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  1. TheDuda

    Bedrock Cubecraft Needs A Duels Update! Here are some Suggestions.

    This thread is why I think Cubecraft desperately needs a duels update and this thread will be providing suggestions on what is needed, and the benefit of them getting added 1. Classic Duel Gamemodes: One of my, and I'm sure several others biggest problems with cubecraft duels is that it...
  2. TheDuda

    Bedrock These are some bugs to fix and suggestions to make cubecraft minigames more enjoyable!

    Cubecraft is an absolutely amazing server! Recently its also been overtaking the Hive in player counts and this is amazing to see as a person who's played cubecraft consistently since April of 2018! However, like any other server, it has its fair share of problems and a lot of room for...
  3. SoloWarz3405

    Web PFP Boarders

    Hey, Cubecrafters! It's very nice for the VIP, partners, and staff to have smth makes them stand out, so here in this suggestion, I have an idea which makes them stand out more! So, I suggest adding PFP boarders to the ranked, yt, or even staff members, it's simple and very cool. For example...
  4. Dexten

    Bedrock level - elo

    so i was tinken about a elo system someting like this since the level arent used for anything i was thinking keep the level on the scoreboard but remove it from the xp bar and put ur elo there. so it should go like this. u start with a 100 elo and than when u select the npc u can choose ranked...
  5. ITrueMartin

    Bedrock Ranked games (updated with new idea)

    This is something that has been done on none of the featured servers on bedrock edition and I believe it would bring in a brand new competitive aspect aswell as new players and would keep current players playing for longer as people are more likely to play something longer if they can see there...
  6. Awabbatt

    Bedrock Ranked / Level matchmaking

    So even after the new kb and the platform matchmaking (btw great job cube the old kb was broken) there is still a problem. Even if Im PC the games are still Easy, most people are just nons who dont even know how to play the game, getting diamond swords but not getting armor and then I can just...
  7. E

    Bedrock CubeCraft bedrock ranked duels and tournaments

    It would be cool if we would have ranked duels and tournaments because it brings another reason then leaderboard too grind wins. You could compete in tournaments if you have high rank in ranked duels or maybe even you could add ranked to more game modes.
  8. Pandalord163

    Bedrock Ranked skywars, bedwars and survival games

    It would be cool to add a ranked mode, and if you rank high you would be able to get rewards. The ranked mode could work any way, but the simpler, the better. If you win you go up the ranks, if you lose you go down. The loot pool for skywars could be different, for example, ender pearls spawn...
  9. Nuvoh

    Java Ranked games!

    There should be a ranked Skywars, Eggwars. Seasons start and end... You could make it so that you might need a minimum amount of wins to enter. Players start with 0 Rating. As they win games they get rating. For example, people with 100 rating go against people with similar rating. After the...
  10. S

    Bedrock Ranked Eggwars/Skywars

    I think that Eggwars and Skywars on bedrock is not as fun as they could be because of there being a lack of a ranking system. I believe that if you were to make one it would make the game a lot more fun for everyone. People get to play with people the same skill level as them so they don't have...
  11. summurai

    Java skywars ranked.

    NEW concept: Skywars Ranked. By adding skywars ranked players of the same level get together faster. Because of the new leaderboard, there will be played a lot to get on top! addition: players can only join with a rank or with a certain level The bottom line is that there are not too big...
  12. K

    Java Skywars // RANKED

    Hello my dudes! My first time writing a post actually on the Cube forum! Skywars is all fun and its good to play with your friends too, but... Skywars is missing something. The variations of people playing online is big which is good but also bad. People with less skill in Minecraft PVP have a...
  13. Mr.Krabs

    Skill level

    Im posting this on the skywars suggestions because it seems the best for here but it could work where ever. I think the server should add some sort of ranking system where you can play players around your skill level.
  14. XoanGamerYT

    Java Skywars ranked y Eggwars ranked

    Hola, sugiero que en Cubecraft haya Skywars y Eggwars ranked y unranked en la 1.8 y 1.9 para arriba, quizás de esta forma haya más gente en el servidor, pero eso no estoy seguro. A mí me parece buena idea.
  15. Axyy

    Skywars - Suggestions!

    Skywars | Suggestions Hey I'm Axyy and I have been thinking about multiple suggestions for Skywars. I've been playing Skywars on Cubecraft for years now and have seen things come and go. I still really enjoy the game but of course there are things to make it better! Let's start with my first...
  16. Chadowen

    Java Ranked Mode

    I don't know if it's only me, but i think Cube needs some action. Same routine, loggin, play, win or lose and so on, well maybe you guys will say there is a leaderboard that you can play hard to become classified. True but what about new players and members who got hacked or lost their accounts...
  17. F

    eggwars stuff

    Add a new Eggwars mode. Capture The Egg. Take it to a point on mid and the entire enemy team will die. You cant use enderpearls if you have the egg and are inflicted with slowness II unless you’re the only people on the team. More items are necessary. Items should not be too much like Lucky...
  18. dp135

    Ranked Skywars

    I made a new suggestion, Ranked Skywars is basically skywars but with noobs or pros depending on how good your rank is. Why? Skywars for some players is fun, some are just to good, some have a...
  19. DenisNotDanish

    1.8 NEEDS an UPDATE

    So for all of you 1.8 pvpers.It's about time we get an update for the old pvp in 1.8. I came up with this idea when I came across iloveyouu a senior moderator playing ranked skywars. As many of you know 1.8 is mainly for competitive pvp, whereas 1.9 pvp is for friendly fun pvp.1.9 has received a...
  20. I

    Ranked and Unranked Eggwars, plus general improvements

    Having both a competitive and a chill style of game would benefit every type of player. Whether the player is playing to be the best at Eggwars, or just playing to kill some time with friends, this format will be great for them. Having a system to track your MMR and ranks would give players the...
  21. Pillow

    Ranked Eggwars

    I think that there should be a ranked Eggwars with a leader board (/leaderboard) that shows the players with the highest rating. This would be a fun and big improvement to the game, and to me, would make the game more competitive.
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