawner. Not only are many in this community fans of frogs (@cryptofrogz , @hoppyfrog28_ , and others), but frogs are useful for obtaining froglights! The way I’d describe them is that froglights are like sea lanterns but with color and a wood texture. They are very beautiful blocks that have a strong light source and can be used for building or decorating in a Skyblock world. Froglights are dropped when a frog eats a magma cube. There are three different types of froglights: Pearlescent, Verdant, and Ochre. There are also 3 different types of frogs: warm, temperate, and cold. The frog type depends on which environment the tadpole (baby frog) grew up in, and the type of froglight depends on which type of frog is used to kill magma cubes.

Lily Pads:
As of this island onward, I feel that lily pads should be obtainable via a purchase in the shop, as they would be very useful for decorating a Skyblock Island and would make sense to go along with this island’s theme of frogs.

The following are some quest ideas I came up with that I felt would go well with this island.

Idea #1: Hungry Frogs
  • Obtain 64 Pearlescent froglights
  • Obtain 64 Verdant froglights
  • Obtain 64 Ochre froglights

Idea #2: Mangrove Desecrator
  • Break _ Mangrove Logs

Idea #3: Frog Lover
  • Breed 50 frogs using slime balls

Idea #4: Ideal Frog Habitat
  • Purchase 1000 lily pads from the shop
Idea #5: Muddy
  • Turn 500 dirt into mud
  • Craft 64 muddy mangrove roots
  • Craft 150 packed mud
  • Craft 100 mud bricks
Because mud is a newer feature, there are 0 mud quests in Skyblock to my knowledge, so I thought this island might be a good place to have mud quests.

I am proposing Cubecraft add an island centred around the new “Mangrove Swamp” biome. This island would include Mangrove trees which would create the possibility of obtaining 22 additional blocks too! I am also suggesting Cubecraft incorporate frogs into this island. Not only are they a good fit for this island, but they are also useful for obtaining froglights! Froglights are pretty light sources that are useful for both building and decorating. From this island onward, lily pads would be purchasable in the shop.

Thanks for reading this suggestion, hope you liked it! If you did, don’t neglect to vote using :agree: to see it have a chance of being implemented!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

- Reesle 🎄
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May 25, 2022
Man I'm liking how this became a series now. If all of these get added their need to be a hamburger food item that got to be added into Skyblock.
I’m happy you like this suggestion and how this has turned into a series. I got MANY more coming, just gotta turn the points/ideas into paragraphs (which might take a while cause I’m lazy lol).
Next one coming in January, this was the last one of 2023.


Sep 17, 2023
Hola, saludos e visto varias veces que @Reesle eres super activo en el foro, comentando muchas cositas de interés las cuales seria muy bueno que otras personas que no hablan ingles sepan que pasa, así sea una traducción breve porque e leído varios de tus foros y son muy interesantes y tienes ¡¡¡excelentes ideas!!! es un sugerencia dentro de tu sugerencia. ♥ Saludos desde Colombia

Ingles (Translator)
Hello, greetings and I have seen several times that @Reesle you are super active in the forum, commenting on many things of interest which would be very good for other people who do not speak English to know what is happening, even if it is a brief translation because I have read several of your forums and they are very interesting and you have excellent ideas!!! It is a suggestion within your suggestion. ♥ Greetings from Colombia
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