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Jul 19, 2020
so i was tinken about a elo system someting like this

since the level arent used for anything i was thinking keep the level on the scoreboard but remove it from the xp bar and put ur elo there.

so it should go like this. u start with a 100 elo and than when u select the npc u can choose ranked matches or normal if u select ranked matches u will go in a ranked game

and than if u win the game u get +15 elo mabye for every egg break +3 elo and if u lose -15 elo and than when u done with the game and u won and u destroyed 3 eggs than u get 24 elo so there xp bar will say 1024. but if u lose u get -15 elo so it will say 985 mabye someting for rage quiting to like -10 elo but u continue playing and at a point u will get 1200 elo than u go up a rank and u play harder games with better ppl and that just continue


1000 elo: normal

1200 elo: beginner

1400 elo: good

2000 elo: pro

2500 elo: master

3000 elo: god


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Mar 15, 2020
It’s too unclear for me already. I like the current system, and no additional changes are needed. You want skillbased matchmaking if I’m correct? Something like ranked games? Such things have been suggested before, but failed. I disagree for now.
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