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  1. DragonLover


    hi. so as you know cube doesn't have droppers. so why parkour with droppers. so here is what i'm thinking Modes Easy Medium Hard Impossible shaking his head so then there would be 9 maps per game so here are so here mads tht i'd like to be included (cube your desinging i'm suggesting ok?)...
  2. coughyyee

    Problems With Parkour Competitive

    Just me or in some maps you cant make a jump thats through a hole? For Example on the Prison Looking Map Trying To Jump Through The Metal Bars You Get Sent Back To A Checkpoint As If You didnt Make the Jump (died). This is really irritating as you cannot make it through a map like that one...
  3. LucmanW

    Java Player maps

    @Joegerd and I had the idea to implement player made maps into parkour, maybe in the form of "map of the weak". We had the idea of letting players send in there maps with 1 single photo in the discord or a forums, and let mods decide whitch map gets to be played on parkour for that weak.
  4. Dualninja

    Bedrock Add "Hardcore" Parkour

    :cube_light:Introduction:cube_light: When Parkour was launched on Bedrock, it only launched with 2 difficulties. These was Easy and Normal, and they were both welcomed by the community. But there was one difficulty that was missing, Hard. Hard mode had existed on Java, yet was never added to...
  5. dEnIsOkZ

    Parkour speedrun record 0:182 XD

  6. B

    All Networks Parkour fix the hotbar!

    Hello, I'll introduce myself. I am Berentio and I mostly speedrun parkour categories on speedrun.com. So with that out of the way, I wanted to run a category called entire runs. I've done this many times in the pre-updated version of parkour. This implies that every level in a certain section...
  7. B

    Link to message

  8. dimthor

    Competitive parkour leaderboards [bedrock]

    I would love to see timed leaderboards on competitive parkour because I don't know how good my times are
  9. vefti

    Bedrock Parkour Suggestions

    A suggestion I have for the Parkour is that the have a leaderboard for fastest times, both on normal maps and competitive. Second, I play the competitive parkour a ton, and I think it would be cool if you were able to practice the competitive maps. I went on a long streak of never being beaten...
  10. S

    Bedrock Move Back The Pressure Plates

    In Bedrock Edition on the Parkour Levels gamemode, Cubecraft recently moved the pressure plates back to prevent players from running off the edge when they were teleported back onto the starting platform. I've included pictures of the pressure plate locations from Barn Level 1, the first picture...
  11. Dualninja

    Parkour coming to Bedrock?!

    :cube_light: Introduction :cube_light: So Cubecraft recently teased the outline of a new 3d model on Twitter, and it appears to be for the popular Java gamemode Parkour. As you can see by the distinct block and a character pushing off of it, it's most likely Parkour coming to Bedrock. 🎉 🎉 🎉
  12. 9422

    Artwork got em

    first try
  13. RitualMC

    battle arena

    Hi I speedran the battle arena parkour. It is a very cool parkour!!!
  14. B

    Bedrock // Secret parkour in the new battle arena

    HI Secret parkour in the new battle arena on bedrock ! OBJECTIVE : Go at this same parkour BONUS SPOT 1 BONUS SPOT 2
  15. mooseman

    Bedrock Parkour Superjump Glitch

    I love the new lobby parkour. It's a great addition. I've been very excited to play the new levels but I keep encountering this issues on the supperjump section. It seems like the server or my client lags at just the wrong time and it sends me down the pit, then back to the lobby. This has...
  16. RitualMC

    lobby parkour

    Hi i did a run sub 1 minute to complete level 15 -20 it would mean a lot if you would check it out. i also found a lot of shortcuts that can save you a lot of time. What is your time?
  17. Traincar100

    Bedrock Add the lobby parkour that was behind spawn back

    I think the lobby parkour that was located behind spawn platform should come back as I enjoyed it more than the other lobby parkour plus it was longer and a little more challenging so I think it should come back. I also noticed a lot of people doing it.
  18. RitualMC

    Lobby parkour

    Hi I did a flawless run of the secret lobby. is this a good time? what is your time?
  19. CedricFresh

    Video [Bedrock] New Lobby Parkour Speedrun (fastest yet)

    I got a pretty fast time, watcha guys think? (yes, this is clearly spliced on purpose, just thought I'd have fun with it. Not sure if a faster glitchless time is possible, but I hope one can surface soon!)
  20. ParkourCanadian

    All Networks FFA map choosing

    So, I'm not 100% sure if the main point I am making in this thread has been posted about in the past. But if it has, sorry in advance. So I used to be a REALLY competitive player in FFA, and still am. Since about a few months ago, I've been having some troubles that I'd like to make apparent on...
  21. L

    Bedrock Lobby parkour speedruns world records?

    Could you add a thing for bedrock players to speedrun the parkour in lobby's? As in timed speedruns?
  22. DjaroGames

    City Parkour New World Record? [00:03]

  23. thisisrober

    Java Make players invisible in MinerWare's parkour mode

    In the MinerWare minigame there is a serious problem with the mode of parkour and eating cake: when all the players do parkour, you can see the rest and you can get dizzy and even fall from it or not be able to pass the test for it. So I propose that you can (even in Normal mode) make the...
  24. Wave Master6982

    All Networks [Game suggestion] Flood survival

    I think there should be a game called flood survival. Option 1 How it works basically it has water rising that kills instantly.You will parkour up to get to a goal. There can be a voting system to change the speed the water rises.Water speeds are easy normal hard impossible.There could also be...
  25. G

    All Networks How to improve the server

    So, pvp is very popular; parkour is very popular( you know where this is going). Introducing: parkour war( or something) where people parkour to kill eachother and mobile players die before pvp and pc players dominate.
  26. G

    All Networks Minigames that should get added to the big cube

    So, in one of my last posts i suggested uhc. Now i suggest other minigames: splleef for minerware, parkour( i dont know why), creative mode, factions and among slimes on bedrock. Hope to get some more players.
  27. Jelmerch2007

    How to send records in

    Euhm I frickin got the world record on library level 2 and i want to submit it but how do i do that??
  28. Jelmerch2007

    Almost world record help me

    Im super happy that i have improved again but i want that wr does anyone know more shortcuts?
  29. ParkourCanadian

    Escalated Feedback... for Staff Feedback!

    Now, I am not the best person when it comes to explaining my thoughts and reasoning behind my choices or how I word things, but I hope you can see what I'm trying to get at here. This may not be a stellar suggestion, but imagine you were in my shoes. You don't know everything about the...
  30. LoveAndMafia

    Java Parkour Leaderboard

    Hello cubecrafters! ENG 🇬🇧 As everyone knows, there is a parkour in the lobby, where the time appears when you finish it. What do I suggest? I suggest that a leaderboard be set on the hologram of the time you took and the command /parkour leaderboard. I think that can be interesting to the...
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