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Jul 31, 2020
United States
I think there should be a game called flood survival.

Option 1
How it works basically it has water rising that kills instantly.You will parkour up to get to a goal.
There can be a voting system to change the speed the water rises.Water speeds are easy normal hard impossible.There could also be mobs that can attack the player as they go up.It should be water themed to match with it.The map can be as tall as they decide.

Option 2
It will be a survival like mode but the water rises 3 blocks a minute Andy starts to speed up when more players die.Last man standing wins.Voting will go like this.Speed easy normal hard impossible.You’ll have to mine gear up and get equipment like you would do in a survival world.
Pvp would be on so have fun knocking others in the void.

So those are the options I’d like to see.

🗺 for the parkour 1 it will be decided.
For the survival one it will be a survival world 6 by 6 chunks.
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Jul 14, 2020
I don't really get option 2 at all, but option 1 sounds like a neat idea.

However despite this, I don't feel like either should be added. Cube already has plenty of games and in my opinion should be dedicating more time to work on and develop the games they already have rather than spending time on a new game that might not be that popular
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Apr 16, 2020
I actually really like idea 1, and that's something I really enjoyed when I played a custom-made map on it before too. But my biggest fear is that eventually it will get repetitive, with no new things and the same maps over and over again. So my vote is no for either, sorry :(

Unless there is a way to make option 1 not so iterative and repetitive, it's actually a very cool idea.
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