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Jul 18, 2023
Eggwars Perks
Since the update came out last night many people have been asking for more perks to be added into eggwars but have left no specifics.


So today I will present some of my own ideas to hopefully give some inspiration. At the end feel free to Let me know which ones you Liked & Disliked or would even modify to make better. After all I believe this post contains a couple bonkers ideas towards the end that would probably not ever get added (pre-warning) 😂

By “uses” I am referring to how many times they can be used in the game. For example the totem is a 1 use item and can only be redeemed once per game.

Player Perk ideas 💡

Increased maximum health
Description: Temporarily increase your health by 5 hearts. These will not/cannot be regenerated after loss.
Cost: 3-4 emeralds
Uses: 1 time use

Perk: Double kit
Description: Upon dieing you receive 2x the items from your kit selected
Cost: 2 emeralds
Uses: unlimited
(Example - the builder kit would give 32 blocks instead of 16 upon respawning & after every death it needs to be re-purchased at the perk shop)

Perk: Looting
Description: For the next 45 seconds anyone you kill will spawn a grave you are able to loot.
Cost: 2 emeralds
Uses: 1 time use
(The graves despawn after 20-30 seconds)

Perk: Location Finder
1)Receive a compass upon redeeming which is locked on the closest enemy
2)You could have a bar at the top of your screen displaying how many blocks away the closest enemy is.
Cost- 1 emerald
Uses- Unlimited

Perk: Parkour
Description: Receive 30 seconds of speed and jump boost
Cost: 2 emeralds
Uses: unlimited


Team Perk ideas 💡

Respawn immunity
Description: The respawn immunity time is doubled for all members on your team for the next minute.
Cost: 4-5 emeralds
Uses: 1 time use
(immunity is the time given when you cannot be attacked after respawning)

Perk: Shopping Spree
Description: For the next 45 seconds your team receives a 20% discount in the shops.
Cost: 5 emeralds
Uses: 1 time use

Perk: Generator Discount
Description: Provides a 20% discount for all generator upgrades at your base
Cost: 5 emeralds
Uses: 1 time use


Game perk ideas 💡

Perk: Levitating
Description: Everyone in the server receives levitation for 5 seconds
Cost: 4 emeralds
Uses: 1 time use
(This includes yourself floating up)

Perk: Slip and Slide
Description: All blocks on the map give the ice block effect for 15 seconds.
Cost: 3 emeralds
Uses: 1 time use
(Sliding around)

Perk: Food Fiesta
Description: Fruit and vegetables fall from the sky
Cost: 2 emeralds
Uses: unlimited (30 second cooldown)


Anyways here are some of my perk ideas for all the different categories! Hope you guys enjoyed reading a little, would love to hear some feedback!!!

~CryptoFrogz 🐸
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May 25, 2022
For player perk ideas, I like Double Kit, Looting, and Parkour.
For team perk ideas, I like Respawn Immunity and Generator Discount.
For game perk ideas, I like Levitating and Slip-And-Slide. I do also like the concept of Food Fiesta, but I wouldn’t want it added as I feel it will cause massive amounts of lag.
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