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  1. GlareSteve

    Video Cubecraft Bedrock Live! (Come Snipe!)

    Thanks For Watching!
  2. La J


    1v1 sumo pvp or similar hi, i wanted to get some attention from y’all for a thing i think it’s worth adding to bedrock cubecraft , so as a bedrock player i’ve seen that 6-7 servers we have only 1-2 got ‘1v1 pvp’ and it’s pretty annoying since some of us wanna get better at pvp to get more...
  3. Moos_


    Have a great morning, evening or night. Keep going, you're the best.👌
  4. Moos_

    PvP idea

    A white flag for giving up.
  5. Stennos

    FFA pvp tips

    Can someone give me some tips for pvp in 1.18? Thanks!
  6. Neurogenesis

    Video Skywars Madness!

    That was intense! Got seven players, and nothing is stopping me 🥲 But meet me another time, a snowball is all it takes to defeat me... It's my first vid ever, hope you like it^^
  7. O

    Video My first bedrock video!

    Hello veryone, I posted my first combomontage on cubecraft bedrock. Take a look at it if you want to support me. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks in advance for the support!
  8. Cubelett


    Today I uploaded my 2nd video. In my previous video the sound was actually a bit too soft, and I hope I put that right in this video. If not, let me know. If you have any constructive criticism, let me know in the comments! Suggestions are always welcome!
  9. notbetapvp

    Duels is to Ez lol (bedrock)

  10. mismut

    Bedrock same time at the bottom and on the right side

    Hi! This is just small suggestion: make the time at the BOTTOM of the screen same as on the RIGHT SIDE This is not that big problem, but it would make playing 1v1s better :D Btw TIME LEFT on both places would be better then Time Remaining at the bottom and Time Left on the Right side <3
  11. J

    Builds New game mode uhc

    I really think cubecraft should make a uhc game mode no bedrock servers really have it and I think a lot of people would play it as it’s a pvp based game
  12. Heu3BeCTeH

    Bedrock Simple chat activity messages

    Greetings to the players! Often playing and watching the chat, you can notice that the messages about the murders of players are quite long. I think that it is necessary to add the function of simplified messages for murders to the "profile setting" setting. Personally, it would be convenient...
  13. Tubien YT

    Wool as useable blocks in eggwars

    I feel like we should have wool added to eggwars and we could use shears to break it, I feel like wool places smoother instead of clay
  14. rubencraft

    All Networks Bedrock Battle Arena - New game-type suggestion; Stadium Duels

    As the title suggests, this gamemode is categorized under battle arena. How this gamemode works? The game is basically a mini-tournament-style 40 player gamemode. The game basically set in a huge stadium as follows for example... 2 players duel in the middle island, while other players watch...
  15. Joaqie

    Bedrock Bedrock UHC

    So, this is a VERY rough idea but how do we feel about UHC? There really aren’t any features servers on MCBE that have UHC and CC could see a spike in players… for those of us who don’t know what UHC is, somewhere between 30-50 (I would assume) players cue into a lobby and play regular survival...
  16. ogonehole

    Bedrock Battle Arena suggestion

    Hey team cubecraft .In battle arena duels, please change the maps and make it less camp able as many maps are easy to camp, for example the mushroom map, the sandstone and glass map, flower map . And also removed unnecessary items like icebergs, the red terracotta and white wool thingy...
  17. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks If you successfully hit someone with a bow, a message should be shown in the chat

    Hello Cubecrafters, I have a small but very useful idea for a quality of life feature regarding bows: If you hit a player with a bow, a message should be shown in chat. Maybe something like: player has x hearts remaining. It Is one of those features where you think: why isn’t this already...
  18. X

    Bedrock Ranked

    Add A ranked option on pvp gamemodes. Its hard to have fun if theres a sweat swiping the lobby it ruins the fun since other players are just casual players they just play the game for fun or still training to be good.
  19. privqted

    Implemented Flat duels maps

    Duels is a fun gamemode on cubecraft. One thing that is very annoying is the maps. I dont see any reason for the maps having a huge flower, a huge mushroom or ice cubes everywhere. It makes combos harder to keep and is also a way for people to sit in corners and abuse the headhitter. The ice...
  20. X

    Bedrock Height limit

    Hello good morning/evening Can the height limit be lowered? Its too high people always camp and it ruins the fun, Can the height limit be only 10 blocks high so people cant camp.
  21. potestade91

    FFA Did someone alredy discover this lever??

    I literally found this by accident lol. And like the others, it possibly doesn't do anything.
  22. yhertg

    FFA Secret room

    I was walking around in the FFA map Mayan when I saw a giant room with walls of ice with a sign with this text on it: Mistery is coming. I looked it up but there wasn't anything that I could find about it. does anyone have an idea what it is?
  23. S

    Bedrock Bring back OG games

    If possible, could you guys bring back some OG games, for example: The walls. This was usually found on Mineplex but was also on other servers. This would be a great game to bring back to life and i feel others think the same.
  24. whither_117


    Hola amigos, Quiero invitarlos a darse una vuelta en mi canal de YouTube, estaré subiendo partidas de EGG WARS. Cualquier opinión o critica son bienvenidos. PD si alguien quiere jugar mi Nick es Whither_117
  25. AardappelTeler

    Weird Encounter in the Mayan PvP FFA map.

    Hi Community, I saw a alot of threads saying there should be some kind of squid game implementation in CubeCraft. Im actually from the 1.8 community and was just wandering around in the map till i saw something strange (Youtube link: Click here). I used a mod to showcase this building.
  26. PickaxeDevil

    Bedrock Bedrock gamemode idea UHC

    This would function like most UHC games in minecraft (maybe with a twist, who knows). It would involve players mining to get resources instead of getting loot from chests. You would not be able to regenerate health after a certain amount of time and the only way to get it back is with golden...
  27. N

    Bring Normal FFA back and add some variety into your PvP modes

    Bring back Normal FFA or maybe combine it with Overpowered FFA to make a new game mode and add some variety into your PvP gamemodes. Just having the overpowered FFA is getting boring. If you have any other suggestions leave them below
  28. Orientalz

    Strange mans out here.

    Some strange people on this server 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  29. -pokemondjs7-

    Knight Clan (bedrock)

    Hi! The Knight Clan is a group for players who like Skywars, Blockwars and Battle Arena. We will use conversations on CubeCraft to organise it. To join : Duel me Comment on my profile asking to duel Enable conversations on Cubecraft Play Bedrock Edition
  30. HikaruKimuraa


    They need to remove this kit as it is very OP. You can literally kill shoppers with this kit and also when they make you 4v1. It is a kit that does not require any type of skill, since they can kill you only with potions without using just the sword. Many my opponent and I are at very little...
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