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  1. burgerkingbrad1

    Other Games In your opinion, what is the best game mode?

    In your personal opinion what is the best game mode? I’m stuck between a couple personally, but my personal favorite is probably egg wars. What about you? Whatever is the most voted? I’m gonna try to play 10 games in a row. Sky blocks won’t count because obvious reasons but I will still keep it...
  2. caraMel

    Weekly challenge 7 winners poll! 🏆

    Heyyyy! ♪ So for those that don't know, every week I create a new challenge for players to compete at. Last week's was to make the coolest house in Pillars of Fortune! We have 8 amazing entries and, as promised, here is a poll for you to vote for your personal favourite submission! You can judge...
  3. Reesle

    Mojang is Adding NEW Wolf Variants + Poll

    Hey everyone! Hope you’re doing well! It’s been a while since I last made a thread, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to finally make another! Earlier today, Mojang announced they’ll be adding 8 NEW WOLF VARIANTS to Minecraft as part of the upcoming 1.21 update! Here’s the video...
  4. caraMel

    Weekly Challenge 3 winners poll! 🏆

    Haiiii ♪ So for those that don't know, every week I create a new challenge for players to compete at. Last week's was to create the 'best' Eggwars video. We have 4 amazing submissions and as promised, here is a poll for you to vote for your personal favourite submission! You can judge based on...
  5. Roxrock

    Bedrock Teaming in lucky Islands solos

    After encountering a match where a player attempted to team with me, I’ve decided to bring this topic up here. Teaming is currently punishable in lucky islands solos. However, in my opinion, it should not be banned and here’s why: Lucky islands currently has no duos mode, and groups of two...
  6. Reesle

    3 New Cosmetics (Poll)

    Out of the 3 newest cosmetics, which is your favorite? Mine is the “Ender” Lucky Block Skin.
  7. Reesle

    ALL Of My Suggestions + Poll (2023)

    Introduction: Hello everybody! This thread will be an end-of-year thread featuring all of the suggestions I’ve made throughout 2023. Make sure to vote in the poll above to tell me which suggestions of mine were your favourite! Also, feel free to react with :agree:, :unsure:, or :disagree: on any...
  8. Reesle

    Fluent Languages Poll

    Hello! 👋 I thought today I would make a fun poll and discussion thread. In how many languages are you fluent? Which ones? Do you hope to learn more languages in your lifetime? If so, which ones?
  9. Hoshi

    POLL - Would you like to see more non-PvP games on CubeCraft?

    Heya, me again! Before I continue explaining the actual point of the thread, I would like to mention that this thread is nothing official. I am simply asking for your opinions on something as a fellow community member. The title of this thread explains all I really wish to know: Would you like...
  10. CrystalLegend01

    Christmas Poll 1: Do you like Eggnog?

    Welcome to my first Christmas/Winter-related poll! 🎄 🌟 I might continue posting more Christmas polls after this 👀 The (somewhat random) question for this poll is: do you like eggnog? I personally like eggnog; I’m curious what other people think of it. Also, feel free to comment your opinion...
  11. CrystalLegend01

    MinerWare Minerware Poll: Favorite & Least Favorite Boss Games

    Hi there, welcome to my third Minerware poll! 👋 This poll is about your favorite and least favorite boss games in Minerware Thank you to those who voted in my previous poll! Try to choose a minimum of 2 choices (1 favorite & 1 least favorite) You can choose up to 4 options in total 👍
  12. Reesle

    Winter Update Poll 🎄

    If you had to choose just 1 of the 4 updates that are “in progress” to be released before Christmas, which would you choose? Reply to the poll and comment in the replies to voice your opinion! If you don’t know about the updates, you can read about them here...
  13. Reesle

    Bedrock New Skyblock Island 5th Edition - Overworld: Frozen Ocean 🧊

    Introduction: Hey all! Hope you’re having a great evening! Tonight’s suggestion will not be as large as the last one, but will still have plenty of ideas! However, if you do not feel like reading it all, please at least take a look at the “summary” section near the bottom. Tonight, I will be...
  14. CrystalLegend01

    MinerWare Minerware Poll #2: What are your top 3 favorite microgames from this list?

    Welcome to my second Minerware microgame poll! 👋 You can choose up to 3 choices This poll serves as a sequel to my previous Minerware poll. Thank you for your votes in that poll! The top 5 most voted-for microgames from that poll have made a reappearance here; the other 5 choices in this poll...
  15. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI Topic discussion #5: Next update

    This week, I want to find out what you guys would like to see most in the next lucky islands update. If there is something specific you want that I didn’t include, be sure to reply, as a lot of the listed ideas are all thing I have asked for in the past, or things I’ve seen in previous updates...
  16. CrystalLegend01

    Bedrock Java Do you organize your hotbar?

    Welcome! 👋 This is a random poll to see how many people organize their hotbar/inventory in EggWars, SkyWars, Lucky Islands, Survival Games, Duels, etc. Even if it's only 1 game that your organize your hotbar in, it still counts Also, feel free to comment the way your hotbar is organized for...
  17. CrystalLegend01

    MinerWare What are your top 5 favorite microgames?

    This poll is now finished! (Ignore the [Unfinished] in the question :P) Welcome to what is probably one of the longest polls ever! This is a poll to see what people’s favorite microgames are in Minerware; You can choose up to 5 choices! I accidentally published this too early :facepalm: and...
  18. Roxrock

    Lucky Islands LI topic discussion #3: Ranking Kits

    In lucky islands, you are able to choose a kit, which gives you certain items upon the start of the game. Here are the kits if you aren’t aware of all the options: Of course, not all kits are created equal and I consider some kits to be objectively better than others. This week, I am curious...
  19. CrystalLegend01

    What’s your favorite music genre? [Updated]

    Just a fun random poll to see what kind of music the community enjoys. You can choose up to 3 options if you’d like to 👍 What I voted:
  20. hoppyfrog28_

    Bedrock All Networks PvP knockback improvements (Vertical knockback)

    CubeCraft has always been my favorite server, but it's pvp isn't. Reason: Compared to other servers, CubeCraft has an extremely low vertical knockback amount. This means that the opponent does not go up very much when hit. This makes it very hard to actually get good combos on CubeCraft. This...

    Bedrock Other Games What do you think that the best game on CubeCraft is?

    What do you think that the best game on CubeCraft is? Let us know by voting for your favourite. Share your opinion with the rest of the community. Vote now and decide which game you think is the best on the CubeCraft network🎮

    Best click method?

    what do you think is the best click method and which one do you use?, let us know your opinion down below!
  23. Hoshi

    Hoshi’s Polls & Discussions - #6

    ❓ Today’s Topic: CubeTubers Here is #6 of the (weekly) polls! TOPIC QUESTIONS ➜ Do you watch any CubeTubers / streamers, and if so, which? Would you recommend them? ➜ What type of content do you enjoy watching from these CubeTubers? ➜ Around what is the ideal video length for these CubeTubers’...
  24. Hoshi

    Hoshi's Polls & Discussions - #5

    ❓ Today's topic: CubeCraft Celebrating #5 with CubeCraft as its topic! :cube_light: TOPIC QUESTIONS ➜ When did you first join CubeCraft? ➜ Do you play Java, Bedrock, or both? ➜ How would you describe your gameplay style? (Ex: PvP or non-PvP games enjoyer, casual or tryhard, etc.) ➜ Which is...
  25. Hoshi

    Hoshi’s Polls & Discussions - #4

    ❓ Today's topic: Vacation What is a schedule, help… Questions: ➜ Do you ever go on vacation during time off - work or school? ➜ Have you been on vacation recently? ➜ Which continent - or country if you don’t mind sharing - do you live in? ➜ Have you been outside of your own continent? ➜ If so...
  26. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Birds, birds, birds, choose wisely...

    Want to talk about birds I am up XD I love animals and birds however how they look is interesting in my opinion! 😂
  27. Casualpoalrbear

    Do aliens exist (weekly poll 24)

    Do aliens exist and do you want them to exist. Personally I do think aliens exist. I believe the universe is just too big for us to be the only one out their. Honestly there being other creatures out there both scares and fascinates me. I'd like to believe that they would probably be like us...
  28. Hoshi

    Hoshi's (Weekly) Polls & Discussions - #3

    ❓ Today's topic: Video Games I may be a day late, but I won't let that keep me from posting these altogether... 😶‍🌫️ Questions: ➜ Which network(s) do you play on? (Java / Bedrock) ➜ Do you enjoy Minecraft, and if so, why? ➜ Which game launchers/platforms are you acquainted with? ➜ Do you play...
  29. Hoshi

    Hoshi's (Weekly) Polls & Discussions - #2

    ❓ Today's topic: Sauces, Spices & Seasonings Questions: ➜ Do you ever cook? ➜ Do you add sauces, spices and seasonings to your meals? ➜ Which meals are perfect for you to do so? ➜ What’s your favourite sauce/dressing? ➜ What’s your favourite spice? ➜ What’s your favourite seasoning? My own...
  30. Hoshi

    Hoshi's Polls & Discussions - #1

    I saw people posting fun, interesting polls and discussion questions on the Forums here, so I thought I'd join in on the fun and also come up with my own! 📋 ❓ Today's topic: Anime Questions: ➜ Do you watch anime? ➜ If so, do you have a MyAnimeList account? ➜ If so, do you have a favourite...
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