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  1. cnmranger

    Bedrock Cubecraft Factions

    Honestly none of the Minecraft bedrock servers have introduced any sort of factions or clan like games. I think it would be a nice addition to the server and probably even increase the player count. You can play with friends, it’s competitive, and overall a lot of fun.
  2. SLK Krrimz

    Bedrock Emeralds are useless??...

    Idk if this has been discussed before and I am sure I am not the only on this I feel like the emeralds are very unbalanced. Let me explain, to open the emerald generator you need and ton of diamonds, AND you also need a ton of time. In egg wars however you probably won’t have anytime to just...
  3. Fotus

    Skyblock PvP

    Just imagine a pvp arena area(like the nether and end portal) after you complete a special quest, you can fight people with the loot you have on you from the skyblock you’ve been grinding on. On top of this every kill you get you get to take 10% of there coins and 20% of their exp. This will...
  4. SLK Krrimz

    Adding Perks into gameplay for Skywars?!

    Honestly idk if this is a already discussed feature but I REALLY like the sound of this! Coming from a guy who mainly used to play cod back in the good days some soft or good perks would be insane! It doesn’t have to be game breaking like vampirism but just a few other things would be useful...
  5. SLK Krrimz

    More Particles?

    Hello, I thought about opening up a thread on the possibilities of somehow increasing the amount of particles that we get when hitting someone! I know it could cause some lag but that could easily be countered by disabling it in the social settings. Oho nestle I like this server a lot and it...
  6. iClickSlowish

    Bedrock Add rods to SG!

    I think fishing rods should be added to SG! Survival games is one of those pvp game modes that usually has rods and/or snowballs, eggs, etc. skywars has snowballs and eggs which I awesome but I think survival games should have a knock back weapon. Snowballs, eggs, fishing rod. the reason I...
  7. Herbubulle

    Video CubeCraft Montage ! With JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Music <3 !

    Hello ! Here is my new video on CubeCraft Games !!! It's a montage Special 50 Subscribers (Thanks !!! :o) with "Crazy My Beat" by CODA (Music for Joseph Joestar, representing the events of the second part BATTLE TENDENCY !!) I hope you will watch this video which took me several hours to...
  8. JDgamers

    Java New Eggwars Kits - PvP Duels

    Hello there! I’m here with a new suggestion about changing kits in PvP Duels, explicitly the current Eggwars duels kits. These are the current “Normal” and “Overpowered” Eggwars duels kits: Current Eggwars Duels Kit (Normal) - Full Leather Armour (not enchanted) - Stone Sword (not enchanted)...
  9. YeaUhm

    Forwarded PvP duels - /hub spawn location.

    ⚔️ Improve duel /hub spawn location ⚔️ Hi, fellow Cubecrafters! Today I have another small suggestion, something that sometimes annoys me a little bit. Today, It's related to PvP duels [Java]. Everything you need to know is explained below, so take your time to read it. ❓- What is it about...
  10. Wqsknijper

    Java Toggleable Scoreboard

    Hello fellow CubeCraft players! My idea is to add an option to toggle the scoreboard of PvP gamemodes. (Assassins, FFA and Duels) What it does: - If you have scoreboards disabled you won't see a scoreboard on your right and you'll have a full screen of just gameplay, nice to have when you're...
  11. FetaBass

    Video My best edited Cubecraft Eggwars Montage yet

    Decided to edit a montage with the clips that I had still laying around in my folders. Kinda lost motivation while editing, but I think it came out pretty good. The title & thumbnail says enough about the quality ig :monkeylook: Enjoy and feel free to leave feedback behind either on my YouTube...
  12. Awabbatt

    Bedrock Duels wait time should be decreased

    So with the new Battle Arena Update, Duels and FFA came out of beta! Which is cool, but CC made a change to the duels waiting time when you are in your cage, It went from 5 seconds to 10 seconds which is way too much in my opinion. If this could be reversed back to 5 seconds then it would be...
  13. jedibjorn


  14. LLightningg

    FFA Wizard kit is too OP

    Hi, I want to talk about the wizard kit in 1.16. Of couse I highly appreciate all the things the cubecraft team does for the community. But I'm getting sick of the wizard kit in 1.16 FFA. I get attacked by wizard lots of time in a session. So I tried why this kit is practically unfeatable by...
  15. colinverp

    bedrock pvp

    hi Cubecrafters! i started playing on the bedrock version of Cubecraft this week, but i don't understand how the pvp mechanics work, can someone explain this to me?
  16. W

    A cross teamer, littarlly admitted to cross teaming

    I swear if moderater completely ignore this, Because it's not a recording, I will be mad, They littarlly admitted to cross teaming The person who admitted it is nategrondz99 They were cross teaming with flank assassin6 and Joshdie81 And even if I can't get all of them punished, I think I can...
  17. hegamerboy

    Bedrock why dont you make uhc

    why dont cubecraft make uhc i mean they have it as a kit in 1v1 and 2v2 so why don't you just add the gamemode and btw on bedrock
  18. Orientalz


    Just released my first ever video for cubecraft! Some pog moments from my random pvp ventures on the server. Check it out: :cube_dark::heart:

    Bedrock Ideas for a PvP Games Rank!

    Welcome to my second suggestion! Hello! I'm here to suggest something else, it's not really as long a suggestion as last one. As we know, it is a matter of time that FFA and Duels receive their own lobby soon and maybe they also receive their own rank, I suppose it can be called PvP Games Rank...
  20. Wave Master6982

    Bedrock Make more non pvp games

    Hello guys today I’d like to present my idea for more non pvp games because we have like none. 1st Idea.porting over tower defense 2nd idea.Making a Build battle this will allow the cubecraft community to compete and build with their friends on their favorite server.It will give 10 minutes to...
  21. Henrico681

    Bedrock I want more consitency

    So the recent kb update in bedrock was great but I want more.
  22. MasterBOB

    Duels XDDDDD

    Somebody give this man an award I am so sorry...
  23. O

    Beta 1v1 duel

    Really fun to play however it is difficult to spot where the map ends with the invisible walls. The map should end where the walls are so people don’t run into them and die the mushroom map seems to disconnect quite a lot I think that you should add fishing rods to the 1v1s and give a choice...
  24. A

    The Type of mods allowed???

    I saw the thread that shows some of the mods/clients that are allowed I wanted to ask if I could add a damage Indicators mod, for example, when I hit someone it would give me a number after the hit and so will the other opponent that's why I wasn't sure because it also tells me the opponent's...
  25. D

    Java FFA: changes in the shop

    Since the pvp update, someone came up with the great idea to make weapons, bows and armor unbreakable, making "shopers" even more OP, to compensate, they implemented not being able to access /shop if you are in combat, however, you can buy everything you need before going to fight ._. Previously...
  26. H4T MC

    Video SkyWars Domination + Mouse Click Audio

    Hi all, hope everyone has had a good Christmas! Hoping to get to 15 subscribers by the end of this week. 🤣 Feel free to leave a comment with feedback, and like or dislike it if you enjoyed it, or not. 😃
  27. H4T MC

    New YouTube Channel - H4T MC

    Hi all, I'm looking to meet some new people to play with for my new YouTube channel! https://youtube.com/channel/UCcjtQ8WafDpvo1cKFADLQAg Also, we are close to a whopping 15 subscribers! 🤣 If you have a moment, feel free to subscribe and post any feedback you may have, whether positive or...
  28. G

    Bedrock Challenge duel 2v2 to other party

    I wanted to suggest something about being able to challenge a 2v2 duel to other people from another party
  29. V1ndicatør

    Java Some assassinations suggestions

    I think Assassinations could use an update because right now it’s kinda un-fun tbh. Maybe it could be something like this: Spawn protection - you get spawn protection for 15 seconds, and will be immune to any type of damage, and will not be able to pick up any items that are not from chests...
  30. G

    All Networks How to improve the server

    So, pvp is very popular; parkour is very popular( you know where this is going). Introducing: parkour war( or something) where people parkour to kill eachother and mobile players die before pvp and pc players dominate.
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