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  1. G

    All Networks How to improve the server

    So, pvp is very popular; parkour is very popular( you know where this is going). Introducing: parkour war( or something) where people parkour to kill eachother and mobile players die before pvp and pc players dominate.
  2. G

    All Networks Minigames that should get added to the big cube

    So, in one of my last posts i suggested uhc. Now i suggest other minigames: splleef for minerware, parkour( i dont know why), creative mode, factions and among slimes on bedrock. Hope to get some more players.
  3. Jelmerch2007

    How to send records in

    Euhm I frickin got the world record on library level 2 and i want to submit it but how do i do that??
  4. Jelmerch2007

    Almost world record help me

    Im super happy that i have improved again but i want that wr does anyone know more shortcuts?
  5. ParkourCanadian

    Escalated Feedback... for Staff Feedback!

    Now, I am not the best person when it comes to explaining my thoughts and reasoning behind my choices or how I word things, but I hope you can see what I'm trying to get at here. This may not be a stellar suggestion, but imagine you were in my shoes. You don't know everything about the...
  6. LoveAndMafia

    Java Parkour Leaderboard

    Hello cubecrafters! ENG 🇬🇧 As everyone knows, there is a parkour in the lobby, where the time appears when you finish it. What do I suggest? I suggest that a leaderboard be set on the hologram of the time you took and the command /parkour leaderboard. I think that can be interesting to the...
  7. YahirplaysMC123

    Bedrock How to get to the top of the lobby

    Hi, i found a way to get to the top of the skywars lobby on bedrock without block glitching. I havent seen anyone show how to get up there so im gonna do it because why not. Also tell me if this isnt the place to post this since this is technically skywars but it isnt about the game. Sorry...
  8. Megaaa

    Java [Parkour] Platinum Medals

    Hi there Today I was speedrunning parkour and trying to beat my own time and from those who took them from me, and I looked at the records of all the parkour difficulties. Some parkour records are so fast that gold is even the same as bronze. I don't talk about my own records but also about...
  9. B

    Java Re-ad the old lobbies as parkour maps

    A few years ago, each game had a separate lobby. There also was a parkour, and I loved them. I would really like to see these parkours again, so my suggestion is to add them back as parkour maps. English isn't my main language, please correct me if anything is spelt wrong.
  10. colinverp

    Java daily challanges

    hi, I really like to do the daily challenges and I would like to see a daily challenge for parkour, like: get 2 golden medals in parkour or complete a level in medium parkour. what do you guys think about this?
  11. F

    Lobby parkour leaderbord

    Hi, there does anyone know the lobby parkour leaderboard. I would like to know at which place I am. I have completed it in just 8 seconds
  12. Nqouir

    Parkour Idea.

    Hello Everyone How's Your Day Going? Hopefully Better Than Mine! Today I wanted to share an Idea, I had about Parkour, I wasn't sure of sharing it, But Im just going to share it and see what people think of it, My Idea Was about Bringing back life to parkour, and to do that CubeCraft Must add...
  13. TrayManYy

    Parkour for 1.8.9

    Will the pakour also be available for 1.8 in the future?
  14. JDgamers

    Java Player of the day/week/month

    Hi! :p The titel says it already: Player of the day, week and month! So I'd like to see a different type of leaderboard in how many wins someone got on skywars/eggwars/etc. in one day/week/month. So i think that there will be more different players who are not in the leaderboards at the moment...
  15. Modulo

    Lobby Parkour

    Works on Bedrock
  16. Axyy


    Hello everyone, Over the past couple of weeks, I've had this idea to create a little movie of the CubeCraft Games network. So I started to write down ideas which I could use for this "little movie". I included some personal experience, forum screenshots, community opinions and current modes on...
  17. RemiFan

    Java More lobby events

    The lobby as it is is completely wonderful, but I feel like not that many people actually explore it. The treasure chests are great but to me it doesn't quite feel worth it, even by flying. Some kinds of events would be awesome such as more head hunts, more parkours, cubelet rain maybe? Just...
  18. D

    Skins Remake Parkour Skin

    So, I remade the parkour skin just because I'm bored ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You can get the skin here: https://namemc.com/skin/3185fd3fb73e6d1b (Pshh: wanna know how I got the underside of the feet? Well, I disabled the internet connection and had like 10 seconds to break all these blocks under the skin :p )
  19. SoundToTheThirdPower

    Bedrock We should add hub activities like in java edition to bedrock edition!

    Hi, i've been playing java edition a bit more recently (i'm SoundTheNeko btw :D) and i've realized that there is more to do in the hub on java edition, like parkour, hub fishing, and relic hunting, and the sky drop! if cubecraft can add these features to the hub then players will converse more...
  20. SoundToTheThirdPower

    Bedrock Bring hub parkour to bedrock edition!

    I was playing on java edition cubecraft awhile back and saw there was parkour in the hub, it was fun to do and i think having a parkour for bedrock players would be fun too! happy new years everyone!
  21. ItsBaraa

    Java Make "Follow The Platform" from Minerware it's own gamemode in Parkour

    Follow The Platform is a great mini-game in Minerware although it became repetitive and boring [also it's super easy the way it is now]. If you could make it into parkour I think it would be an excellent addition since you can use it for snakes parkours and other enjoyable parkour modes. I'm...
  22. TafelZager

    Java Minerware boss minigame 'fly through hoops' separate parkour map

    Hello! I play minerware and absolutely love the 'fly through hoops' boss minigame and I would appreciate it if I could play that kind of parkour without having to play through an entire minerware match. I think it should be a new parkour map or a new section in parkour probably called 'elytra...
  23. Josher

    Java Parkour Update - Time Trials

    Currently, the leaderboard of Parkour looks pretty silly in my opinion. At the moment, there are 17 players at the top spot of the leaderboard, all having the exact same amount of Gold Medals. On top of that, I think Parkour in general should really receive an update to make it a bit more...
  24. Juskebat

    Java Parkour Update

    Well I can't really suggest an update. But new maps in all categories would be nice. I've played all maps, I've completed all, and I have all possible Medals. I'd like to see a new update with fresh new maps, and I actually want to see Competitive Parkour back! If possible in the same NPC. No...
  25. V

    Java Old parkour lobby was fab

    Yesterday I was looking at some screenshots I took ages ago, and found these images: This was the original parkour lobby, and when I first saw it I fell in love with it. I've always thought this was the greatest lobby on Cube, but now it's gone.. I know it was hard and also expensive to keep...
  26. Jevmen

    Java make this jump easier

    THIS IS THE HARDEST JUMP IN ALL PARKOUR This jump in the map Void 2 is very hard and is in the end of the map This is a very hard jump and is Normal parkour, in hard parkour can be OK but im playing Normal just watch all this fails and remember than if you fell you has to repeat all And this...
  27. Elenahh

    Parkour: Beyond The Basics

    Banners: @toucanmax Hello Parkour lovers! I decided to create a short thread where I will go beyond the basics of one more game - Parkour. In this thread, you will be able to find: Easy Parkour Maps Medium Parkour Maps Hard Parkour Maps Achievements Parkour Leaderboard
  28. DragnosElfing

    Parkour points

    Hey guys! I'm wondering where can I see my points in parkour? I can't find it.
  29. Amin -

    CONCEPT: Parkour Race with different speed zones

    Dear CubeCrafters, :cube: I want to share a new concept for Parkour with y'all. This concept is from a old parkour map that i've played a while ago My question to the Developers are to get a look of my concept and try it. I know that it is not easy, but isn't impossible. :) Click here for the...
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