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  1. Quantumshawn

    EggWars Bedrock Cubecraft Bedrock Scrims

    Hi! I want to join a scrim, does anyone have a opening; or know where I can find one? Thanks! have a good day!
  2. Dualninja

    All Networks New Game: Bounty!

    Bounty “Why call it a repost, when you can call it remastered” This is a remastered version of a suggestion I made a long time ago. The original suggestion can be found Here. How the game works The game is loosely based on an old game from Java, called Assassination. It is also close to...
  3. Dualninja

    All Networks Wizard kit changes.

    Wizard Wizard is the best kit in FFA, that's just a fact. It's only a bit op, so it doesn't dwarf the competition, but it's still the best kit. It's also the most skill based, so I think it should stay near the top, but I still think it should get a small nerf. So for anyone that doesn't know...
  4. A

    Bedrock A couple lesser-known tips and tricks that might be helpful

    Not too long ago, in a forums thread, I saw a bit of an unusual way to win the mushroom parcour minigame on mineware that many people didn't know about, where, if u do it right, u don't have to actually do the parcour. And that kind of got me thinking "okay, what other useful, small tricks, do I...
  5. L

    Java Bedrock Buff Poseidon And Sniper

    Something has been bothering me as a i play battle arena and its quite annoying. Recently a new class has been added : posiedon aswell as a new weapon for sniper : crossbow. And its quite honestly the most stupidest addition to game ive ever seen yet.. 1st lets start of with poseidon) this is...
  6. A

    Bedrock Damage investigation pt 3: Cubecraft "testing" and enchanted Armor

    In my last thread, this one I had come to the conclusion that damage mechanics in the whole game are broken. Another thing I discovered is that cubecraft may be using an older damage model, one where weapons, instead of dealing 1 (fist damage) + x (weapons damage, for example 6 for iron swords)...
  7. A

    Bedrock I "investigated" and tested minecrafts and cubecrafts damage system, here is what I found

    This is a continuation of my thread about damage being broken, here is the link Basically, I came to the conclusion that damage calculation is a little messed up, but not just on cubecraft, but in all of minecraft, as armor sometimes appears to protect you from damage less than it should, at...
  8. A

    Knockback really feels off since the update.

    A lot of pvp related things were changed in the update, some of them were pretty significant, but the knockback is probably the most significant one of those changes. Before the update, it was possible to come back from being comboed or suprise-attacked, and in my opinion it wasn't even that...
  9. Furzide

    Bedrock Fixes to Projectile Knockback

    Introduction Ever since Cubecraft's server software was updated to 1.19, the knockback dealt by projectiles has failed to match the melee knockback. While I made a bug report on this, it was rejected as "not enough people were complaining about it". In this thread I will discuss what's wrong...
  10. hoppyfrog28_

    All Networks Bedrock PvP knockback improvements (Vertical knockback)

    CubeCraft has always been my favorite server, but it's pvp isn't. Reason: Compared to other servers, CubeCraft has an extremely low vertical knockback amount. This means that the opponent does not go up very much when hit. This makes it very hard to actually get good combos on CubeCraft. This...
  11. kyviu

    Bedrock FFA Multi-Accounting Prevention

    FFA should receive and update in which you can only play it if you have 3 hours combined playtime in any modes. Benefits: - Will make it more painful for hackers to account hop as soon as they get banned, 3 hours is not a long time for a regular player but for a hacker to make 1 alt account...
  12. Casualpoalrbear

    Video Proving my skills as the best cubecraft pvper (cube clips)

    Truly that was all skill and nothing more.
  13. T

    Bedrock The problem with the game knockback

    I don’t know why players like this system but I think it’s unfair for some players especially for those with the highest ping, I can’t count all the times I’ve been pushed off the map by bare mobile players in full diamond some players are extremely easy to kill while some other bare players are...
  14. V

    Java Please nerf shields

    The time you become invincible(kinda) after using shield is 250 ms. I did some tests and I am able to stop blocking - hit - start blocking in 70 ms with zero experience in axe pvp. You can do it even faster with more experience. So it is like Stop blocking - 70 ms - hit - start blocking -...
  15. ProbFine

    Video Cinematic Minecraft pt.2

    So, this one is a bit more sketchy and experimental than the previous one. Hope you enjoy.
  16. LOPIL

    Bedrock for the better the skywars

    In my opinion, cube craft has the best fit for Skywars, but it needs something heavy for you, please put new solo maps like Java, small maps and most importantly, cube craft has few Kits could have kit of speed portion could have a 2 Ender Pearl kit could have a sniper kit that comes with a...
  17. MushyMike22

    Redstone Mega Eggwars Redstone Kill

    Playing Mega Eggwars and decided to try out the redstone.
  18. Tcarlospro775

    SkyWars which is better? op loot or classic loot

    Para mi el op loot es muy bueno pero el clasico es con el que comencé a jugar y me acostumbré, ustedes que opinan?
  19. Wigaar


    It was kinda scary☠️
  20. iambrolyproBR

    Bedrock Deixando o Skywars mais dinâmico.

    Olá pessoal! bom, vim por meio desse tópico desse dar uma sugestão que ao meu ver poderia ser legal não só para SkyWars, mas também para qualquer minigame que envolva PVP, tornando-o mais animado e disputado. 1ª Sugestão: Na minha opinião, enquanto os jogadores não faziam uso de equipamento de...
  21. kingjackthebest

    Bedrock Fun additions

    To start off with I think that prefixes should be displayed in front of your username and in the chat as well. Another idea would be to add a factions minigame. I personally love factions and it would be a fun new gamemode for people who have never played it before. The last thing I think you...
  22. Wigaar

    Free for All 0 DEATHS Challenge! ⚔️

    Hi guys, time for healthy challenges! basically consists of winning as many pvp as possible before being killed 1 time. 🔥 Post the screenshots here! 🏆 please, to be valid you must never have been defeated! 🙏🏻
  23. ZoexyTV

    Hello there, come learn more about me

    I found this server with a friend and we loved the server, we play it almost every day. The things I liked the most were the community and the diversity of the server, my favorite game modes are Eggwars, Skywars and Blockwars CTF. I live in Switzerland and i like Jojo, video games and youtube...
  24. pekd

    Bedrock Speed UHC Game Suggestion

    I have a few ideas for a Speed UHC gamemode on the bedrock server: -20 (-+) players get spawned into a randomly generated world (100x100 chunks?) and have a 10 minute grace period to gather items and then fight against each other, last one standing wins -some items that are hard to get but...
  25. Casualpoalrbear

    Do you consider yourself good at pvp

    Time for another weekly poll. I admit I'm rather above average when facing someone using the same system I have (console) or below average when compared to pc players
  26. nguesman33

    Bedrock add more maps to duels

    we need more maps its getting dry :cube_light: we all love you but come on please we / i need this give us more
  27. ProbFine

    Video Bit funny

  28. GeoJosh7

    Game Like Magic and Mayhem

    Hi! I just want to know people's opinions on if I was to create a suggestion about a new game mode relating to Magic and Mayhem whether or not you would play it, Basically a magic and mayhem-inspired PVP game. Please vote in the poll For those who didn't play that long along, here is what...
  29. Nightmare

    Bedrock Bedrock PVP Crossplay balancing

    Hey everyone, As a Bedrock player i played a lot of PVP in the last months and wanted to ask you guys for an opinion. As far as i know, Cubecraft features Crossplay accross all pvp gamemodes, so mobile players and console players can compete against PC players in PVP. i have no idea how it...
  30. G

    Video Cubecraft Bedrock Live! (Come Snipe!)

    Thanks For Watching!
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