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  1. IDKhan

    All Networks my opinion on the beta games UI for eggwars

    its good, i really like it but i dont see the point in the animations and stuff like yes it looks good but when your actually in a game your mainly trying to get eveything as fast and efficient as possible so with the animations + that little lag, it really slows you down and makes it even...
  2. mismut

    Bedrock Arrow trails not only on skywars

    Hi! With the new Skywars update Arrow Trails came to Cubecraft, but you can only use them in skywars... so I would like to use Arrow Trails in Eggwars, Survival Games, Lucky Blocks and Blockwars too. I know they were added today, but this would be really good addition to the game because bow is...
  3. S

    Bedrock Ranked Eggwars/Skywars (Competitive)

    Heyo, i have a suggestion which I've seen very many people be interested in. I believe that the bedrock version of Eggwars/Skywars should have a Competitive / Ranked Gamemode This gamemode would ofc be up to people to decide if they want to play but this is to cater to people that want a...
  4. Megalomaniaced

    Bedrock [EggWars] Builder Kit change

    When I choose the Builder Kit in EggWars, I keep finding that buying a leather armor set leaves me with one extra helmet due to the fact that the set includes one leather helmet. It has to be constantly cleaned or thrown away. In the case of Overpowered EggWars, the helmet also needs to be...
  5. Lander0606

    Java EggWars Game-creating System

    Hi guys, Meanwhile, Eggwars has been present on Cubecraft for years, but unfortunately, in my opinion, its efficiency has deteriorated. For example, there used to be quite a lot of maps available to join. Currently, the server uses machine learning, where the server decides which and how many...
  6. Tubien_YT

    Wool as useable blocks in eggwars

    I feel like we should have wool added to eggwars and we could use shears to break it, I feel like wool places smoother instead of clay
  7. mrkarawe

    Bedrock Suggestion in the maps of the war of the sky and the war of the eggs

    Hello how are you.... Can you bring back the coin maps in SkyWars as well as dragons in EggWars? I posted a vote on my YouTube channel and 92% of voters chose data recovery. Please look into this matter if possible.. Thank you
  8. Joaqie

    All Networks Fairytale

    In the map Fairytale, there used to be pillars that you would have to parkour up to get to the egg. Now that the location of the egg has been moved, it’s kind of a pointless area unless you’re attempting to build up and away from someone. Personally, one of my favorite parts of Fairytale was the...
  9. Joaqie

    *OUTDATED* Cubecraft Clips Competition!

    EDIT: this has been moved to the creations tab, please put all submissions there!!! Hello fellow CubeCrafters! I have decided to host a CC Clip Competition, with a rank of the winners choice as the reward. How to enter: Submit your best EggWars clip from Bedrock edition, along with your IGN...
  10. TheMrSpacee

    Java [Bad idea]EggWars 1.8 pvp edition

    Hi CubeCrafters👋! I suggest: add to java EggWars version with with 1.8 pvp version Why? So that players who do not know how to pvp on version 1.9 can play Java Egg Wars. How many people will this mode be(in team)? All maps will be used, players without a rank will not be able to choose a solo...
  11. JqstQuinten

    Nightmare is a Nightmare to play

    I think Nightmare is one of the most annoying maps of the server. The islands (+ mid) are way too big and there are 3 iron gens?! Every time I play the map there is someone camping and there are a lot of hiding spots. I don't understand why there are 3 iron gens. There are so many TEAM Eggwars...
  12. M

    Bedrock EggWars - make “CyberSnow” map available again!

    Hello everyone!😊 So my friend and I used to love playing EggWars together - especially “cyber snow” (teams of 2) was probably our all-time favourite map to play on. For this very reason, we were even sadder when we realized that this map, of all things, has been taken out of the game. At the...
  13. B

    #BringBackMagic (the map)

    dear loved cubecraft developpers, I think you missclicked and deleted the magic map on eggwars 4v4.
  14. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks If you successfully hit someone with a bow, a message should be shown in the chat

    Hello Cubecrafters, I have a small but very useful idea for a quality of life feature regarding bows: If you hit a player with a bow, a message should be shown in chat. Maybe something like: player has x hearts remaining. It Is one of those features where you think: why isn’t this already...
  15. S

    Java Starting an Eggwars map manually with a certain rank-level

    Hi Cubecraft! My friends and I are playing Eggwars for soo many years and we absolutely love it. Sometimes, you have those days that you begin to think about what should really improve the experience of the game. This begins already when entering the server and walking to the Eggwars villager...
  16. TheDuda

    Bedrock The Eggwars Build Battle

    My friend and I built a really cool build in Eggwars. We also Influenced the other two teams to make their own build. The Build Battle Is On! (We are Pink Team) Which Build Do YOU think was the best? Tell me in the replies :)
  17. pipiklatie

    Video Eggwars Fireball montage (boom)

    💥All of my first 50 fireballs since the new eggwars update in 1 montage!💥 Hope you enjoy :)
  18. KingMathc36

    Bedrock Eggwars "teleport to base"

    Greetings to all players of eggwars mode. As you know, during the game there are situations when you need to teleport to your base, because. the enemy ran there and you can no longer catch up with him or just save game time for moving. So, I'm leaning towards the fact that it would be a good...
  19. t0ast

    Bedrock Solo Que

    Please add the ability to solo que (by solo que i mean join and not be given a teammate) in team games it may sound rediculous but sometimes i wish i could get rid off the random teamate in duo eggwars and skywars etc. i don’t see how this would affect gameplay as many other games i play have...
  20. bgeat leader

    All Networks New eggwars and skywars kit

    You should add a kit for egg wars and skywars that allows a player to start with a bow and 8 arrows
  21. SoloWarz

    Bedrock Delay sending the message that tells you when your friends are online.

    Hey, CubeCrafters! Most of you know that when you log into CubeCraft, a message will be sent to your online friends telling them that you are online, therefore, they'll probably send you a party invite, but you can't actually see it (the party invite) because you will be still on the loading...
  22. SoloWarz

    Bedrock Change the message that appears after getting eliminated/ winning a game

    Hey, CubeCrafters! In this suggestion, I'll talk about a small change to the statistics message that appears after getting eliminated/ winning a game, like this: The suggestion I think all of you understood what I meant by above, basically, my suggestion is to change the font of those...
  23. lightningboy906906


  24. Riscakes

    Video HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN | Minecraft Eggwars #14

  25. sQuwy

    Video First video. Check it out!!

  26. H

    Updated Kit ideas

    Back in July I posted some kit ideas I had, I'm updating them due to the new update and iron becoming way more abundant 1st Kit idea: Chef kit, 8 Steak in Normal. 12 Steak and 6 Golden Carrots in OP (22-24 Iron) 2nd Kit idea: Builder kit, 15 Blocks and a wooden sword in normal. 24 Blocks and a...
  27. FoxFil_

    All Networks EggWars “Death Time”

    What do I suggest to add? I suggest adding a time to EggWars when all the remaining eggs will be destroyed. For example, 40 minutes after the start of the game. Why do I suggest to add this? When I play EggWars sometimes I stay 1 on 1 with another team. We are fully upgraded, we have iron...
  28. Bananazz

    Respawning with kits

    I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but after the new eggwars update when you die you don't respawn with your kit anymore. I'm not sure why the removed respawning with kits but I would like respawning with kits back. I'm sure some of you agree with me and some of you don't. One of the reasons I...
  29. pamparampam

    Java New eggwars update - Failure

    The new update is definitely an improvement from the last one (beta eggwars 6 months ago) yet it's another failure. Why? Let me tell you! ❌It encourages camping and quick rushing middle island to gear up and avoiding combat The diamond level 3 generators now hold up to 16 diamonds, it's enough...
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