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May 12, 2024
There are not any minecraft esports as you probably know, and sometimes there is little drive to play and win more because we ca not see our accomplishments. If you add a ranking system to cubecraft it will motivate many more players to keep playing the game. Since you already have seasons for eggwars, if you expand the seasons to the whole server you can refresh the ranks at the end of that time. For the rankings I think you should use the ranking system from rocket league. At the end of the season you can host a tournament for the players who have the highest rank. Once you reach the highest rank there are places in that rank. The people chosen for the tournament could be the top 50 people from each gamemode. Since there are around 25 gamemodes you could have a huge tournament. You have them play in gamemodes that already exist and then maybe some special modes as well. You can also let the rest of the server watch the tournament as well. As a prize for winning the tournament the winner could get vip level 30 and a special rank name called "number #1" or something and that rank would last until the next season. Some people might not want to play ranked so you also have a separate casual mode that takes players of any rank. In ranked though you would play people of a similar rank. This system gives more people a reason to play as well as letter player brag about their rank. I really hope you like my suggestion and use it because Minecraft doesn't have that many competitive things, and i think that if you do this it might even spark another Minecraft revival.
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