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  1. Blom

    All Networks Parkour Timer Start

    Hi everyone, another short suggestion: When you parkour and you stand still on the starting pressure plate, your timer is still going up. Not only does this feel weird, but it is really hard to see when you start your run exactly. This is how it currently looks: This is how it was previously...
  2. D

    Bedrock HUB Parkour

    Bring back the underground HUB Parkour in the bedrock servers.
  3. Mr Jii Gamer

    I got the 33rd on the leadboard

    So i have enter the top like two week ago and i have got the 33 place with 1687 medals and the special thing is i have complete all the level in the easy and normal mod in parkour (just 3-4 lvl didnt get it ) so it is just a small achivement i get and thanks for all who help me and encourage...
  4. Reesle

    Battle Arena Lobby Parkour Best Time

    This is my best “Battle Arena” lobby parkour time. What’s yours?
  5. Dualninja

    All Networks Change The Lobby Parkour Signs

    Lobby Parkour Signs Cubecraft has a lot of Lobby parkours, some have been there for over 3 years now. However, some of them take really weird and confusing routes, luckily, there's already a solution to this. They added signs with arrows on them all throughout the parkours. But the signs are...

    Bedrock Leaderboards for lobby parkours

    Create a leaderboard for all the parkours in the lobbies, Players would be able to access the LB by clicking on their time for each parkour. Similar to earlier suggestions I also believe this would be a great way to compare performances and add some extra competition to the parkours.
  7. Deepslate3D

    Video bestest ever video ever ever ever

  8. Deepslate3D

    Video two orphans 1v1 in blockgame to settle their differences

  9. letmouse1419903

    Bedrock anyone whant to 1v1?

    im bored and looking for sumone to 1v1 on cubecraft pvp or parkour. dm me if interested and add me on cubecraft.
  10. mmfluffy

    Bedrock Parkour Regarding the re-release of Competitive Parkour on MCBE

    A lot of things are kinda messed up at the moment. After playing a few matches, I came across the following problem items: - Certain map's checkpoint pressure plates are not activating, and not giving you the checkpoint - Death Barriers are all over the place, killing at random sometimes -...
  11. N

    Parkour An empty map in parkour

    I calmly passed the Desert map in parkour mode, but when I got to the 6th map, it wasn't there. There was just an empty world.
  12. N

    Parkour Bug on parkour

    Недавно я занимался паркуром на карте Арены. На 5-й карте минимальный рекорд может быть установлен в 21:300 секунд. Но прикол в том, что карта очень короткая, и я прошел ее за 9:694 секунды. Может быть, стоит сократить время прохождения паркура хотя бы до 11:300 секунд?
  13. Casualpoalrbear

    Is this jump possible?

    I been trying too best all competitive parkour maps without touching the pressure plate and I done all of them but this one: Is this jump actual possible or is it impossible too beat all competitive parkour maps without touching the checkpoints?
  14. Deepslate3D

    Video Cool amazing perfect video that will change ur life PERMANENTLY

  15. Casualpoalrbear

    Video Competitive parkour gives me a scare

  16. Wigaar

    Is there already a record for the new lanterns parkour?

    Just asking Where can I see all the records? ??
  17. SoulMC

    Bedrock The Bedrock Parkour Server Issues

    There are a few glaring issues about the Bedrock servers but I will be focusing on the regional side of the problems When you join a parkour game at lets say 8PM EST and your North American you would expect like every other game to get put in NA servers because EU is asleep and your NA. So why...
  18. Casualpoalrbear

    Bedrock Remove green concrete block reset in minerware parkour

    This may seem minor but when you stand on a green concrete block on the minerware (lobby) parkour it will teleport you back to the start. This should be removed because this makes speedrunning alot more annoying as it removes the main route most speedrunners used before they added this in.
  19. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Bedrock What is the best game mode on cubecraft between:

    I choose skywars I have mainly played It on my channel so I feel like that's why I choose it XD.
  20. Casualpoalrbear

    What is the dumbest strat/mistake that you made that somehow won you the game?

    This can be about any game from minerware to parkour to survival games to skywars. I go first. I was playing eggwars duos with my irl friend and I saw him sneaking on the middle island inbetween our base and a already killed enemy team. I walk up to him and saw him crouching I was confused but...
  21. Casualpoalrbear

    Minerware or parkour (weekly poll)

    I said I was going to do parkour in the skywars vs eggwars poll and I'm a man of my word. The choice is pretty easy for me tho The winner of last week poll was skywars beating eggwars by a long shot.
  22. xRealify

    Java SUGGESTION - Add All-time best time for parkours.

    I'm a big parkour fan on Cubecraft, I'm always trying to improve my times on the parkours. It would be interesting to see the all-time best finishing time of parkour levels when you hover over the course in the GUI. This would put up a competition :D
  23. Kualdir

    All Networks Competitive Parkour - "Play Again" and "Auto Mode"

    After the relatively short game of competitive parkour (20-65 seconds), you get warped back to the lobby and have to walk to the NPC to queue again. To speed this part up it would be great to have a menu like received in Skywars for example allowing you to queue again and enable auto mode which...
  24. 23rotini

    Parkour Minor issues

    While playing through the parkour, I’ve noticed some issues. A few maps have too small of a spawning point that it is very difficult to properly spawn on the platform. Some maps also lack good scenery such as clouds or the maze. Also, the map maze (I’m unsure if other maps do this) includes an...
  25. Moos_

    Parkour idea

    If you beat the parkour in a costum time limit, you get a special rank or cosmetic.
  26. Skysadisei


    I think I am the first to complete both challenges.
  27. Siker7

    Bedrock Sub 0:37 Eggwars Parkour

    Got a 00:36:852 on the Eggwars parkour. Not completely optimized, but pretty darn good IMO.
  28. CaptainY2A

    Video How I got under a lobby on the Cubecraft bedrock server...

    Uploaded a Cubecraft video after soo long! I hope you find it interesting. I'd appreciate if you could subscribe.
  29. D

    All Networks Competitive Parkour Best Time Leaderboard

    On bedrock atleast, there are the leaderboards for competitive parkour wins. It would be nice to have the top 50 best times for each map as well.
  30. GamingforGod

    The Main Hub Could Use More Content

    CubeCraft's main hub looks really cool now, but it's so huge! I think it would be cool if there was a bunch of parkour courses hidden around the map with secret hubtitles that you could unlock. I had this other cool thought, imagine if there was like a quest system set up in the hub, sort of...
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