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  1. Aratic

    Aratic’s polls (1)

    If you want to waste 15 minute here you go, to answer this take the meters Briggs test, (search up 16 personalities test) or click this link https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test
  2. pekd

    what version of minecraft do you play?

    what version of minecraft do you play the most? (please comment "Eichhörnchen" so the poll doesnt die after 10 minutes)
  3. Casualpoalrbear

    The ultimate question (Weekly poll 15)

    Personally I'm a cat person. I wouldn't trade my cat for anything in the world.
  4. Casualpoalrbear

    Minerware or parkour (weekly poll)

    I said I was going to do parkour in the skywars vs eggwars poll and I'm a man of my word. The choice is pretty easy for me tho The winner of last week poll was skywars beating eggwars by a long shot.
  5. SoloWarz

    I need your vote

    How many Eggwars solos wins do you have ?
  6. GrimstrrMCBE

    Bedrock Cubecraft should have a competative queue.

    I think that Cubecraft Bedrock should have a competitive queue. I get that there is already a challenge queue, but the challenge queue in Bedrock is different from what I'm talking about. What I want is a queue that puts you against players around your level and higher. For example, if I was...
  7. DoomRaider38

    Video Should I create a Magic and Mayhem Bedrock quest walkthrough guide?

    Should I create a Magic and Mayhem Bedrock quest walkthrough guide?
  8. dimthor

    Competitive parkour leaderboards [bedrock]

    I would love to see timed leaderboards on competitive parkour because I don't know how good my times are
  9. ToonBer

    Skyblock Islands - poll

    Hey Gamers, I made a poll... (Which island do you like the most?) I was curious about which island you like best and why...? I have not yet unlocked every island myself, but I am also curious about what will follow next.
  10. Jimsterr

    Everybody knows this time lmao

    Heeeeee Guys do you still know the time when cubecraft had secret chests on skywars islands? ;) Let me now in the poll! :).
  11. Senpai ♔

    Java Suggestions - game

    Suggestion: what if Cubecraft added a Minecraft manhunt game? only for Minecraft java edition, if you did not know what is manhunt game, its a Minecraft game Created by a Minecraft YouTuber called Dream, Minecraft Manhunt is essentially a game that sees one player attempt to defeat the Ender...
  12. Proditio

    Java Minecraft MOBA

    Would people be interested in a MOBA minigame? While Cube has been having growth, if they want a nice increase they need to have some fresh flavor added. We obviously have some talented devs here, look at tower defense and even among slimes (pretty impressive tasks given the time they completed...
  13. P

    Java Slime survival should be added permanently

    Slime survival should be added permanently to the CubeCraft Games Lobby because it is such a fun game and I think a lot of people would like it.
  14. ThommieLOL2

    Bedrock Fly

    Hello, I have been playing on CubeCraft Java and Bedrock And I have the emerald rank on java and I can fly But... I have the SkyWars and EggWars rank + A buddy pack And I am VIP level 3 and I wanna Suggest to make a /Fly command that you can use if you have VIP level 2 or 3 Thanks!
  15. Masohpotato

    Best skywars kit?

    Healer is my personal favorite
  16. Rubertoz

    All Networks Total time playing on cubecraft

    Problem: There isn't a place where you can see your total playtime on the Cubecraft server, for all i know. A few years ago I saw this poll, but as far as I know, nothing happened with it. There were some problems, for example: people can just stay 24 hours in the lobby. The hours will still be...
  17. Frambooz

    All Networks Bring old eggwars back!

    With the recent merge, I feel like eggwars has been ruined. Share your opinion by voting on this poll.
  18. Olebeh

    All Networks Chat - the same message blocking

    Hello, sometimes, my teammates are fluding with same messages. It's really annoying, and when someone writes the same message twice, it will display: "You can't type the same message twice" or something like that. I didn't see this in-game, and sry, if someone already posted it.
  19. MinecraftNOOB2oo3

    Java Bring Bingo Back

    This Is My Second Thread Into Bringing The BETA game bingo back because it was the best game in my opinion and i would be on cubecraft 24/7 if they bring back bingo Leaving A Poll Say Yes if You feel The Same Or Agree Thank You :)
  20. Wildd

    Bedrock Suggestions for Bedrock+Poll

    Watch this video in full before voting! Make sure to watch this video first, it goes over everything you need to know about the vote options! Hey all! Attached to this post is a video link where I go over all the changes that I feel would be cool/interesting to see added to CubeCraft games on...
  21. EliteGamerYT146

    All Networks Which game mode both Java and Bedrock do you think needs a new feature the most

    vote now of which game mode you think needs a new feature the most!
  22. I

    Autobow nerf, please?

    I personally think that the firerate and damage of the autobow is too much, yes, you can counter it if you have a shield and or blocks, but otherwise you basically are dead. Lowering the max amount of arrows could make it somewhat fair, otherwise just lower the damage/firerate.
  23. YahirplaysMC123

    What do you think about bow-spamming

    Im just wondering about how you guys think about bowspamming. i personally am fine with it, since if used correctly could be a good strat. But when its used incorrectly is when it just kinda flops. I dont think it should ever be used in melee range, since youre kinda just limiting yourself to...
  24. YahirplaysMC123

    Bedrock Which kit do you use

    Im just curious due to the tank and healer kit subjectivly seem to be better than the others. Golden apples are good for rushing and pvp, since you arent guaranteed to get golden apples at your starter chests, tank is good for rushing and you arent guaranteed to get boots and chestplate from...
  25. AnolTongi

    What is your favourite tower? And why?

    I'm bored lol so I wanted to know everybody's favourite tower!If you vote please explain why!
  26. Caliditas

    Java Rate the eggwars maps.

    Hi everyone, Some friends and I made a poll where you can rank all the (permanent) eggwars maps. I'll probably post an update with the results in a little while if we get some responses :). Here's the link. Thanks for answering!
  27. Monkikey

    Well, here's a dramatic survey :p

    Hello all ! As an experimented and usual player on Lucky Islands since years and since sessions with my friends, I've recently bought the Diamond rank. Why ? To see how I can impact games I play with voting a special time, a special gamemode etc. The option I love voting for is the Crazy mode...
  28. Nilstyle

    Poll —How familiar with Minecraft Combat are you ?

    Hello, Minecraft players of CubeCraft ~ I am currently making suggestions, along with other players, for the new combat update snapshot. I would like information about how experienced players from different communities are with Minecraft combat. This information will both help us decide which...
  29. comfyyy

    Add Poll(s).

    Not really much of a change, but it'd be nice if we could have more than one poll in a thread. That way you don't have to make polls with many different responses, such as these: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/resuggesting-trophy-changes.205152/...
  30. remio

    Poll: Why did you join the CubeCraft forums?

    So, my question to you is: Why did you join the CubeCraft forums? (If you have voted "something else", please explain below!) Link was removed because it showed my location.
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